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   Chapter 15 Schizophrenia

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When Sheffield came back with the ice, the girl was holding her knees and crying silently.

If she hadn't wiped her eyes, Sheffield would have thought that she was having a rest.

"Why are you crying? It was just a bump on the head. You girls are so delicate!" Sheffield walked over and said maliciously.

Hearing his voice, Alina froze. Hadn't he left? Why did he come back?

She raised her head with tears on her eyelashes. Ashamed and annoyed, she said unhappily, "My head is not a stone. You bump your head to see if it hurts!"

Instead of replying to her, Sheffield kept his mouth shut and passed her a pack of ice and a towel.

Alina was deeply moved. She looked at Sheffield with eyes full of disbelief and gratitude. She couldn't believe that he had left to fetch her a towel and ice!

"Do you want it or not? If you don't want it, I'll throw it away!" Seeing the excitement on the girl's face, Sheffield looked away from her uncomfortably and said impatiently.

'What's wrong with him? Why is he so kind?'

Alina turned tears into smiles, "Please give it to me! Give it to me!" She took the towel and ice immediately and said, "Thank you!"

Sheffield didn't speak. He went back to the sit-ups with a straight face.

Alina wrapped the ice in the towel and put it on her forehead, watching him from the corner of her eye.

The hero should still be kind now, otherwise he wouldn't bring the ice and towel to her. Maybe if she was a little more active, she could settle the animosity between them.

The dim road seemed to be lit up by a starry light. The corners of Alina's mouth curled up slightly.

The air in the gym was extremely quiet and harmonious. Looking at the rising and falling figure of the boy, Alina suddenly had an idea and blurted out, "Sheffield, I was ignorant before. I apologize to you. Don't hate me anymore, okay?"

She did not like to live in fear every day, though she lived the life of another person.

Instead of guessing, she was more willing to tell him.

Sheffield froze for a second and quickly sat up. He looked at the girl with the ice on her head and expectation in her eyes, and refused coldly with a dark face, "You wish!"

Since Wendy and Alaina came to the Xu Family, he had suffered many injustices and insults under the table. Now she wanted to write them off with an apology. How could it be so easy?

The boy stood up and walked aggressively to the girl who was sitting on the treadmill. He looked down at her and said sarcastically, "Do I have to forgive you just because you apologize?"

Alina raised her head and looked into the boy's gloomy eyes. She opened her mouth but couldn't say a word.

What he said made her speechless. Since the wound had been caused, apologies could not erase the scars. It was reasonable for him not to forgive.

After a pause, Alina replied seriously, "No, It is your right not to forgive me."

Hearing this, Sheffield stared at her face, looking thoughtfully.

He was basically sure that she had lost her memory. But had her character really changed?

Was it possible that she was another person?

There was a disease called schizophrenia. A person had two or more personalities. Perhaps for some reason, his sister changed her personality to another one.

"You are not her, are you?" Sheffield said in a slow and certain voice, staring at the girl.

A shock registered on Alina's face. 'He's so sensitive and smart to figure out such an absurd thing, ' she thought.

She hesitated to tell him the truth.

If he knew that she wasn't Alaina who had bullied him before, would he forgive her and make friends with her? But she was afraid that he would vent his anger on her!

The surprise of the girl was noticed by Sheffield. He asked calmly, "You're not her, but you know her, right?"

"How do you know?" Asked Alina in shock.

Ignoring the astonishment of Alina, Sheffield continued to ask, "Does she know about you?" As far as he knew, not every personality knew the existence of another personality.

Since he had guessed it, Alina gave up the secret and answered moodily, "I don't think so."

Sheffield somehow relieved from this answer. He asked, "Do you know all the things she had done to me?"

Alina thought for a while and said, "No, I just know a little about it." After all, there were few descriptions of the hero's boyhood in the novel.

"It was you who brought me the noodles that night, not her, wasn't it?" Sheffield was sure. No wonder she would bring noodles to him. It turned out that it was not the same personality.

"Yes." The hero really had sharp observation and thinking.

After a moment, Sheffield suddenly asked, "When will she appear?"

Hearing this question, Alina was confused and shook her head. How did she know that? She was even confused why she would appear in the novel.

"You mean she won't show up or you don't know?" Sheffield wasn't satisfied with her shake of head. Her answer was too vague.

"If she doesn't show up, would you mind not taking out your resentment against her on me?" asked Alina seriously.

They were not the same person at all, although they shared a body.

Sheffield looked slightly surprised. He did not think she would ask this. "You didn't do it. Why do you mind?" he asked in confusion.

Alina was stunned. Why did she mind? How could she not mind? If she didn't mind, she would be punished severely in the future!

In addition, she felt that Sheffield accepted her identity too calmly. He didn't even ask her about her real identity.

"Because I like you!" Then Alina made up a white lie. She believed that love could explain everything.

Looking at the sincere and pure eyes of Alina, Sheffield was stunned. Then he cleared his throat and looked around.

She continued with her bright eyes, "I always wanted to have a brother since I was a child. He would listen to me, care for me and give me pocket money..."

Listening to her words, Sheffield's expression kept changing. He glanced at her disdainfully, as if he was looking at an idiot. Did she really want a brother? She only wanted a boyfriend!

After hesitating for a while, Alina looked at the boy and said, "I'll be a good sister in future. So let's be good brother and sister who love each other!"

Lunatic! Sheffield rolled his eyes at her, turned around and walked away. "I'm sorry. I don't need a sister!"

"Hey, don't go..." Alina stood up and ran after him with the towel and ice.

She ran to the door and the door was closed by Sheffie

ld before her.

Alina turned around and leaned against the door, looking at the bright window opposite and laughing.

She heaved a sigh of relief. She was at ease now and wondered if she didn't need to worry about being revenged by the hero.

After getting back to his own room, Sheffield took a clean dress and went into the bathroom. He took a shower while recalling what had happened in the gym.

Alaina even had dual personality! He had never found that before. He was not sure whether Wendy and his father knew about it or not?

It seemed that the second personality appeared after she came back from the hospital. Nobody knew if the first personality would appear again.

It was the same face, but the first personality was so annoying when she cried, and the second personality was pitiful when she cried.

What's more, she said she liked him and wanted to be his good sister. Was there something wrong with her head?

She changed the personality and wanted to erase all the grudges. She was daydreaming! He wouldn't forgive her so easily, unless...

Alina leaned against the door and didn't come to her senses until the towel was dripping.

The ice in the towel melted.

There were only Alina and Sheffield for lunch, and Wendy and Eric were not back yet.

On the table, Alina kept chatting with Sheffield with a smile on her face. However, Sheffield was cold and indifferent, but she didn't care.

Peter was surprised to see them. He didn't know since when they got along so well with each other. In the past, when they ate together, they were always at loggerheads with each other.

This situation lasted until Alina returned to her room.

She went back to the bedroom, sat at the desk and studied hard for more than an hour. Then she couldn't help falling asleep at her desk.

"... I didn't expect you to do such an evil thing at such a young age!"

Alina was awakened by an angry shout. She sat up and realized that the voice came from downstairs.

A bad feeling flashed through her mind. She quickly stood up, opened the door and went out.

In the living room downstairs, Eric raised his hand and looked at Sheffield coldly. His face was full of shock, anger and disappointment.

Wendy stood beside Eric, with a smug and gloating smile on her face.

With his back to her, Alina couldn't see the expression on Sheffield's face.

"Dad, Mom, what happened?" The moment she asked, Wendy winked at her and walked up to her. Wendy said fondly, "Alaina, you've suffered a lot. Why didn't you tell me? If Vivian hadn't told me, I wouldn't have known that Sheffield pushed you down the stairs!"

Vivian was one of the servants in the Xu Family.

'What is going on? Isn't it a thing of the past when she fell down from the stairs? Why is it brought up again?'

She just took a nap. Why did the story come back?

"Mom, I..." Alina said anxiously. She wanted to say that it really had nothing to do with Sheffield, but she didn't get the chance.

Wendy took her daughter's hand and pinched her arm to stop her from talking.

"It's all my fault. I know he can't accept me and you, but I let you stay with him. If I had known that he would hurt you like this, I would... I would..." She cried. As Wendy said, she began to cry bitterly.

"Mom..." Oh my God! Alina was totally shocked by Wendy's performance. The Oscar did owe her an Academy Award!

At the same time, Eric asked her in a dignified and loving tone, "Alaina, did this bastard hurt you? Don't be afraid. Tell Dad. I will teach him a lesson!"

His words took Alina by great surprise. Was he his real father? Every father would help his own son instead of his stepdaughter.

"Dad, it was..." She was about to explain when a loud slap interrupted her.

"Bang!" Wendy slapped Sheffield hard on the face. She shook her hand in pain and then cried out, "Sheffield, you can hate me. Although Alaina has no blood relationship with you, she calls you so many years brother. How did you do this to her?"

"Wendy, don't cry. It's all my fault. I didn't discipline him!" Eric held her into his arms and tried to comfort her in a gentle voice. Before he got the answer from Alina, he said decisively, "I will give you and Alaina a satisfactory answer on this matter. I won't let anyone bully her!"

As he said, he roared at Sheffield, "You're terrible. If you are not punished severely, you don't know what you have done wrong! From now on, you are not allowed to go anywhere during the three days. Just stay in the room and think carefully. You are not allowed to eat anything except water! Do you hear me?"

Then, Eric glimpsed at the butler and added, "If I know who gives him food, I'll punish him harder!"

Hearing this, Wendy snickered in Eric's arms. She looked at Sheffield proudly and felt very happy.

Shocked by Eric's indiscriminate decision, Alina looked worriedly at Sheffield. He must be very sad to have such a father.

Sheffield seemed to get used to Eric's indiscriminate attitude. He lowered his long eyelashes and his expression was cold, as if he didn't care about the punishment.

"Dad, Sheffield..." Alina had just said a few words when Eric interrupted her. "Alaina, I know you've suffered a lot. Are you not satisfied with the punishment?"

"..." Whether she answered yes or no, it didn't seem appropriate. Alina just wanted to say that Sheffield really didn't push her.

However, when she tried to say something, she was interrupted by Wendy or Eric. At the thought that Sheffield might misunderstand her, she was really at her wit's end.

As Sheffield turned to leave, his eyes passed over Alina coldly. Alina wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

She didn't know if it was because of the plot or because of her delusions, she found that there seemed to be a power that was deliberately worsening her relationship with the hero.

Sheffield didn't show up all afternoon, neither did they see him at the dinner table. It seemed that what Eric had said was serious.

After dinner, Alina lay in bed. Thinking that Sheffield was hungry in the next room, she tossed and turned but couldn't fall asleep.

Although she had told him that she was not Alaina, what if he vented his anger on her? No, she must explain to him, or she would not be at ease.

Alina went downstairs and cooked noodles secretly without putting any coriander in it. Then she knocked on the door of Sheffield's room.

Sheffield opened the door and looked at her with dark, expressionless eyes.

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