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   Chapter 19 Meatballs

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Mr. Su concealed his astonishment, waved his hand and said with a smile, "Everyone, be quiet! Alaina, well done! You and Leo are in charge of the school selection. Come to my office after school today!"

"Yes, sir." Alina nodded calmly and accepted the task.

In fact, she was not an ostentatious person. As a supporting role with a tragic future, she was miserable enough. However, these people were still showing off in front of her. If she kept silent, they would think she could be bullied at will.

Anyway, she was the most important supporting role in the novel. So she could act unscrupulously in front of everyone except the hero and heroine.

She wanted to keep a low profile, but these people made her famous.

Maybe it was her destiny!

When they got back to their seats, the bell for the first class rang.

After the class, Rose couldn't wait to speak to Alina, "Alaina, why are you so good at English? I didn't understand what you said except a few words."

"That's right." She knew that high school students might not be able to say words like that.

"Why say so?"

"Because I don't understand either. I memorized it." Alina couldn't explain but tell a lie.

"Ah!" Rose was dumbfounded and asked with concern, "Is it okay for you to attend the competition?"

"I will try my best."

When hearing their conversation, Yana looked at Alina, with an indescribable expression on her face.

"Alaina, you really impressed us! What an honor for us in the back row!" A girl sitting in the back row ran over and spoke to Alina.

With a modest smile on her face, Alina replied, "You're exaggerating!"

"Did you see the expression on their faces? When Alaina finished her words, they blushed. So funny!"

"Ha-ha... I saw it too. Their faces were really red!"

Hearing everyone's words, Bonnie and Ivy felt angry and embarrassed, with tears in their eyes.

In the corridor, Leo was lying on the railing with an expressionless face, looking far into the distance.

Cary and Eddie walked over to him and stood on either side of him. Cary rubbed against Leo with his shoulder and said jokingly, "Do you think that Alaina will take this opportunity to attract your attention?"

"Of course. She can't miss such a good chance," replied Eddie with an ambiguous smile

Cary sighed, "Leo is really lucky in love. Being handsome is so good!"

"My mother should have seen more pictures of handsome guys when she was pregnant with me!"

Leo withdrew his gaze and gave them a cold glance, saying, "You guys are so boring. You talk nonsense all day long." After saying that, he turned around and entered the classroom.

In fact, he didn't care much about Alina's performance, as long as she was cooperat


After three classes, it was time for lunch. On the way to the canteen, Alina was no longer alone. Rose and Emma went with her.

On the way, Rose kept talking to Alina in high spirits, while Emma was unusually quiet. Only when she was asked did she give a brief answer.

When they arrived at the canteen, Rose said enthusiastically, "I know there are delicious meatballs over there. Let's go!"

So they went there.

The canteen was huge with different windows. The students would get different dishes at different windows.

The window mentioned by Rose was so popular that there was a long line in front of it.

"You see that? These people are all coming for the meatballs."

There were more than ten people waiting in front of them. Alina became more determined to eat the meatballs.

As Anna said, love and delicious food should not be failed.

They walked to the end of the line, finding that the people in front of them almost all got meatballs on their trays, and some got more than one.

Alina craned her neck to look at the plate. Only half of the meatballs were left.

She said to Rose anxiously, "Could it be that when it's our turn, the meatballs have been taken away by others?"

"Impossible! There must be some left."

Alina didn't say a word. She was a little worried.

The line moved on. Before long, Rose and Alina came to the window. There were six meatballs left in the plate. They heaved a sigh of relief.

In front of them were two tall boys. A boy carried a tray to get the meatballs. One, two, three...

They widened their eyes and counted. The boy put all the meatballs on his tray.

"Hey, why do you eat so many meatballs? Why not leave two for others?" Rose shouted anxiously.

The boy turned around. Alina found that it was Joseph from class 125.

Joseph had noticed Alina and heard what they said. So he took all the meatballs away deliberately.

"First come, first served. I can buy as many as I want. Why should I leave it to you?"

"I see. You're Joseph from class 125!" Suddenly, something occurred to Rose. She turned around and looked at Alina.

"Why are you looking at me?" asked Alina, confused.

"Nothing. It seems that we can't eat the meatballs today. Let's come back another time."

The meatballs were served only on Monday and Thursday.

"It doesn't matter. We can come here next time. Today we can eat something else." Alina was not that childish to care about such trifles with Joseph.

"Why he got so many meatballs!" Rose grumbled.

They got other dishes and then went to find seats.

When Joseph realized that his provocation didn't cause the discontent of Alina at all, he felt frustrated, staring at the meatballs on his tray.

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