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   Chapter 11 whatever you like

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It was the time for early shift. The bus was overcrowded. Alvin Li bought the coins at the front door and got in the car from the back door.

There were too many people in the car and it was impossible to get through from the front.

201 slowly started. It didn't stop at a traffic light.

At this time, a bus which hadn't been parked in the lane next to them slowly stopped. Alvin looked at the bus enviously and didn't know which bus it was and why it had no seats!

The traffic light turned green. The bus next to them immediately ran out. When they saw the bus number on the back seat, with one of their hands on the glass, Alvin was shocked with regret.

It was 223! He should have waited for a while.

However, there was still half an hour later for Alvin. The first class had already begun when she arrived in the classroom. It was math class of Ms. poppy.

"Report!" A report attracted everyone's attention.

Moore felt humiliated.

The teacher glanced at him through the glasses and said, "come in."

Alvin Li lowered his eyes and walked into the classroom silently, standing aside.

"Why are you late?"

The question brought the crowd back to life.

Everyone's eyes were eager to watch the drama.

"My car has broken down on the way. I took a bus here, so I'm late," replied Alvin

After staring at the young girl for a few seconds and seeing her calm look, Miss poppy waved her hand and said, "all right, go back to your seat. Don't be late next time."

"Yes, thank you, master."

The students were a little disappointed at the teacher's behavior. They craned their neck to see the result!

Not caring whether they were disappointed or not, poppy teacher knocked on the table and said, "everyone, look at the blackboard. There was a problem arranged yesterday, and most of them have done it wrong. Now I'll tell you where there is wrong..."

Moore went to his seat and saw a math book on the table. She put down her schoolbag and opened it.

She had made a mistake as to the maths problem posed by the teacher.

He glanced at Alvin from time to time, as if he wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

Finally, when the class was over, he took out twenty yuan, slapped it on the table, looked away and said, "here you are!"

"Do you give me money?" asked Alvin, looking at her

Her round eyes twinkled, and her face seemed to be ashamed and annoyed. "Yesterday, the money for buying something, I'll give it back to you!"

"Okay!" After he made it clear, he packed up the paper coins on the table decisively and put them into his clothes pocket.

After a while, when he found that they took the money, he didn't want to talk to him. He was in a bad mood at once, She shouted, "Stephanie!"

"What's wrong?" Asked Alvin, looking at her with a confused look.

His face darkened. "You want money!" The money she got from the shop was her snacks these days.

"Okay," Alvin took out a wad of ten and gave it back to her. With a darkened face, he pressed his lips and didn't answer.

what do you mean? Was he showing off his rich family to her?

This was truly a round injustice for Alvin. The deep inside of him was an adult. For her, two or three dollars would be a number, and it was normal for the acquaintance to make the number zero.

She didn't understand why a desk girl was angry?

Seeing the money, however, round Yu felt entangled and wanted to pretend to be generous to give up, but he was reluctant to do so.

Finally, the power of snacks overwhelmed her pride. She took the money back and snorted, "I'll give you whatever you want!"

Alvin was a little surprised and after a few seconds, he realized that he was no longer an economically independent adult but a poor student.

Most of the parents didn't have much pocket money. The living expenses of a boarding student for a week were only about 100.

The cost for a healthy student like Lucas was only 10 dollars per day, including Chinese food cost.

He smiled bitterly and smiled bitterly when he realized his mom's bitterness

Time went by fast. Soon it was time for lunch.

This time, Alvin went to the canteen alone without asking whether he wanted to go with him or not.

Maybe one person walked very fast, there were some vacant seats in the canteen.

She got a meal, sat down near the table and concentrated on eating.

While she was eating, she recalled the scene that she was suddenly forced to get off the car by the leading man today. She didn't know if she was wrong, but the leading man's attitude towards her seemed to be a little different.

She was glad that he had changed. She was afraid that he wouldn't change his mind, so she had to refrain her moves.

The hero was still young, so she should let him vent his resentment. Then she wouldn't have grudges against him and she wouldn't have to be always on tenterhooks.

In fact, what worried her more was her attitude towards the leading man.

She had no idea that the leading man would be a big shot in the future. What could she do to let go of her prejudices against him?

Said Alvin, frowning.

"Hi, Stephanie. Would you mind sitting next to me?" A hearty male voice interrupted Alvin's thought.

Alvin raised his head and recognized that the two boys were sitting at the same table! Before she said anything, Dan and Howard had taken their seats opposite her with plates in their hands.

"We came a little late. All the seats have been taken, and there's only one vacant seat left for you. My primary school girl came very early today! " She smiled happily, showing her white teeth and smiling happily.

How could such a young man be hated?

"Yeah. They will be here after school. Why are you so late today?" replied Moore with a brisk smile She stated in a questioning tone.

Taking a glance at the young man next to her, she said, "it's all because of Lucy. There is a question that I can't understand in class, but I have to find someone to ask. Thus I'm late."

Moore sighed with a smile, "you are so hard-working."

"Of course. Do you think everyone is 126 like you?" A voice with contempt came through from aside.

Hearing the familiar and sharp tone, Alvin knew it was the second young man named Doug without raising his head.

"It's Austin. Why do you come so late? Have a seat." As she spoke, she gave a hint with her eyes to indicated him to sit next to Lanny.

The young man looked at Alvin and said arrogantly, "I don't want to sit with her. You can take another seat with me!"

"It's just a seat. There's no need to be shy," she said with a helpless face

The young boy stood there unhappily, unwilling to sit down as if he would not sit if he didn't change his position.

"You can walk far away if you don't want to sit here. It's not close. It's carbon dioxide that comes out of my mouth. If it reaches your heart, blood and lungs are damaged. "

Little boy, I dare not to hit the leading man, but not you?

She was so angry that she almost spat out another mouthful of food. She found that the words of Anne were very interesting.

He looked up at the woman who was gnashing her teeth, bit his lips, and stuffed a mouthful of food into his m

outh, using the chewing to cover the smile on his face.

Philip's face turned red and then blackened. After a while, he put down the plate with a huge bang and sat down on the empty seat.

Alvin rolled his eyes. 'what's wrong with him? He is the one who takes the lead!'!

Looking at the darkened face of Austin, who was so angry that he almost put the food in her mouth, she hurried to comfort him, "Austin, don't be so serious with a little girl. Come on, I will give you the chicken leg." After saying that, he took a glance at Xiao,.

Rod swallowed the food in his mouth and put the chicken drumstick on his plate with his chopsticks in it. Then he said, "I'll give it to you too."

Looking at the two drumsticks, Austin felt a little better. He secretly glanced at Alvin. He had always been very tolerant of a young girl!

She picked up a chicken leg and took a Fierce bite, as if the chicken leg was someone's thigh.

"Austin, tomorrow is your birthday. What kind of birthday gift do you want?" She said to Austin, who was eating chicken legs.

Austin didn't care at all. "Whatever."

"Not at all. If you don't tell me, I'll just send you back."

"According to Song family's condition, he doesn't lack anything. I don't think it's a good idea for you to give him a present."

Suddenly, something occurred to Alvin's mind. He remembered the thing that Wendy told him last night, so he asked tentatively, "did his family prepare the birthday party for him in the hotel?"

"Yeah, you've heard that this is his 16th birthday. Uncle song is going to hold a big party for him."

Then he assumed that the young master of the song clan whom Wendy referred to might be the guy named Austin.

How dramatic?

She had a little speculation and didn't think that the young master of the Tang family was referring to the boy who had called off her love letter in front of all the students of their class?

The expressions on Alvin's face changed a lot. He was shocked, astonished, speechless, as well as angry

She didn't want to discuss with Wendy about her birthday. She would rather die than go to the birthday party, because she had offended the birthday girl so much. If she went there, she might be driven out. That would be so humiliating!

"Debbie, would you like to join the birthday party? There will be a lot of interesting people." In spite of the darkened face of Austin, Essie Tang extended her warm invitation to Alvin.

Alvin glanced at Austin and said nervously, "no, thanks. It would be awkward if he is driven out."

The birthday girl's face was so dark? If it weren't for the order from Wendy, she would have refused him.

"It doesn't matter. Uncle song and aunt song are very kind, and Austin has invited many classmates. As long as you accept one more gift, why don't you accept it? Am I right, Austin?" As she spoke, she winked at Austin.

"I don't care..." She didn't finish her words as she was kicked by Hannah under the table. They looked at each other for two seconds, then he said reluctantly, "for the sake of you, just come if you want."

"Thank you, Austin. I will be there on my own. I'm done. Enjoy yourself. "

As soon as she left, Austin stared at her and asked, "why did you invite her? I'm not happy to see her! "

"You invited her because you disliked her. It's up to you to decide your birthday. It's not easy to fulfill it."

Austin thought for a while and a snicker slowly appeared on his face.

After lunch, on the way back to the classroom, rod was confused and asked, "what are you doing to make them get together?"

"Of course there will be a show! Don't you think it's special when they stay together? "

"What That's so mean. If Austin knows you take him as a drama, he will break off all relations with you! "

With a smile at the corners of her mouth, she winked at rod and said, "God knows it! You know it! If you don't tell me, I won't tell him. How could he know?"

You are Mr. Tang!

"……" Xiao said silently in his heart, praying for Austin.

After lunch break, it happened to be the time for studying, and for Li Yiran and Yu Yuanyuan's table.

When he put the newspaper in front of Alvin, she was still in shock.

At that time, she felt puzzled, 'why did he give me today's newspaper?'?

Noticing that Moore had no intention to come onto the stage, Logan urged, "it's our turn to finish the registration today. Hurry up!"

"Now it's our turn? You're a singer, right? "

"May I finish my work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday!"

It suddenly dawned on him. He stood up and went to the platform with the newspaper.

The girls kept talking loudly, not waiting for Debbie. Some of them even raised their voice on purpose.

They despised Alvin.

Hearing the noise, Alvin took a deep breath. It was so noisy to read the newspaper in this way!

Suddenly, an idea occurred to her.

"Keep quiet. Today, I will read some revelations for you." As soon as Alvin Li finished his words, the rest of his classmates were all dazed. Did they read the revelations of looking for something?

When everyone was in a daze, Alvin held the newspaper and spoke clearly, "I lost my principle at the playground yesterday afternoon. Who is back that day? Please return it well and return it to me. I will be grateful.".

The missing one must be level 126 of class one in Grade 1. "

"Haha Hahaha... "

"Doctor Hu, you have lost your dignity!"

Her classmates burst into laughter. Hearing her words, Caspar felt embarrassed and annoyed. He threw his knife towards the girl without hesitation.

"The second one is the revelations. When I went to the toilet yesterday, I accidentally lost my thick skinned face and must pay back to my classmate who I just saw. Thick skinned is my heart, my darling. Three quarters of my life mean nothing to me. If you leave it, I won't be able to eat well and sleep well. Please help me for the sake of your classmates, please!

The missing ones are 126 classmates from grade 1. "

"Hahaha I'll show you how much I love you

Although Alvin was speaking in a serious tone, what he said was totally different from her expression.

However, everyone had understood her trick. All of them grinned, waiting to hear who would lose something next.

Alvin deliberately stressed the names of several particularly naughty boys.

They were unable to bear the laughter of other people.

It was almost time for the meeting. With a fake smile, Alvin put away the newspaper and walked off the platform.

The boys behind her gnashed their teeth and watched her walking back to her seat in a calm expression. They were so eager to fight back. How dare they ask for their names? How dare they make fun of them? Wait and see!

It was the first time that she had heard the news of studying. It was amazing.

After Alvin gave an embarrassed cough, he pushed the door open and walked in. The students all stopped talking.

"Tomorrow is weekend. Don't only play when you go back. You must work harder and try your best to get higher scores next month. Well, the class in the afternoon is about to begin. I have to hang up now. Let's get ready for the class. "

The bell rang as soon as she finished her words,

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