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   Chapter 25 Love Letter

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The bell was about to ring. Alina put the cake back into the box. She turned to the angry girl and said, "Yana, don't be angry. Rose was complimenting your mother. She meant no harm."

"Don't speak for her!" Yana stared at Alina angrily.

Her eyes were rounder, like a hamster's.

Seeing her look, Alina didn't mind Yana's anger at her at all.

"I won't speak for her. I speak for you. Okay?" She really wanted to pinch the girl's delicate cheek.

Her words soothed Yana's mood, but she still said stubbornly, "I don't need!"

"Okay, okay, that's all right!" replied Alina with a smile.

She was so cute that she was right about everything!

Rose clearly heard their conversation and could not help feeling annoyed by what Alina said. She complained to Emma, "What's so good about Yana? She has a baby face and looks so proud. How could Alaina treat her like a princess? It really makes me angry!"

Glancing at Alina, Emma didn't know what to say. After a while, she persuaded carefully, "Maybe she likes the baby face. Don't get involved."

Rose shouted, "I didn't get involved! Someone's words are quite annoying!"

At this time, the morning reading bell rang. Leo was walking into the classroom.

Today, instead of taking his usual route, he walked directly from the front of the platform to the innermost aisle.

Although Leo didn't talk much, everyone paid attention to him when he moved. They wanted to know the reason why he changed his route.

As Alina saw that Leo was walking in the aisle, she glanced at him from time to time. Leo was a handsome guy with nice eyebrows and big eyes. But he seemed a little thin. It would be perfect if he had muscles.

While Alina was thinking these secretly in her heart, Leo stopped in front of her.

'Why does he stop? Return the love letter again?' Alina thought in fear.

Leo cast a cold glance at Alina. He put two pieces of paper on her desk and then left. He left without saying a word.

... Suddenly, everyone in the class all stretched their necks, with a look of gossip in their eyes.

In an instant Rose forgot her unhappiness. She turned her head, winked and asked, "Alaina, did you write him another love letter?"

Alina rolled her eyes at her and shouted, "Out of my sight! Nonsense!"

Yana's curious eyes also fell on the two pieces of paper.

Under the gaze from different directions, Alina unfolded the two pieces of paper and couldn't help laughing when she read them.

It was the script for the program.

"What's on it? Let me have a look." Rose had a good eyesight and saw the words on the paper.

Alina squinted at her, "What do you think?"

"Oh, I see. Is this the script for your program?"

At this time, the head teacher was coming in, and Alina hurriedly said, "Don't talk. The teacher is coming." They stopped talking.

When Mr. Su came in, the students were reading books. Everyone seemed to be studying hard.

Mr. Su made a round of the classroom with a smile, and then stood at the door, watching them.

With the head teacher in the classroom, everyone studied hard, but some pretended.

Alina put all her heart and soul into her study.

After all, the monthly exam is just around the corner.

All the teachers in class 126 noticed that Alina studied hard. Sometimes, they chatted in the office and

said that Alina began to understand something.

The teachers were relieved to see her changes. They paid more attention to her in class.

So Alina found that she was often called upon to answer questions.

After spending the whole morning learning, the students rushed to the canteen as soon as the bell rang.

In particular, students in class 126 were more active in having meals. Once the teachers finished class, the classroom would be empty in less than a minute.

They were not the first in study, but the first in eating.

Usually, Alina would go to the canteen after class. But today, she didn't leave immediately. Instead, she stayed in the classroom and read the two pieces of paper that Leo had given her.

On the paper was a conversation between two people. A man was shopping in a shop. He asked the boss what the price of something was and what it was used for. The boss didn't hear well and often misunderstood some words. It was a comedy.

Leo wrote such a long dialogue, and it had funny points. Alina felt that he deserved being praised.

She carefully read the dialogue for a few times and made a mark where there was a problem. Then she put the pen and paper away and went to the canteen slowly.

When she arrived there, some students had already finished their meals.

Because she went there in a late time, many dishes were sold out. Alina picked up two dishes and then went to find a seat.

When she found a seat, she walked straight to it without looking sideways. She was stopped halfway by a voice.

"Alaina, sit here!"

It was the voice of Sam. Alina paused, pretending not to hear it and continued to walk forward.

"Alaina, here..." Thinking that Alina didn't see him, Sam stood up and waved to her.

Alina felt as if all the people in the canteen were focusing their eyes on her.

Alina bit her lips and sighed, 'Come on. All I want is to have dinner quietly. Can't you be so conspicuous?'

She turned around and put on a polite smile, "Mr. Tang, it's you!" Carrying the plate, Alina walked to the seat with a smile.

"Alaina, why did you come so late today?"

"Something came up," replied Alina as she sat down. After saying that, she smiled at Howard who was sitting opposite to her as a greeting.

As for Joseph next to her, Alina didn't even look at him. Joseph gritted his teeth, because he had never been despised like this.

"There is an English contest in our school. Have you decided who will take part in the competition?" Sam asked casually.

"It's almost done," replied Alina, chewing.

Before Sam could say anything, Joseph said with disdain, "What program can class 126 come up with? If they can, I'll just write my name upside down!"

Alina lowered her head and ate. She didn't even bother to roll her eyes. She didn't want to bother herself arguing with the likes of him!

"Joseph, don't say that. If their program is selected by the school, do you really want to write your name upside down?"

Joseph glanced at Alina and said scornfully, "I tell you today. If the program of Class 126 has been selected by the school, I will not be called Joseph Song, but Song Joseph!"

"Well, you promised. Don't regret it." Alina looked at Joseph and said.

The boy raised his chin proudly, "I don't regret. The one who regrets is a bastard!"

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