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   Chapter 22 Bring Him Food

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Sitting at the desk, Alina couldn't read any books at all. She kept thinking of the cold face of the hero and the miserable ending of Alaina in the novel.

She banged the pen on the table in a bad mood and sighed, 'What should I do?'

"Dong, Dong, Dong." There was a knock on the door.

Alina stood up and walked to the door. As she opened the door, she saw Peter standing at the door. "Peter, what's up?" asked Alina with a smile on her face.

"Miss Alaina, I thought you wanted to eat meatballs? It's ready. I'm afraid you won't be able to finish them all at once and they won't taste good when they're cold. So I put them in the lunch box and bring it to you."

"Thank you, Peter." Alina took it with gratitude.

"It's my pleasure."

After the butler left, Alina stared at the lunch box in her hand. She had prepared them for Sheffield, but she didn't expect that it was not easy to deliver them to him.

As soon as she opened the lunch box, a good smell came to her nose. She forked one into her mouth. Delicious! It tasted soft and a bit sweet!

This was the most delicious meatball she had ever had.

She didn't stop until she had eaten three. Then she closed the lid of the box in case that she couldn't help eating them all.

If she could bring Sheffield such delicious meatballs right now, would he weep with gratitude?

At the thought of this, Alina was thrilled. She made up her mind to send the lunch box to Sheffield.

She came to the French window. She pulled back the curtain and pushed the window open. She held on to the window frame and tentatively placed one foot on the protruding wall.

She kicked hard and the wall seemed firm, so she placed her other foot on it.

Fearing that the wall under her feet would suddenly collapse, Alina clutched the window frame tightly with her hands.

She looked at the window of Sheffield's room. The curtain was closed and the window was dark.

With one hand holding the window frame and the other holding the wall, Alina tried to take two steps towards Sheffield's room. It seemed good. As long as she didn't look down, she might be able to move forward.

The wall was wide enough to accommodate a foot. As long as she could overcome the fear in her heart and ignore the height as well as the cool wind at the back, she could go to the window of Sheffield's room.

After a try, Alina moved back to her room with both her hands and feet. As soon as she entered, she sat on the floor, patting her chest.

Oh my God! It would be a lie if she said she was not afraid. Her legs were weak.

In the movie, Tom Cruise climbed the tallest building in Dubai and she felt her legs weak just looking at him. Today she would have to do that by herself. Was she supposed to find a rope first?

Speaking of the rope, she remembered that she seemed to have seen it in a corner of the room.

After rummaging through it, she finally found two skipping ropes in a drawer.

That's right.

Alina tied the two ropes together. She observed for a long time but couldn't find anything to fix it. The feet of the bed were too far away from the window, and the rope was not long enough. In the end, she had to tie it on the switch of the window.

There, the length of the two ropes should just reach the window of Sheffield's room.

Alina did a lot of preparation. Finally, she made up her mind and hanged the box on her waist. She landed her foot on the protruding wall.

She twined the rope around her arm. With her whole body clinging to the wall, she took a small step forward and

released the rope a little.

In fact, the rope was useless. If she really fell down, it was impossible for the switch to bear such a heavy weight.

But it was better than nothing.

With every step, Alina felt that she was walking on the edge of the cliff. She gritted her teeth with indignation. She had done this for Sheffield. If he dared to hurt her in the future, she would perish with him!

She wondered whether Sheffield was asleep or not. If he had fainted from hunger, nobody would open the window for her.

That was too bad. She should have a rest in his room, because she was exhausted when she got there. If she continued to move back, she would surely fall down and die on the road!

Alina thought wildly, trying to distract herself so that she wouldn't be too scared.

She didn't know how long she had moved. Maybe three minutes or thirty minutes. She finally reached the window of Sheffield's room.

She was ready to burst into tears!

Before she got to the window, Alina couldn't help knocking hard at the window.

Sheffield was so hungry that he went to bed early to reduce the feeling of hunger.

He was frightened by the sound of knocking on the window. As soon as he woke up, he heard his stomach growling.

He sat up, scratched his hair and looked at the window, wondering who was knocking at his window at this late night?

Sheffield turned on the light and cautiously walked to the window with bare feet. He pulled back the curtain and saw Alina outside the window.

He was shocked. This was the second floor!

Dong, Dong, Dong! "Open the window!" When Alina saw Sheffield coming, she knocked harder.

Frowning, Sheffield opened the window at once. And Alina grabbed his pajamas and begged, "Hurry up! Pull me up!"

"What are you doing?" After hesitating for a moment, Sheffield stretched out a hand and forcefully pulled the girl into his room.

The moment Alina stepped into the room, she suddenly felt relieved and collapsed on the floor. One of her hands was put on the window, and a rope was tied to her wrist.

She couldn't stand it anymore. She was so scared that she needed to take a deep breath!

Looking at the girl gasping for air on the floor, Sheffield asked coldly, "Why did you come to my room from the window?"

Alina didn't want to say anything. She took off the lunch box and handed it over.

This surprised Sheffield and he didn't take the box.

Seeing that he didn't take it, Alina sat up, opened the lunch box and said, "Here you are. They're meatballs. They're still hot."

The smell of meatballs came to Sheffield's nose, and he felt even hungrier.

He stared at the meatballs in Alina's hand, with mixed feelings.

"Don't just stand there. Have it. You must be very hungry!" Then, Alina took out a fork from her pocket and handed it to Sheffield.

"What... You climbed through the window just to bring me food?" Sheffield swallowed hard and asked.

"Yes, it's impossible to get in from the door. I asked Peter and he told me that he couldn't open the door, so I can only get in through the window." Oh, I've tried the meatballs. It's really yummy!"

As she spoke, she forked two of them and put them in Sheffield's hand. Then she emphasized, "It tastes really good!"

Sheffield was really hungry. Looking at the girl's sincere and expectant eyes, somewhere in his heart was melted.

He opened his mouth and ate a meatball. As soon as he ate it, he felt as if he had eaten a rare delicacy.

This would be the most delicious food he had ever had in his life.

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