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   Chapter 17 Sign Up

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The bell rang at a wrong time.

Rose was a little disappointed.

"You tell me next time." Alina sat still and stopped chatting.

With a big smile, Mr. Su walked into the classroom. He stood on the platform, looked around the students and said, "Be quiet, please."

Everyone stopped and looked at the platform, listening to him.

"Ming Hua, No. 1 High School and No. 3 High School are going to jointly hold a speaking contest. The school requires each class to prepare a program. At the end of the month, students will be selected to participate in the competition on behalf of our school. This is an opportunity for you to improve your speaking ability. Any of you would like to sign up for it?"

"Sir, I recommend someone to you." Cary raised his hand and said excitedly.

Mr. Su raised her eyebrows and looked at him, "Oh, who do you recommend?"

Cary pointed to a boy and said, "Leo Tang. He had been to two summer camps abroad before. His spoken English is better than the others in our class."

"Really?" Mr. Su was very surprised to hear that. He turned to look at Leo and said, "Then I will leave the spoken program of our class to you. I will find you a good partner later."

Mr. Su did not expect to have such a talent in his class and couldn't wait to assign the task.

For students in class 126, few could score above 60 in English.

But the point is, for students with scores over 60, their spoken English is not necessarily good.

Therefore, the three key high schools would like to hold an oral contest to improve students' oral ability.

Leo opened his mouth and wanted to refuse. He was not a person who liked to be noticed. Rather than take part in such a boring game, he would rather go to the Internet bar to play games

When he was about to speak, Cary preempted him by asking, "Sir, are there any prizes for the winner?"

"Of course, and lots of them! I heard that the first prize is a laptop and hundreds of dollars and the second prize is a mountain bike."

As soon

as everyone heard that the prize was so big, they all felt regretful at once. If they had known that there would be such a competition, they would have studied harder.

Leo had intended to refuse. But perhaps he was tempted by the prize, he took over the task.

"Who else would like to sign up for the competition with Leo? It's okay no matter whether it's a boy or a girl."

After Mr. Su said that, for a long time no one took the initiative to sign up. He encouraged the class, "Believe in yourself. If you practice a lot, you can speak very fluently."

"It doesn't matter if our program is chosen or if we win an award. The most important thing is what you learn from it."

Mr. Su said a lot, but no one volunteered. Alina looked at him sympathetically. If in another class, the students would actively sign up for the prize.

Mr. Su was glancing at the students. The students who made eye contact with him either looked down or looked away. None of them wanted to be chosen.

Only Alina smiled at him when he saw her.

"Alaina, your English scores are not bad in our class. How about you and Leo taking part in the competition?"

Alina was stunned for a while. She didn't show any intent to participate in the competition. Why was she named?

"Good idea! A perfect match!" Cary rolled his eyes and raised his hands in approval.

Leo cast a warning glance at him, warning him not to kick up a fuss.

"Mr. Su, I'm not qualified. I don't want to be a drag on Leo. Why don't you find someone else to partner with him?"

It had only been a short time since the love letter was returned. She couldn't have the nerve to be a partner of him.

"It doesn't matter. It won't be a problem if you practice a lot." It was not easy to find two people to take part in the competition, so Mr. Su was unwilling to let them go.

Alina was stunned. The decision was too arbitrary. Mr. Su didn't take her refusal seriously.

She turned to look at Leo, hoping that he would say no to Mr. Su's suggestion.

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