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   Chapter 14 Drama Queen

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The five ladies stood together talking about clothes, bracelets and some important business deals their husbands had made recently...

The five women were all wives of rich families. Three of them had brought young girls with them, and Alina was one of them.

When Wendy tried to bring her over, she was reluctant. But in public, she couldn't refuse, so she had to come over.

As soon as they got together, they started to gossip just like your relatives at the New Year's Eve.

Perhaps, they were more polite and hypocritical than your relatives.

With a tray in their hands, the Song family came over to them with a smile on their faces.

"Mr. Song, your son is much more handsome than you when you were young!" Mrs. Tang was the first one to speak. Her husband had the highest status in the upper class. She had known Mr. Song since she was young. Her parents were old friends to Mr. Song's, so they were familiar with each other and always made fun of each other in a very casual way.

Mr. Song laughed and said proudly, "my son, of course, must be better than me. Otherwise, I would have no heir!"

"Long time no see, Aunt Tang. You look young as always," Joseph greeted Mrs. Tang.

"How sweet you are, Joseph. I'm sure many girls will be fascinated by you!" Wendy greeted them with a smile, which caused the Song's attention.

"Who is this?" Mrs. Song asked Mrs. Tang.

Mrs. Tang frowned. She didn't like what Wendy was doing now. However, she still introduced her with a smile, "this is Mrs. Xu, the wife of Eric Xu, the general manager of the Xu group."

"Oh, nice to meet you Mrs. Xu. Welcome." Although Mrs. Song said welcome to Wendy, her facial expression said another thing.

Perhaps Wendy didn't notice, or perhaps she was too eager to make friends with Mrs. Song, she smiled and introduced Alina to her. "This is my daughter, Alaina. She is a freshman in Ming Hua High School. She heard that today is Joseph's birthday, so she made some cookies on her own as a gift for him."

'Why did she bring this up? Don't mention the cookies, please?'

Alina lowered her head and hid herself behind Wendy, trying not to be noticed by others.

Seeing Alina was so shy and timid, Mrs. Song looked down upon her. She felt that the girl was not confident and elegant, and was not good enough for her son.

So she said casually, "Oh, you are my son's classmate. Joseph, do you know each other?"

Staring at Alina, Joseph sneered and replied, "of course I knew her. Her classroom is opposite mine in the corridor."

Hearing his words, Wendy was happier. She pushed Alina to take the opportunity to demonstrate herself.

"Wow, I didn't expect that your classrooms were so close. What a coincidence! Don't you think so? "

Seeing Wendy was in such a hurry to flatter the Song's, other ladies despised her in their hearts and felt ashamed of her behavior.

Therefore, none of them talk to her. The atmosphere was inexplicably embarrassing for a moment.

Alina raised her head, smiled at Joseph stiffly and politely, "hi, Joseph."

"Alaina, thank you for your birthday present." Joseph stared at Alina and emphasized the words "thank you".

"It's my pleasure."

Sensing that her son was looking weirdly at the girl, Mrs. Song interrupted quickly, "Joseph, this is Mrs. Feng and her daughter."

"Mrs. Feng, Miss Feng, nice to meet you." Joseph looked away from Alina and smiled brightly again. He greeted Mrs. Feng and Miss Feng.

"Joseph is indeed an outstanding man with a handsome face."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Cherry." Miss Feng replied with a sweet smile.

The Song family greeted everyone here, and then headed for another group of people.

They greeted all the guests and then the party started. It was time to dance.

Since Joseph was the leading role, the opening dance was performed by him and a young girl.

"I told you to take the initiative. If you were the one who danced with Joseph, I would be so proud of you!" Seeing the tacit performance between the young boy and girl, Wendy pulled a long face and whispered to Alina.

Alina sighed helplessly. 'Oh, my god, please leave me alone.'

The music stopped. The next dance was group dance. When music started, most men invited women to dance with them.

"Alaina, go and have the second dance with Joseph!" Or try the third one! "

"Mom, I really don't know him well..."

"So you need to take this opportunity to get familiar with him!" Go! Don't talk nonsense! "

"……" 'Are you really my mom?'

Just when Alina walked slowly towards Joseph, she saw Joseph invited another girl to dance. She breathed a sigh of relief, and was going to hide in a corner and wait for the party to end.

Unfortunately, she just found a place to hide, Sam appeared in front of her and stretched out him right hand.

'Was he inviting her to dance?' Alina blinked her eyes.

Ever since she realized that Sam was not as kind to her as he appeared, the boy's impression got worse. He did not have to help her, and she also did not have to make friends with him.

"Would you like to dance with me, Alaina?" Sam slightly bent down with a smile and looked at the girl who was in a daze.

Alina was about to refuse him, but she suddenly changed her mind. "I don't like this piece of music. Do you mind waiting for the next one?"

Joseph was dancing with a girl right now. In case Wendy asked her to dance with Joseph later, Alina decided to find herself a dancing partner first.

"No problem! I will invite you later." Sam was very gentle and didn't make Alina embarrassed.

Emma saw Alina hiding in the corner, so she came over.

"Why don't you go to dance? I saw someone invited you. "

Taking a glance at her, Alina didn't answer her question but asked her instead, "then why don't you dance?"

"Me," Emma pointed at herself, "look at me. I'm in such a terrible dress. How can I dance with a boy? People who don't know might think that there are two men dancing! "

She was not wearing a dress, but a suit.

A meaningful smile appeared on Alina's face. "So what? Don't you know that true lovers are usually of the same gender?"

Suddenly, Emma seemed to think of something and opened her eyes widely. She looked at Alina in disbelief. "Are you... Do you like girls? "

Alina didn't know how Emma came up with that conclusion, but she was in the mood of play tricks on her.

So she pretended to be nervous as if her sexual orientation was caught by someone and said, "you got

it! You won't tell anyone, will you? "

"What? I... You... I won't tell anyone! " When she suddenly knew such a big secret, Emma felt that she could not speak properly.

Alina grabbed her hands and said gratefully, "thank you very much! Thank you for keeping my secret!"

Emma came to her senses from the shock and got rid of her hands. She stammered with an embarrassed look: "you... You are welcome." Then she made up an excuse to leave.

Before the third music started, Sam came to invite Alina for a dance as promised.

Alina could feel that Wendy was staring at her, so she immediately accepted the invitation.

When Emma saw them dancing together, she was surprised and confused.

Although Alina was not the most beautiful girl at the party, she was the only one dressing in a unique style. Besides, she was not bad looking. Therefore, a lot of men came to invite her to dance.

In order to avoid dancing with Joseph, Alina continued dancing even thought her feet were painful.

Finally, the party was over. As soon as they walked out of the banquet hall, Wendy darkened her face.

Sitting in the car, she flared up. "Alaina, do you still take me as your mother? Do you? Do you remember what I have told you?! Do you think that I am blind? "

With a guilty conscience, Alina didn't say anything. She kept silent, waiting for her mother to criticize her.

"I have done so much. For whom? All I have done is for your happiness in the future! Do you understand? "

Wendy complained all the way home.

When they finally arrived at home, Alina went straight to her bedroom. She lay on the bed for a long time with a buzzing in her head.

Time flied and it was Sunday morning.

Maybe because of the tiredness of dancing, Alina slept soundly last night and didn't wake up until eleven o'clock at noon.

When she woke up, it was already very late. She quickly got up, brushed her teeth and changed into a loose set of clothes before running downstairs.

The living room was quiet, and no one was there.

'where is everybody? Why is there no one at home?'

When Alina was thinking, she saw the housekeeper Peter coming in from the gate. "Uncle Peter, where have you been? Why is there no one at home?"

"Miss Alaina, Mrs. Xu went out in the morning and hasn't come back yet. Mr. Sheffield is working out in the gym upstairs."

"Okay, thank you." Alina answered and turned around and went upstairs. She remembered that when she just time-travelled here, she looked around and saw a gym at the end of the second floor.

When she arrived at the gym, Alina hesitated for a while before she pushed the door open.

It was a very spacious room, which was filled with all kinds of fitness equipment, like a small gym.

Sheffield wore a white T-shirt and was doing a lift with his hands on the back of his head. His clothes were all wet with sweat.

As he moved up and down, so was his abdominal muscles, flexible and strong, full of power.

Alina stood there, thinking about how to start a conversation naturally.

In the end, she gave up. So, she quietly found a treadmill not that near Sheffield and climbed up.

It was her first time to walk on the treadmill since she was a child, and she had no idea how to operate it.

Alina was on thin ice now.

'The hero was next to her. If she let him know that she didn't even use how to use the treadmill, how could she face him in the future?'

Noticing that it was Alina coming in, Sheffield stopped his action of raising up. He could not hold his breath and almost fell to the ground.

Gritting his teeth, he sat up again. Putting on a cold face, he frowned and asked unhappily, "what are you doing in the gym?"

Alina was studying every button of the treadmill. Hearing the question, without raising her head, she answered casually, "to work out, of course!"

Sheffield fixed his eyes on this young girl, and remembered that she didn't like exercising.

Thinking of his suspicion before, he stood up and walked towards the treadmill.

Before Alina could react, with a "Di" sound, the treadmill started to move quickly. Sheffield had pressed some button.

"Hey, don't... Ah! "Before Alina finished speaking, she fell on the treadmill, and her head bumped into its body part in front.

The track was still running. Alina covered her head and tried to stand up but failed.

Dumbfounded, she looked at Sheffield standing next to her and asked, "what have you done?"

Feeling a little uneasy, Sheffield looked away. Then he pressed on the treadmill twice and slowly the treadmill stopped.

Alina slowly stood up. She stood on the runway, and looked at the hero. Those insulting words turned into "thank you".

The man in front of her was the future hero, and she didn't want to offend him. What's more, yesterday morning, Wendy just infuriated him. If her fell could make him less angry, she could bear it.

"You often run on the treadmill before. Can't imagine you fell on the treadmill..." The voice of Sheffield was full of despise and disdain.

"I..." Alina is about to retort, then she realized that the hero was talking about Alaina. With a twisted face, she said, "there is a bump on my head. Do you see it? It really hurts!"

Alina bent down and let the hero to see her head.

Sheffield looked at the girl. There was indeed a red and swollen area on the girl's left forehead.

His eyes flashed and looked away with a cold face. "Hum, drama queen!"

'Son of a bitch! There is such a big bump on my head, how dare you call me drama queen! You are drama queen! Your families are all drama queens! Who think you are!'

Alina almost broke out into curses.

The ancestors said that they should be patient.

Took a deep breath, Alina counted one two three... She tried her best to suppress her desire to curse the hero.

"Sheffield, I really have a headache. Can you get some ice for me?" As soon as Alina touched the bump, she immediately felt a sharp pain, and her eyes were full of tears.

With red and watery eyes, the girl looked at him pitifully, reminding him of a cat he raised before.

Sheffield's face darkened. He snorted, turned around and walked outside.

Suddenly, there was only Alina left in the gym. Biting her lips, she put down her hand which was covering her forehead and slumped on the track of the treadmill. She felt frustrated and aggrieved.

Sheffield was difficult to handle, and Wendy was always making trouble. What on earth should she do?

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