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   Chapter 21 Public Display of Affection

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When passing by Sheffield's room, Alina slowed down and secretly turned the handle of the door. She pushed the door but didn't open it.

She was surprised. Was the door locked on purpose?

'Isn't it a little harsh for him? After all, he is just a teenager.'

Finding that the door couldn't be opened, Alina stopped and went into her bedroom.

Sheffield hadn't eaten for over a day. She would feel hungry without a meal, so she could imagine how he was feeling now.

After thinking for a while, Alina took a shower and went downstairs.

Wendy was not in the living room. She saw Peter was telling the servants to place the tableware. She went to him and said that she wanted to say something to him.

When they walked to a place where there was no one else, Alina asked in a low voice, "Peter, has Sheffield not eaten anything all day today?"

"Yes, the master told us not to give the young master anything to eat," answered Peter, glancing at her with a look of vigilance.

"He has been hungry all day long? Can I go in and see him?"

"I'm afraid you can't do that. You have to get the consent of the master or madam," Peter refused.

Alina didn't dare to ask Wendy. So she could only ask Eric. After all, they were father and son. No matter what the son did, the father could not really hate him.

"Thank you, Peter. I see. By the way, I have an exam this week, and I will study late these two days. Could you please prepare some meatballs for me tonight?"

"Of course. My pleasure."

"Thank you so much! Is Dad back now?"

"The master came back at noon, but then he went out for business."

Now that Eric was not at home, she would talk to him after he came back. Alina went back to her room to study and wait.

An hour later, Peter knocked on the door and asked Alina to have dinner. He told Alina that the master was back.

Upon hearing this, Alina put down her book and went downstairs.

"Dad, you are back." When seeing Eric sitting in the living room, Alina ran towards him happily.

Hearing that, Eric smiled gently, "Alaina, how is your study recently? Have you had a good time at school? Did anyone bully you? If yes, tell me. I'll deal with them!"

Alina raised her head and said proudly, "I'm doing great at school. Those students dare not bully me!"

"Ha-ha... My daughter indeed!" Looking at her pretty and charming face, Eric smiled with great satisfaction.

"What are you talking about? You two look so happy." With a big smile on her face, Wendy walked in with a bunch of newly cut roses in her hand.

"Mom, what are you doing here? It's late at night. Why do you need so many flowers? Are they for Dad?"

Wendy wore a house dress, with a long sweater over it. She took a glance at Eric, and then turned to Alaina, "You are a busybody! Isn't it time for dinner? Go wash your hands!"

"Yes, madam!" Alina smiled and went to wash her hands.

Eric was fond of the appearance and gentleness of Wendy. Wendy had specially dressed herself up today and looked more beautiful against the light and flowers. Eric looked at her and felt excited.

Staring at Wendy, he walked over to her with a smile on his face. He took the flowers from her hand and smelled them. As a gleam flashed in his eyes, he asked in a slightly hoarse voice, "Are these flowers

for me?"

Wendy looked at him tenderly and said, "Who said they were for you!"

"If you don't give the flowers to your husband, who do you want to give them to?" Eric lifted Wendy's chin and pressed his lips against hers.

With tenderness in her eyes, Wendy said, pretending to be angry, "Can't I have them myself?"

"That's great! Flowers and beauties make a perfect match!"

When Alina came out from the washroom, she saw the two people standing together and showing their love.

She didn't want to have dinner with them!

The dining room was connected to the living room. Alina didn't dare to go to the dining room because she was afraid that if she disturbed them, it would be embarrassing.

Staying in the washroom, Alina sympathized with Sheffield. If she was locked up and had nothing to eat, and her own father had been kissing and cuddling with her stepmother, she would definitely want to kill someone.

"Miss Alaina, you can go out to have dinner now." About ten minutes later, Peter suddenly appeared at the door of the washroom and said.

"What? Oh!" Alina got her hands wet again. She wiped her hands with a tissue and walked to the dining room.

Eric and Wendy were already sitting at the table. They were rubbing against each other's legs under the table and making eye contact with each other on the table.

After taking a glance at them, Alina looked away. She tried to hide herself, hoping not to disturb them.

Later, she found that she had been thinking too much. The couple had only each other in their eyes from beginning to end and had never paid attention to her at all. After dinner, the couple went back to their own room for fun.

She wanted to talk to Eric about Sheffield. But that was impossible now.

Back in the room, Alina was lying on the bed with mixed feelings.

Sheffield must be starving and resentful since he had been locked up for so long. This was the perfect time to show her concern about him.

However, it was easy to get the food, but it was difficult to give it to Sheffield.

It was impossible to enter his room through the door. Peter didn't dare to open the door for her. And Mr. and Mrs. Xu were now... Since it was not convenient for her to go to Eric at this moment, she had to find another way.

At the thought of this, Alina got up and opened the window.

Sheffield's room was next to Alina's. The window of the room was very big and there was only a wall about two meters wide between their windows.

There was a protruding element twenty or thirty centimeters wide between the first floor and the second floor, which was half a meter below the window.

With the help of street lamps, Alina observed carefully. She thought she could go to the window of Sheffield's room along the protruding wall and give him something to eat.

However, it was difficult for her to do that. When she stood on the protruding wall, she was so scared that she didn't dare to move at all.

She was afraid that the wall couldn't hold her weight. Besides, she felt scared that she was so high above the ground.

She was neither James Bond nor Tom Cruise. She was just a girl.

She thought to herself, 'Maybe I should forget it. The hero won't starve to death. If I carelessly fall down, I will die!'

Alina wanted to give up.

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