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   Chapter 4 First Day Of School

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Sheffield struggled to fall asleep. His stomach growled in hunger, which put him in a foul mood and made it all the more difficult to get some sleep. He had too much pride and wouldn't allow himself to grab some food downstairs secretly.

When Sheffield heard a soft knock on his door, his eyes suddenly opened.

Alina waited for a few moments, but there was no response from inside the room. She wasn't sure whether to knock again or leave. If he had fallen asleep and woken up because of her, it would be a disaster.

She knew how irritating it was to be disturbed while she was asleep.

As she contemplated her next move, the door suddenly opened a crack. The light from inside the room cast a warm glow on Sheffield's expressionless face. Alina was so frightened and surprised at the sight that she almost threw the bowl of noodles at him.

The room was almost pitch black, aside from the light emanating from the lamp. Sheffield's dark eyes were fixated on Alina, and he quirked a brow up at her as if he was waiting for an explanation as to why she was bothering him.

"Are you hungry? I made some noodles for you." Alina tentatively held out the bowl of noodles towards him.

The delicious scent of the noodles reached his nose, which made Sheffield swallow audibly.

He shook his head and returned to his senses, feeling flustered and ashamed that he would want anything that Alina had to offer. “Get out of here!” he bellowed. After that, he slammed the door in her face.

It wasn't unusual for Sheffield to lose his temper, so she resolved that she would learn to bear with it.

Alina took a deep breath to gather her courage and knocked on the door again.

With an impatient look on his face, Sheffield opened the door and yelled, "Are you out of your mind? I don't want any of your cooking!" He slammed the door in her face a second time.

Alina let out a frustrated sigh in front of the door and mimed his words in a mocking tone. "Are you out of your mind? I don't want to eat your cooking!" 'You are the one losing your mind! If you weren't the hero, I would certainly give you an earful.

Fine, suit yourself! If you don't want to eat, I'll enjoy this bowl of noodles for myself! I didn't have much for dinner, so this would be the perfect snack,' she thought to herself.

Alina didn't go back to her room just yet. She leaned against the handrail along the corridor stairs and began to eat the noodles she prepared.

'This is delicious! The egg and coriander smell great! I should remember to put more coriander in my noodles next time!'

When she finished eating her noodles, Alina heaved a sigh and patted her stomach in satisfaction.

The next morning, Alina was in a deep sleep when her alarm clock jolted her awake. She struggled to open her eyes and clear her head. Taking a peek out the window, she noticed that the sun was barely out. 'Damn it! Who set this alarm? The sun's not even out yet!'

It took her a few moments to realize who and where she was.

She slowly got up and turned to switch off the alarm. It seemed like she was going to be a high school student again.

After she freshened up, Alina noticed that the young girl staring back at her reflection had delicate features and flawless skin. The girl had a slim figure and was brimming with youthful charm.

Alina giggled to herself as she patted her fresh face dry. Her skin was supple and smooth to the touch.

"Good morning, Alina. It's getting late. You should have breakfast and head to school in a bit." The butler's voice came from outside the room and interrupted Alina's thoughts.

"Alright!" Alina grabbed her backpack and made her way downstairs.

Eric, Wendy, and Sheffield were all seated around the dining table. Alina greeted them all with a bright smile on her face, then took the seat next to Wendy. Shortly after, a servant walked over to serve her breakfast.

The people seated at the table ate their breakfast in silence. Alina suddenly realized that she had a huge problem. She had no idea how to get to school or where her class was.

What was she supposed to do? Should she ask someone to drive her there? What if she didn't have a driver?

Sheffield quickly finished his breakfast, then grabbed his backpack and turned to leave. However, he suddenly turned back and saw Alina leisurely eating her breakfast. "Hurry up! We're going to be late!" he warned.

"Oh, okay. I was full anyway," Alina mumbled. She quickly shoved a large piece of bread into her mouth and ran after Sheffield.

A driver brought them to school each morning. The two attended different schools, so Alina was scheduled to be dropped off first, and then Sheffield. After school, they two had to take buses home.

Alaina would often drag her feet to slow them down and irritate Sheffield, so he would be late for class.

The car parked in front of the house. Sheffield rushed over to the passenger seat so he wouldn't have to sit next to Alina.

After a short drive, they pulled up to MH High School, which was where Alina attended high school.

There were three prestigious high schools in Y City, and MH High School was one of them. They had a beautiful campus, qualified staff, and top-notch equipment for their students.

Naturally, most of the students from this school came from affluent families.

Because of its position as one of the best high schools in the city, the school placed great importance on its students' academic performance. Like all the other prestigious schools, they had elite and ordinary classes for their students. There were only two elite classes with fifty students in each class. There were ten ordinary classes which had sixty to seventy students per class.

The truth was, Alaina wasn't qualified to study in MH High School. Wendy had to coax Eric into bribing the school in order to get her admitted.

Every year, the school would receive a handful of underachieving students whom they would enroll in this way. They were placed in an ordinary class, which was nicknamed "Class B."

Class B stood for Class Back Door.

Alaina was a student of Class B.

When she left the car, Alina looked up and marveled at the gate of MH High School, which gleamed under the sunlight.

The gate opened wide to let students in. Two strong-looking security guards flanked the entrance. With one hand behind them, each of them held an electric baton.

It was rush hour, so the school entrance was filled with students. Some talked and laughed with one another, while some rushed to head to their classes. The campus was filled with vitality.

Many years had passed since Alina was last in school, and she never would have expected that she would be back in high school. A wave of emotion overwhelmed her.

The students went their own way as soon as they stepped foot inside the campus. Alina was frozen in place, and she had no idea where Alaina's classroom was supposed to be.

She began to panic as she watched the students walk to their respective classes. Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder, and she heard a surprised voice from behind

that said, "Alaina! You are back!"

Alina turned around and found a pretty girl standing behind her with long hair that flowed down her shoulders. The girl was dressed in a loose shirt paired with skinny jeans.

The girl looked Alina up and down as if she was inspecting her. "I haven't seen you in a while. I heard you were in the hospital. Are you okay?"

The girl seemed more curious than anxious and concerned, which made Alina uncomfortable. "Yes, I'm fine after staying in the hospital for a bit," Alina answered with a smile.

"Why were you hospitalized? Were you hurt?" the girl asked, feigning concern for Alina as she looped an arm through hers.

Alina had no memories of Alaina, and had no idea who this girl was. She assumed they were classmates, so she let her lead the way.

However, the girl kept prying into her private affairs, which made Alina feel uncomfortable. However, she tried not to be bothered by it.

Alina decided to give her vague answers instead. "It was only a minor injury."

The girl was obviously unsatisfied with her answer, but Alina thought that it would be best to share as little as possible.

"What happened to you? How did you get hurt?" The girl was persistent. It seemed like she wanted to get to the bottom of this issue to indulge her curiosity.

By this time, the pair had reached their building. If only Alina knew which classroom she had to go to, she would be able to shrug this girl off.

"It wasn't serious. I just fell."

The girl raised her voice and asked, "You fell? Are you kidding me? You wouldn't be hospitalized for that!"

Alina paused and furrowed her brows at her. "It's your choice whether you want to believe me or not. I'm telling you the truth."

The girl didn't expect this kind of answer from Alina, which made her face darken immediately. She suddenly let go of her arm and said, "What's wrong with you, Alaina? I'm only concerned about you! Why are you talking to me like this? If you don't want to tell me, then forget I even asked!"

Alina had no idea what her relationship was with this girl, but she had a bad feeling about her.

She decided to keep silent and let the girl think whatever she wanted.

When the girl realized that Alina had no interest in apologizing to her, she frowned. She scoffed and ran up the stairs.

Alina couldn't care less if she upset her. All she wanted was to know which classroom she had to go to.

When they reached the third floor, they turned right and walked into the hallway. She entered the classroom right next to the stairs. Before she entered, Alina made sure to take note of which class it was. It was Class 125.

By the time she entered the classroom, the classroom was already packed with students. Some were busy chatting, while others were preparing for class. A few students whipped their heads to look at Alina. They looked surprised to see her in class.

Alina froze when she saw their reactions. Was she in the right classroom?

"You're supposed to be in Class 126. What are you doing here?" the girl turned around in her seat and cast a confused glance at her.

Her voice was quite loud, which made the other students turn towards the two of them.

"Lily, stop messing around! She's obviously here to see the school hunk!" A student sitting at the back spoke with a teasing smile.

Another student laughed wickedly. "I bet one day away from him seems like years to her! Alaina must be dying to see him!"

It was no secret to them that Alaina admired the school hunk.

They all looked towards Alina's direction, and then to where the boy was seated. The entire class suddenly erupted in a fit of laughter.

Everyone laughed except for Lily, whose eyes were full of contempt.

Alina realized that she had made a grave mistake. Her cheeks turned scarlet red and she quickly rushed out of the classroom.

'It turns out I'm a member of Class 126.'

Alina finally located her classroom, which was on the left side of the corridor.

Before she entered the room, she double-checked the sign to make sure she was entering the correct classroom this time.

The students in Class 126 were clearly not as conscientious as those in Class 125. When Alina entered the previous classroom, she noticed that most of the students were bust studying. If it weren't for Lily's loud voice, no one would've noticed her.

This classroom was filled with noisy students. Some were busy chatting with their friends, while others listened to music or read magazines. Only a few were preparing for their first class.

Alina strode into the classroom after checking a third time that she was entering the correct room.

When the students saw Alina enter the room, their eyes were filled with curiosity, and some even began to gossip amongst themselves. Alina was an outcast among the other students, so no one took the initiative to greet her.

All of them scrutinized her from top to bottom with curious sweeps of their eyes. Alina was sure she had entered the right classroom this time.

Two students shared one desk. Two rows with eight students per row formed one group. There were a total of four groups in the classroom. Almost all the students had arrived in class by this time, and only a few seats were empty.

Alina hesitated when she saw the vacant seats. She didn't know which seat was hers.

She didn't have the best deductive skills to figure out which seat was hers, so she decided to ask the student closest to her. "Excuse me, do you know where my seat is?"

The classmate she asked was a boy. He was visibly surprised when Alina gave him a friendly smile. His face flushed at her question.

The boy looked flustered and stammered, "'s in the seventh row of the fourth group."

They changed seats every half a month. Alina should know where her seat was at a glance.

'Was she asking me this question to make conversation?'

If Alina could hear what the boy was thinking, she would say, 'Don't stress yourself out about it!'

"Thank you!" Alina quickly made her way to her seat.

The boy's seatmate heard the conversation between them, then noticed the flush on the boy's cheeks. He elbowed him playfully and said, "She definitely has a crush on you!"

"What are you talking about? Shut up!"

When Alina finally found her seat, she put down her backpack before she sat down.

Her seatmate was a girl with short hair, a plump face, and big doe eyes. She kept silent and made no move to start a conversation, but she cast a look at Alina's direction every once in a while.

Alina wondered why she was looking at her like that. She pretended not to notice and opened a book for her to read. When the girl cast a glance at her again, she turned around and looked her in the eye.

The girl was taken aback by Alina's questioning eyes. She quickly turned her head and looked down at her desk with a guilty expression on her face. She also grabbed a book and pretended to read. It seemed like she was avoiding confronting Alina.

The cover of her book faced Alina, and she found out that the girl's name was Yana Lu.

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