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   Chapter 20 Gift

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When Joseph came to his seat, his classmate saw the meatballs on his plate and couldn't help laughing, "Joseph, since when do you like eating meatballs so much?"

"It's none of your business!" With a glare, Joseph forked a meatball into his mouth.

That girl made such a monkey out of him on his birthday. He couldn't forgive her!

But if he bullied her apparently, he would be considered as a bad guy. He could only try to provoke her secretly. He would fight back after she started. That was perfect.

But Joseph didn't expect that Alina didn't care.

Rose felt that something was wrong with Emma.

"Emma, what's wrong with you? Why are you so silent today?" Usually, Emma would talk to her happily at dinner time, but she was very quiet today.

After hearing this, Emma took a quick look at Alina and said nervously, "No, nothing. I'm just thinking about a question."

Rose was shocked, "You're thinking about a question? What question? Tell us."

Emma was just making up a lie. All she was thinking about was the sexual orientation of Alina.

"... It's no use telling you, because you don't know how to do it."

"I don't like to hear that. How do you know we don't know how to do it? Do you think so, Alaina?" Rose wanted to get the support of Alina.

At first, Alina didn't understand why Emma behaved so strange. But when she saw that Emma was dodging her eyes and deliberately distanced herself from her, she suddenly remembered that she had told her about her sexual orientation at Joseph's birthday party.

It seemed that the girl believed what she said.

So she pursed her lips and said, "It's dinner time. Don't talk about questions. It will give you indigestion." Her words ended their dispute.

After the lunch break were three classes in the afternoon, and after three classes, it was time to leave school.

As the bell rang, Alina wasn't in a hurry to pack up her schoolbag. Instead, she focused on the exercises.

"The school is over. Why are you still reading? Let's go together!" Rose picked up her schoolbag and said to Alina.

Emma whispered to remind her, "Do you remember that the head teacher asked her to go to his office with Leo after school?"

Rose patted her head and said, "Oh, I almost forget it. We are leaving now. Bye!"


Alina looked back and found Leo wasn't in the seat. She packed her books and walked to the office with her schoolbag.

The office door was open and there were three desks inside. Mr. Su was sitting at the desk which was facing the door and talking with Leo, who was sitting with his back to the outside.

Alina knocked on the door and said, "Mr. Su, I'm sorry I'm late."

Mr. Su smiled and said, "Come and take a seat. We are waiting for you."

Leo lifted his eyes and glanced at Alina indifferently. Then he lowered his eyes again and sat quietly.

They sat face to face. Mr. Su looked at them and asked, "Do you have any idea about the contest, Alaina?"

Alina shook her head.

"Because it's the first contest jointly held by three high schools, the leaders of our school attach great importance to it. It is required that every class must prep

are a good program. I have thought about it. I think we can rehearse a drama. What do you think?"

"I'm okay with it," replied Alina.

Leo nodded in agreement.

"Okay, you have to write the script. And give me your script early the day after tomorrow. Is that okay?"

Alina paused for a second. The head teacher said it too easily. She thought he would have the script ready for them. Then she and Leo only needed to act according to the script.

"Okay." While she was in a trance, Leo took over the task assigned by the teacher.

Why he said okay? It was so difficult to find materials!

But since her partner had agreed, she didn't want to embarrass him. So she chose to keep her mouth shut as acquiescence to Leo's decision.

Then the two of them walked out of the office together.

When they walked out of the office, Alina couldn't help but ask, "Leo, do you have any ideas about the script?"

Leo paused and replied calmly, "No."

"No!" Alina raised her voice all of a sudden. "Then why did you say yes so readily?!"

She thought he had an idea.

Leo replied calmly, "Don't you remember that our head teacher gave us time?"

It was just a day. Alina sneered.

"Since you have promised him, I'll leave the script to you. Whatever script you're going to write, I'll cooperate with you to act it."

Saying that, Alina grinned and left.

Looking at her receding figure, Leo paused for a moment as if he was thinking about something and then he walked in another direction.

When Alina came home, she saw Wendy sitting in the living room. She went over with a smile and called, "Mom."

"You're back." Wendy glanced at her, unhappy.

'She was so happy and excited when I left this morning. Why is she looking like this now?' Alina wondered.

"Mom, didn't you say Dad would give you a gift? Have you received it?"

Speaking of this, Wendy was angry. She looked at her daughter and confided, "The fucking gift! Guess what he gave me?"

"What is it?" Asked Alina. She was curious about the gift that made Wendy so angry.

"He only sent me one silk scarf. Tell me, do I need him to buy me a scarf?" Wendy opened the box with great anticipation. But as soon as she saw the silk scarf inside, she got angry.

She was keen on diamonds and things that were valuable and limited, but not those cheap ones!

Alina puckered her lips. She could somehow understand how Wendy felt. For a person who loved vanity and luxury, it was a heavy blow for her to receive only one scarf as a gift.

"Mom, silk is very precious. Maybe Dad is using the silk to show how much he values you."

"Really?" Wendy was doubtful.

Alina explained, "As an old saying goes, a silk scarf can express one's thoughts and feelings."

"Well..." Wendy felt much better.

Taking a look at the second floor, Alina asked in a low voice, "Mom, how is everything going with Sheffield?"

Wendy raised her eyebrows and answered, "What else could he do? He is locked up!"

"Does it mean that he hasn't eaten anything all day?"

"It would be better if he is starved to death. Then he wouldn't bother us."

"Well... Mom, I'm going upstairs."

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