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   Chapter 18 Competition

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When Leo met the girl's gaze, he was slightly stunned and then looked away with no expression on his face.

'What should I do? It seems that Leo is unwilling to help me.'

Alina thought Leo should hate her and would gladly refuse the teacher's suggestion, but he didn't care.

At this time, a girl sitting in the front row said, "Sir, Alaina's English is so poor that she can't even read the text well. It would be better to change someone."

"That's right. Sir, if she doesn't perform well, our class will lose face!"

There were four types of students in the class.

The first type of students had good academic performance and well-off family conditions. They looked down on the students from well-off families but with poor grades. Of course, they did only better than the poor students, like Alaina, in the class.

Such students usually sat in the first two rows of the classroom.

The second type of students had average academic performance and moderate family conditions. They didn't cause trouble or stand out.

The third type of students, such as Cary and Eddie, were very active and naughty, but their nature was not bad. They didn't like to study and their grades were poor.

The fourth type of students, such as Leo, were cold-blooded and kept a distance from most of the classmates. They were not naughty but had their own personality.

It was the two girls in the front row who were afraid that Alina would disgrace them.

Their grades were much better than Alina's, but they couldn't compare with students in other classes. So they kept silent because they didn't want to lose face in front of other classes.

When the teacher asked Alina to partner with Leo, they were disdainful and jealous of her.

After hearing this, Alina was a little unhappy. She could refuse, but she couldn't be looked down upon by others.

She knew her grades were not good. So she didn't ask to participate.

The two girls looked down upon her, but why didn't they take the initiative to fight for it! When Mr. Su asked them, they all kept silent. But when the teacher asked Alina, they didn't agree. Why they wanted to embarrass her in front of so many people.

"Bonnie, Ivy, how could you say that? Sign up with the teacher yourself. Don't you think that you are too impolite?" Rose didn't like the girls in the first two rows. Their grades were slightly better than theirs. How could they be so proud!

'Thank you.' Alina smiled at Rose, saying nothing.

Emma saw them looking at each other and smiling. She felt weird.

"We didn't talk about you. Don't talk nonsense!" Said Bonnie with disdain.

"You..." Rose glared at her.

Mr. Su realized something was wrong and immediately interrupted, "Well, everyone, don't quarrel. Now that you care so much about the program, you can sign up voluntarily. Everyone can sign up, and then we will choose the best candidate. What do you think?"

"Sir, I don't think it's a good idea. Why don't we just let Bonnie, Ivy and Alaina compete with each other and then pick one of them? Do you agree?"

"That's a good


"Come on! Show your strength! Come on..." Led by Cary and Eddie, the students all started to kick up a fuss.

Rose looked anxiously at Alina. She closed her mouth at the sight of Alina's calm face.

Mr. Su raised his voice, "Be quiet. It's morning reading time. Don't shout."

"Why don't we start the competition now?" Someone suggested loudly, and other students agreed immediately.

Everyone was waiting for a show.

Bonnie and Ivy found themselves in a dilemma. In fact, they were only a little jealous and wanted to complain. They did not really want to participate in the competition on behalf of class 126.

They looked at each other and saw anxiety and regret in each other's eyes.

If the teacher asked them to compete with Alina, it would be normal for them to win, and if they lost, they would surely be laughed at!

If they had known things would go on like this, they wouldn't said so much.

Faced with the expectations of everyone in the class, Mr. Su was a little embarrassed. He looked at them and asked, "What do you think, Bonnie, Ivy and Alaina?"

Alina was just playing with the pen.

"Alaina, I'm on your side."

"Alaina, we are also on your side!"

Those who supported Alina were from the back rows. Although some of them were just bystanders, most of them were just taking this opportunity to challenge those with excellent scores.

This was an internal conflict in the class that was sometimes unsolvable.

Bonnie was so angry that she stood up and shouted, "Okay, I'll try. But do you dare, Alaina?"

Ivy held Bonnie's hand secretly. She thought she was too impulsive. It was not good for them to compete against Alaina.

In this case, Alina thought that she would be a coward if she didn't say yes.

"Okay, as you wish."

Now that both sides had agreed, Mr. Su would not say anything more.

Since they were going to take part in a speaking contest, the topic was about speaking. The three of them could describe their day. The person who said the best would be Leo's partner.

Seeing three girls standing side by side on the platform, Leo's desk mate whispered to him, "Leo, do you have a feeling that the emperor chooses his queen?"

Leo glanced at him and replied coldly, "No."

The first to speak was Bonnie.

"Hello, everyone! Today is nice and warm."

"It took me half an hour to get to school from home this morning," said Ivy.

The two girls were quite fluent. Rose felt worried about Alina.

Then Alina said fluently, "We have English, math and chemistry in the morning. My favorite lesson is English, because the English teacher is humorous and witty. Everyone enjoys the English class. Cary doesn't sleep and Eddie doesn't play..."

Everyone was stunned. Alina spoke in an organized and interesting way.

The two girls were also shocked, looking very embarrassed.

Alina thought to herself triumphantly, 'How dare you look down upon me!'

There was a moment of silence in the classroom when Alina finished her words.

Then there was a burst of applause.

"Wow! You're amazing!"

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