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   Chapter 16 Someone Is Looking for You

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His expression startled Alina, who then put on a gentle smile and said, "These are the noodles I cooked for you. It may not taste good, but you should be hungry." She handed the bowl over as she spoke.

Being confused and silent, Sheffield stared at the girl in front of him. The smell of noodles filled his nose and he swallowed by instinct.

Seeing that he did not move, Alina handed the bowl to him. "Don't worry. I am not her and will not tell on you."

Sheffield held his breath and said coldly, "I'm not hungry." Then he closed the door.

He was beaten by his father and stepmother because of her first personality, and he was in no mood to see that hateful face.

'Well, he must have hated me too!' thought Alina.

She held the bowl and looked at the noodles inside. She didn't understand why Sheffield's attitude changed. She had told him she was not Alaina. Why he was still angry at her?

The noodles were going to be cold. Alina knocked on the door again.

"I've told you that I'm not hungry. Get out!" Sheffield's voice was full of anger.

Why that stupid girl brought the noodles? Now his room was full of the smell of noodles. Sheffield was even hungrier. He really didn't want to eat the noodles!

"What's wrong with him? Why is he so irritable?" Alina wondered.

She had asked him twice if he wanted to eat. She did her best.

Even if she was a supporting role, she had a temper too!

Alina went back to her room with the bowl. Looking at the yellow vegetables over the noodles, she hesitated for a moment and poured them into the toilet.

For her, noodles without coriander didn't taste good at all.

In the next room, Sheffield was lying on the bed, tossing and turning. He couldn't fall asleep. Whenever he thought that the noodles might have been eaten by Alina, he felt depressed!

The next morning, Alina got up when she heard the alarm clock.

Today was Monday, and she had to go to school. When she passed by Sheffield's room, she paused and wondered if he was still in it.

In the dining room downstairs, there was only Wendy having breakfast.

"Good morning, Mom."

Wendy turned her head. Her face was glowing with happiness. She was in a good mood. "Alaina, come and sit down. I made your favorite breakfast. Have a taste!"

Alina smiled, not in high spirits. She took a sip of milk and asked, "Where's Dad?"

"Your Dad has gone to the company. He said he would buy us gifts today. Guess what gifts he will buy for us?"

Last night, Eric was very gentle to her, which satisfied her a lot.

"How do I know it? Dad may buy you some jewelry," replied Alina in a careless manner.

"I've really taken a fancy to a set of very beautiful jewelry recently. It'll cost a million dollars. Do you think he will buy it for me?"

"Well... That's possible." Alina didn't want to talk about this with her. In fact, she wanted to tell her that no matter how much jewelry she bought, she couldn't keep them as long as she offended Sheffield.

"I have mentioned it to him several times. He must have remembered it." Wendy could not hide her smile at the thought of receiving a set of gorgeous jewels.

When Alina almost finished her breakfast, she asked, "Mom, where is Sheffield? It's time for school. I haven't seen him yet."

"Why do you ask him? He has to reflect on himself for three days. This is his first day."

"Wouldn't that keep him from going to school?"

Wendy frowned and said in disdain, "It's none of your business. Anyway, whether he goes to school or not has no effect on his academic performance. Just forget about him. You should go to school now."

"Okay. Then I'll go first. Bye."

There was only the driver waiting in the car at the gate. Alina looked up at the window of Sheffield's room and opened the back door to get in.

Class 126 on Monday was still noisy.

Alina came to her seat. Her desk mate, Yana, hadn't come yet. She took out all the books that she needed this morning.

She wondered how Sheffield was doing at this moment. Wendy was at home, so the butler dared not to bring food to Sheffield in secret. He had been hungry the whole night. Did he faint from hypoglycemia?


en she was at school, a girl had hypoglycemia. Because she didn't have breakfast in the morning, she suddenly fainted on the ground while doing morning exercises. Her classmates were all scared.

If Sheffield fainted on the bed, others would think that he was sleeping. He might die after three days of hunger.

But as a hero, Sheffield would never starve to death. The hungrier he was, the more distressed he felt, and the deeper hatred he would have towards Wendy and her.

She should have secretly given two buns to him before she left.

Suddenly, Alina heard a cough. The cough of Yana interrupted Alina's thoughts.

"Good morning." Alina moved her chair to make way for her.

"Thank you." Yana squeezed into her seat.

Alina took out a notebook and prepared to copy the words.

"Alaina, someone is looking for you." The student sitting by the door suddenly shouted.

Hearing this, Alina was confused, 'Who's that?' After hesitating for a while, she stood up and walked to the door.

It was a girl she didn't know, but Alaina might know her.

The girl was beautiful and delicate, giving people a feeling of arrogance.

"You are Alaina? You don't look so good!" The girl's expression and tone of voice were also quite aggressive.

The girl's tone implied that she and Alaina didn't know each other. That was fine. Alina grinned and asked, "Who are you? What can I do for you?"

The girl squinted at her, with a look of arrogance. "I'm Shirley Mu from grade two. You should have heard of me!"

Alina wanted to say that she didn't know her, but she was sure that if she said so, she would get angry at her immediately.

"Oh, I think I've heard of you. What's up?"

Alina's calmness displeased Shirley. Shouldn't she be jealous and resentful when she heard her name?

"I heard you've been courting Sam, haven't you?" The girl asked seriously.

What? Alina was confused. Why didn't she know she was after Sam? They had only met each other for three times.

"No. Why do I go after him? I don't like him."

Shirley was stunned, "You said you don't like him?"

Alina couldn't help rolling her eyes secretly and asked, "Should I like him?"

He's so handsome and gentle and he's good at playing basketball. How can girls not like him?" Shirley complimented, with her eyes full of admiration for that person.

Of course, Alina knew clearly that the girl in front of her was longing for love, but she didn't know why she had regarded her as an enemy and came to pick on her.

She was simply wronged.

Thus, she said solemnly, "Well, Sam is not my type."

Hearing that, Shirley was unhappy. She could not help but wonder, 'Isn't he the lover of all girls?'

"What kind of boy do you like?"

After thinking for a while, Alina quickly replied, "I like those who are cold, arrogant and indifferent to me, and who get poor grades and don't like sports. And they have white skin."

The traits she said were totally different from those of Sam. Shirley should be relieved now.

A hint of contempt flashed through Shirley's eyes. 'Why does she like such a boy? Is she crazy?' she thought.

While they were talking, they were standing in the corridor. Cary happened to hear the last sentence of Alina when he passed by.

He slowed down his steps, trying to collect more information.

It was out of Shirley's expectation that Alina liked that kind of guy. She didn't even bother to warn her, and she just turned around and left.

After Shirley left, Alina thought that from now on, she had better keep a distance from Sam.

Back to the classroom, Rose asked curiously, "Who was looking for you?"

"Her name seems to be Shirley Mu. Do you know her?"

"Of course I know! She is the most beautiful girl in our school. It is said that there must be one or two classes of boys who have written love letters to her!"

Alina smiled and said, "That's too exaggerated. But she is really good-looking."

"Why is she looking for you?" Rose leaned close to Alina and said with a smirk, "Is she warning you not to like Sam?"

"How do you know?" asked Alina in surprise.

"It's a long story..." Before Rose finished her words, the bell rang.

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