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   Chapter 2 Back To The Xu Family

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"Why... Why are you here?" 'Did he see me lying here and decide to take his revenge?'

In the novel, there weren't many things that were said before the hero went abroad. She only got to read a few flashbacks, so Alina had no idea what would happen next.

Looking at her surprised and defensive position, Sheffield raised the corners of lips and lowered his head slightly. His long eyelashes and messy hair made it difficult for her to see what he was thinking.

Suddenly, he said, "What a coincidence."

His cold words made the hairs on Alina's neck stand up. Alaina was stupid to take this man as a weak sheep, that was for sure!

Realizing that the male lead was warning her, Alina quickly plastered a smile on her face. "It was just an accident, purely accidental." She waved her hands exasperatedly, breaking out of character.

This time, Sheffield finally looked up at Alina. He pursed his lips, confused at her reaction.

Alaina had always been arrogant and mean when they were alone. In fact, never once had she shown such a sweet smile directed at him. If it hadn't been for the fact that she looked just like her, he would've thought that he entered the wrong room.

'Did the fall change her overall temperament?' Sheffield furrowed his eyebrows.

Faced with his questioning gaze, Alina's heart raced in her chest. Would he suspect her for breaking out of character? Was that even possible?

She shook the thought away. No one would believe this anyway. Although the hero was clever, he'd never figure out that she wasn't Alaina at all.

The idea made her all the more confident. "It's getting late," she said calmly. "You'd better go back home, little brother."

'I just called him little brother!' she thought with amazement.

Alina saw his eyes twitched, and he was stunned at the way she addressed him. After a while, he turned and left, without saying another word.

The ward was quiet once again, giving more time for different thoughts to race through her mind.

The only reason why the leading man hated Alaina and Wendy was because they didn't treat him well. In fact, they were very manipulative in the novel. If she'd be a good sister and take care of her brother from now on, maybe the hero would sympathize with her. Maybe then, they could become a happy and healthy family.

If only her dream would come true! Alina wasn't one to care so much of her money or fame. She was extremely confident in her ability to earn a living. Now, all she wanted was to keep the hero out of her trail.

Besides, according to his age, they still had a few more years left before the main plot. Their relationship could be improved still!

Although the road was hard, she believed she could do it.

Time went by quickly. In the past four days, Eric had only visited twice, while Wendy visited every day with various bowls of soup and congee.

Although it was easy to digest them, Alina usually found herself rushing to the toilet if she had too much. Fortunately, her body had only suffered minor injuries, so she had no problem with getting up and going to the toilet.

Today was the day that she'd be reexamined. If everything went well, she'd be able to go home.

Since Alina was a VIP patient, the examination results came out fast.

The doctor informed them that she was fine and that she could be discharged anytime soon.

Alina almost jumped from her chair at the sound of that. Although the room was incredible, she'd die of boredom if she spent one more day in there.

That morning, Wendy took her back to the Xu Family's villa.

The Xu Family was one of the richest families in the local area. They lived in a very high-end villa, specifically built for the well-endowed. The villa had a garden with more than ten acres of land.

When they arrived, Alina found that Eric and Sheffield weren't home. One was working while the other was studying.

As Wendy rambled about school, Alina quickly recalled that Alaina was still in high school. Just with the realization, she groaned at the thought of having to take the college entrance examinations.

Although her soul had travelled to this world, their memories weren't the same. When Wendy ordered her to go back to her room to rest, she chewed her lip as she gazed at the spacious villa.

The layout of the villa was described in the novel, but Alina had only been concentrated on the plot that she didn't really pay attention to such trivial details. She only remembered that her room was on the second floor.

She decided to go up to the second floor first.

Alina rubbed the back of her neck once she reached the second floor, not knowing which way to go first.

"Click!" Just then, one of the maids came out of a room.

"Hello, Miss Alaina." The servant was a middle-aged woman. When she turned around and saw one of her employers, she bowed immediately to greet her.

"I haven't slept in my room for several days. Can you help me change the bedding?"

Surprise flashed on the servant's face, but she quickly nodded. "Yes, of course."

The helper immediately hurried down the staircase. She came up holding clean sheets and a quilt.

Without another word, the maid turned right and headed to the third room.

At least now Alina knew where her room was.

She stood outside the door and waited for the servant to change the bed sheets. Once she was finished, Alina walked inside.

The room was incredibly spacious. The white walls and high ceilings magnified the space even further. The French window was half open as the lacy curtain waved with the wind. Next to the window was a two-meter-wide pink desk, and when she looked up, the walls were decorated with huge star posters.

Fortunately, the room wasn't too girly for her taste.

Alina walked and threw herself on the bed. The new bedding smelt of laundry detergent – fresh and pleasant.

Although she was hard to accept the fact that she was Alaina at first, this was her life from now on.

In the past few days, she struggled with the idea a lot. In fact, there was a day when she tried to dial all the phone numbers of her families and friends. It only ended up as wrong calls.

Unwilling to accept the fact at first, she had to check many of the celebrities on her phone once agai

n. She found that people in the ancient times and modern times were the same as the ones in her world.

That was understandable, given that these types of books usually based their facts on reality.

After struggling to accept the truth, she finally understood that she actually had traveled into an alternate dimension.

Alina lay in bed for a while before getting up again, realizing that she still didn't know much of her way around this house.

She looked around the room before narrowing her eyes at the desk in front of her.

The desk had two layers. There were different books on the shelf, containing textbooks and comic books that were neatly stacked together.

However, the lower shelf was incredibly messy.

Her computer, pendant, pens, and notebooks were scattered across the desk.

Her lips twitched sheepishly as she tidied it up.

The desk had three drawers. The one in the middle was locked. She decided to open the left one first to see a variety of accessories like head bands, hair pins, rings, and bracelets.

Alina opened the right one to see a photo album on top. She scanned them, seeing pictures of her classmates, male stars and models from those magazines.

Under the photo album were all kinds of makeup products. From the looks of it, they all seemed extremely expensive and exclusive.

At last, Alina's eyes fell at the biggest drawer in the middle. She tugged it, pursing her lips when it still wouldn't budge. Since she didn't know where the key was, she had to give up.

After she'd gone through her bedroom, she decided to explore the villa for the time being. She found that there weren't any locked doors, so she decided to poke her head into each room one at a time.

It was almost noon when she was finished.

Since the villa wasn't that huge, there were only a few servants and a housekeeper staying in the villa. Two were in charge of the cleaning, one was in charge of the cooking, another was in charge of mowing the lawn, the other two were in charge of driving them around.

Usually, Wendy was the only one having lunch at home during the weekdays. Now, there were both of them.

The table was made of marble, and it was about three meters long and one meter wide. Once they had sat down, the housekeeper and the cook quickly placed the dishes on the table.

As the plates piled up, Alina's eyes glowed in excitement. When she was at the hospital, all she could eat were porridge and soup. Now, she could finally eat real food!

Seeing her delighted expression, Wendy laughed. "Well, don't just sit there, eat up."

It didn't take long for Alina to start gobbling it all up.

If it was before the accident, Wendy would comment on her rude behavior, but this time, she decided to let it slide.

After all, her daughter had just come out of the hospital.

After the meal, they sat on the couch to rest.

"Alaina, since you're all right now, why don't you go to class tomorrow?" she said gently. "It's not good to pile up on homework."

Alina nodded. "I understand."

"Once this semester is over, you'll be a sophomore! Have you decided which strand you'll choose? Science or Art?"

Science or Arts? Alina couldn't help but recall her own memory. Back in high school, she'd chosen to major in science because she was too impatient in learning about history and politics.

It turned out that it was much harder for her to understand Science.

Back then, she had no other choice but to suck it up and push through.

Now, it seemed that she had to go through all of it again!

"I'm actually not sure yet."

"Well, you can pick Arts. Science is usually for boys," Wendy suggested.

Alina remained silent. That same sentiment echoed to her reality as well.

Wendy continued, "I'm a very open-minded person. The decision's still up to you, as long as you don't rank last in your class."

Alaina's grades weren't that great. She usually ranked at the bottom half of the class, so Wendy had grown used to it.

However, Sheffield's grades were far worse. Compared to him, Alaina was already considered a good student.

In Wendy's opinion, a good marriage was still better than a good education. This was why she never really pressured her daughter into studying hard.

"Thank you, Mom." If this were her real mother, she'd beat her up with a broom when she knew that Alina's grades were that bad.

Wendy frowned, noticing how polite her daughter was sounding. She smiled teasingly. "When have you become so polite?"

Alina winked. "It's all just an illusion, Mom. Don't think it's the end of the world."

Seeing that her daughter was already returning to her livelier self, Wendy felt relieved. She smiled. "Well, I have an appointment in the afternoon. Have a good rest, okay?"


Once Wendy left, Alina was already all alone. At the thought of going to school tomorrow, she groaned.

Although she already went through all the same process, she'd forgotten what she learned, and now she had to pay the price!

She spent the entire afternoon reading her high school books that time had passed by very quickly.

Alina was so immersed in one of the history books that she didn't even notice the time till she heard a door open. She sat up, glancing to see that it was already six o'clock.

She stood up and opened her own door to see who arrived.

Carrying his schoolbag, Sheffield twisted the doorknob and entered his own room. Just as he was about to close it, he raised his head to see Alina peeking at him.

'With so many rooms in the villa, why do they have to be beside each other?' she thought. 'It wasn't as if they got along!'

"You're back!" Alina smiled.

A strange expression flashed in Sheffield's face before he closed the door hurriedly.

Alina raised her eyebrow before closing her own door in response.

'Something's wrong with her,' Sheffield thought once the door closed behind him. His father wasn't there, so there was no need to pretend that they got along.

Since she'd already made up her mind to be a good sister, Alina had to face his brother's cold face, even if she was still feeling uncomfortable.

After a few minutes, Wendy and Eric had also returned. Alina ran out of her room in excitement.

"Dad, Mom, you're back!"

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