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   Chapter 12 Mutual Competition In The Upper Class

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After class, during the break time, the girl who borrowed a book from Alina said to her, "you look awesome when you were reciting on the platform, Alaina!"

The girl's name was Rose. Alina heard others call her yesterday. She replied in a modest way, "really? In fact, I was very nervous at that time. I was afraid that a boy would rush at me and beat me with anger! "

Rose didn't expect Alina would talk to her. To her surprise, Alina was no longer as arrogant and disdainful as before.

"How could it be possible? Although the boys in our class like to make trouble, they will never beat girls!" Rose grinned.

Alina breathed a sigh of relief. "Really? Then I can rest assured. "

Rose's desk mate Emma, a girl with short hair, joined in the conversation happily. "Those stinky boys always make fun of us. Today is payback time!"

"Actually I wanted to do that a long time ago. I wanted to give you a dose of your own medicine," said Alina smilingly.

Rose and Emma smiled at each other, both thinking that the boys should suffer for their wrong behaviors.

The scene that Cary put a fake snake into Alina's drawer flashed through Rose's mind. She felt guilty for what she had done, so she kindly reminded, "Alaina, be careful these days. You've made a fool of Cary and Eddie, they won't let it go. They will definitely take revenge."

Alina smiled confidently, "no matter what would happen, I will face it bravely and solve it in a proper way. I am not afraid of them!"

After going to the toilet, Yana and Mandy returned and saw Alina were chatting happily with Rose and Emma. They couldn't help looking at them, wondering when they became so close.

As they were talking to each other, a paper ball flew over and hit on Alina's body.

Alina picked up the paper ball, looked up and saw several boys in the back pretended to be busy, as if they had nothing to do with the paper ball.

Rose turned to them and asked angrily, "who threw the paper ball at us?"

Of course, no one would admit it.

Emma said scornfully, "coward. You don't have the gut to admit what you have done!"

"Who is coward?! I threw the paper. So what? I didn't hit you! " Cary sit in the last row. He smirked, leaning on the back of his chair. The two front legs of the chair were off the ground. One of his feet hooked on the table, and the other one constantly touched the ground. He was swinging with the chair and seemed very slovenly.

"You have hit Alaina!"

"No, I didn't! Hey, did you see it?" Cary asked the other boys.

The boys all shook their heads and said, "no, we didn't see it."

"……" Rose and Emma stared at the boys angrily. How shameless they were!

Leo came in from the back door, took a glance at them and then went back to his seat with an indifferent expression.

The moment he sat down, the bell rang.

It was just a paper ball and didn't hurt at all. So, Alina didn't care much about it. But she was grateful for what the two girls had done for her.

"Never mind. Let's not lower ourselves to the same level with them. The teacher is here."

The two girls were a little angry, but when they heard that the teacher was coming, they had to put it aside.

Three classes in the afternoon passed so fast that the school was over soon.

After picking up her school bag slowly, Alina walked towards the school gate alone. When he walked out of the gate, she saw that Rose and Emma were walking in front of her, hand in hand.

She took a few steps forward. When she just wanted to greet them, she heard they seem to be discussing something.

"I didn't expect her to mock those boys in front of all her classmates. You don't know, I wanted to applause for her at that time!"

"I was shocked too, so I ran to talk to her impulsively. In fact, I was worried that she would ignore me."

"Was she arrogant before?"

"I don't know. She seems to be very arrogant, but today she was nice, right?"

"Maybe we are not familiar..."

Upon hearing this, Alina slowed down and tried to keep away from them.

'If she hadn't misheard, she might be the one they were talking about. If she suddenly popped out from behind, they would very likely be frightened.'

Alina stood at the bus stop calmly.

When she went back to the house of the Xu family, the others had not come back yet. After greeted the housekeeper, Alina went straight to her own room.

Perhaps she had no sense of belonging to this family, she was more willing to stay in her own bedroom.

She put down her schoolbag, took off her clothes and took a shower. After that, she put on her housecoat and sat at the desk, doing her homework.

After she finished her homework, she started to review the previous lessons and prepared for the monthly examination. All in all, she was busy.

"Miss Alaina, come down to have dinner." The Housekeeper Peter knocked on the door and said.

"Got it, coming down right away," said Alina, who was immersed in her study

She put down her pen and stretched herself. Then she glanced at the clock and found it was already past eight.

At first, Alina was worried that she was too slow, but when she got downstairs, she found that she was the first one to arrive at the table.

'Isn't it time for dinner? Where the others?'

She looked around and saw the male lead slowly coming down the stairs.

Alina gave him a smile to greet him.

Soon, wearing a silk pajamas, Wendy came, looking tired.

"Mom, are you okay?" Asked Alina with concern.

Pulling back a strand of hair to the back of her ear, Wendy sat down and said, "I'm fine. As for the thing I told you yesterday, have you prepared the gift?"

Alina smiled bitterly and thought, 'well, she has forgotten it completely.'

Seeing the expression on her daughter's face, Wendy knew that she definitely forgot it. "All right, I already knew that you wouldn't remember. I have asked Philip to prepare the gift for you. Remember to dress yourself up."

'What could she say?' Alina nodded.

Hearing the conversation, a piece of mockery flashed across Sheffield's face.

Ever since Wendy married into the Xu family, she had been keen on attending this kind of upper class banquet. She used to go there alone or with Sheffield' father. When her daughter Alaina grew up, she then took Alaina with her.

Everyone in their circle knew her wild ambition.

"Hasn't dad come back yet?" Asked Alina casually, as she saw that the dishes had been served and that Eric Xu hadn't come yet.

Wendy's face suddenly darkened and said, "Don't mind him! There are a lot of women out there longing to have dinner with him!"

Upon hearing this, Alina was a little embarrassed and kept silent.

"Haha..." All of a sudden, Sheffield sneered on the other side of the table.

Wendy burst into anger. She looked at Sheffield with her sharp eyes, and scolded, "you silly boy, who are you laughing at? The reason why your father don't come back is because he dislikes you! You little bastard, always got a poor grade at school. What's more, you are so dull and

doesn't care about anyone. Do you know that your father found you extremely irritating?!"

Her words were like a fine needle stabbing into Sheffield's chest. With a sour face, his chest fluctuated up and down, his nose twitched. He looked at Wendy resentfully. If there were not a table between them, he would have rushed to beat her.

Looking at the scary look on the hero's face, Alina got anxious.

There was an old saying that if you were not afraid of God, you should be afraid of your stupid teammates! She managed to let hero vent his anger this morning, but she didn't expect that Wendy immediately poured a bucket of gasoline, which is pure in quality and doesn't contain any impurities!

"Mom, don't be angry. It is bad for your health! Are you hungry? Let me get you a bowl of soup. " While Alina was filled a bowl of soup, she gave Sheffield an apologetic look. 'My dear boss, I'm sorry. Please forgive me for what my mom has done to you.'

"No, I'm not in the mood for soup at all. Both father and son are troublesome!" Wendy took the bowl that Alina had gave to her and put it down heavily on the desk. A bowl of soup spilled out on the table.

As they were so close to each other, there were a few drops splashed on Alina. But she didn't have time to care about that. The most important thing for her now was to comfort Wendy.

If Wendy continued to criticize Sheffield, it would be harder for her to compensate the sufferings of Sheffield.

"Mom, Dad is really busy. When I called him today, I heard that he was keeping telling the employees something. Dad didn't mean not to go home!"

"Really?" Wendy asked suspiciously.

"Of course it's true. Why would I lie to you?" Alina added

With this explanation, Wendy was in a better mood and was started to have dinner.

However, Alina was too anxious to eat. The young man's resentment would soar up. Thinking of this, those delicious food all lost their charm.

After dinner, Alina greeted Wendy and went back to her room.

As for the hero, he had already finished his dinner and left first.

After getting back to her bedroom, Alina sat on the bed, with her fingers inserted into her hair, and howled in despair, "oh my God! What should I do? "

The hero looked at them as if they were mortal enemies. Was there anything she could do to reduce his resentment?

The next morning, Alina got up with dark circles under her eyes.

She didn't sleep well last night and had a nightmare. She was either pushed down from the Ferris building, or fell into the water on the ice... She felt cool from head to toe.

When having breakfast, Wendy frowned at her daughter, "what's wrong with you? You look pale. Are you sick? "

"I'm fine. It's just I didn't sleep well last night."

"How could you go to Joseph's birthday party like this? You will scare him. Come with me later. I'll find someone to dress you up."

So, after breakfast, Alina was dragged out of the Xu family by her mother.

When Sheffield went downstairs, he found out that the mother and the daughter had gone out, he could not help but show a sneer.

At first, Alina thought that dressing up means just to have a facial spa and do a makeup. But it turned out that her mother also took her to have a body spa and massage and go shopping.

Wendy chose a sexy dress for Alina. Alina was just over fifteen, but the makeup and dress made her looked ten years older.

Alina refused decisively. For a woman like her who had just returned to her youth after passing through the time, the happiest thing was to become young again.

'It was wonderful to be young again. She definitely didn't want to dress up like a mature woman!'

Wendy could not dissuade her and had to obey her will.

At last, Alina chose a modified cheongsam with a plain color. Her hair in front was simply braided into two ponytails, with the hair on top of her head loosened. The rest of her hair was streaming down her back, under which were the tail ends binding together.

When Alina came out of the dressing room, people in the store praised her taste and thought her clothing was simple, sweet and lovely.

When the mother and the daughter had dressed up, they went back home. They had bought a lot of things and had to take them home first.

Joseph's birthday party would begin at five o'clock. There was enough time to return home.

When she came back to her room with things in her hands, Alina met Sheffield in the corridor who just came out from his room.

When they both saw each other, Alina was the first to react and smiled to the hero, "good afternoon."

The girl wore a classic dress, her long hair was flying in the wind, and her pretty face was snow-white touched with pink red. When she smiled, she was as beautiful as blooming flowers.

Sheffield was amazed by her beauty, but he soon looked down. When he looked up again, there was only ridicule and contempt in his eyes.

Hmm... She dressed up to marry a rich man, just like her mother!

Sheffield snorted with disdain, and passed the girl without looking at her.

The indifferent attitude of the hero suddenly depressed the smile of Alina, and her good mood disappeared.

No matter how she felt, she had to attend the banquet.

At the entrance of the five-star hotel, Wendy was wearing a customized dress and walked in with Alina.

"Is that Mrs. Zeng? You look so young in today's outfit, especially this diamond necklace. It is ELA fall collection this year, right?"

While they were waiting for the elevator, a lady in her forties was also waiting there, together with a girl about the same age as Alina. Seeing this lady, Wendy walked up to her with a big smile and greeted her.

The husband of Mrs. Zeng was an excellent entrepreneur and was very famous in the upper world.

Mrs. Zeng was her husband's original wife. Because she worked hard with her husband from scratch in her early years and had suffered a lot, she looked older than ordinary people.

Wendy's compliment apparently pleased Mrs. Zeng, and the wrinkles at the corners of her eyes became more obvious when she smiled. "Wendy, your daughter's dress was very unique today. She was very pretty."

With a smug smile on her face, Wendy said humbly, "you're flattering me. She just dressed up randomly. The girl beside you are much prettier."

"This is my niece, Helen. Helen, this is Mrs. Xu."

"Nice to meet you, Mrs. Xu." Helen greeted Wendy politely and smiled at Alina.

"You can call me Wendy, or just call me aunt." Wendy replied softly, then she turned to Alina and scolded, "Alaina, see how polite and good-educated Helen is! Say hello to Mrs. Zeng and Helen! "

Alina silently rolled her eyes in her heart and put on a standard smile to greet Mrs. Zeng and Helen.

After the greetings, a couple and their son who was 13 to 14 years old came.

Since they were all businessmen, they knew each other very well. As a result, a new round of mutual compliment began.

They took the elevator to the biggest banquet hall on the fourth floor.

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