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   Chapter 38 Thirty Eight

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Gabriella had no idea if she was dreaming or it was truly happening. It was midnight and someone kept showering kisses over her face, neck and shoulder. She didn't open her eyes because she was enjoying it and didn't want the individual to stop. She knew it was no other than her love, her boyfriend, Samuel Adonis Carter.

Gabby let out a moan when Sam began sucking on her soft spot. By now, he had already mastered every part of her body and knew where and how to make her horny in an instant.

Samuel was always mindful when leaving lovebites on Gabby. She had a really soft and smooth skin so he knew better than to suck the hell out of her skin, especially the visible parts. He always left cute hickeys on parts where her hair could cover and on parts where only the two of them could see.

Gabriella remembered going to bed with a comfy nightdress that stopped right below her bum. She gave Sam the access needed to roll up her dress shirt to her chest area (right above her boobs) so he could gain access to one of his favourite parts of her body.

"Sammmmm........" Gab let out a soft moan as soon as she felt her left nipple in his warm mouth. As Sam latched on to the left one, he kneaded the right nipple with his fingers.

Gabriella arched her back to enjoy the pleasure Sam was giving her. Heaven knew She could continue with this every midnight. (Sam pleasuring her).

Being satisfied with how much he had pleasured her boobs, he moved to the best part of her body.

Adjusting her panties to the edge of her entrance, Sam couldn't help but notice how wet Gabriella was. "I love how sensitive you are to my touch. I love the fact that I can make you feel this way and I'm proud of how perfectly our body responds to each other. No doubt we are a match made from heaven." He whispered in her ear, simultaneously rubbing his moist clit with his fingers."

"I should compensate that dating site for bringing us together." He added.

"Sammmmm!" Gabby groaned in frustration, She wanted him inside her already. "Forget about the dating site for now and give me what I need. I want you!!" She moaned.

"Someone is in a hurry, hun!" He smirked as he showered kisses on her jawline.

"Please, Sam. I badly want to feel you inside of me."

"Your wish is my command, my Queen, " Sam spoke as he slowly entered her.

He gradually increased his pace after she adjusted to his size.

The duo explored a few different positions until they came together. It was always magical whenever they came down from their high at the same time. Sam, of course, pulled out on time and wiped off the cum on Gab's lap with some tissue.

He rolled off Gabby and crashed by her side. He cuddled her closer to him and placed a long kiss on the crown of her forehead. "I love you so much, Gabriella."

"I love you too, Babe!" She responded with a heavy breath.

"I'm sure the future holds a lot of good things for us. I can't wait to experience them." He confessed.

"I know so too and I can't wait to experience them with you either."

"I have no doubt you will be one of the most beautiful brides this world has ever produced."

A blush crept to Gabby's cheeks. It would be a dream come true for her to be Samuel's wife but she would rather not think about that right now. Gab was not someone that loves anticipating in detail about what the future holds. She was a believer of the philosophy, "live life one day at a time and hope for a better tomorrow."

"Or don't you want to be my wife someday?" Sam caressed her cheek.

"It's either me or no one else

rch on those he recommended and pick the one I'm comfortable with as my new lawyer. Definitely a male."

Gabby nodded. "I'm sorry about Selina."

"No need to apologize, my love. I will choose you over everything or anyone that comes between us."

"Did Isabelle ever mention anything about her aunt, Teyana?" He asked Gab.

Gabby nodded. "I remember her saying several times that Teyana is her favourite aunt but they don't see often because she moved to London a few years back."

"Teyana is my younger sister and fortunately, Isabelle couldn't keep her excitement. She spoke to Teyana yesterday evening and told her about us. Tee left me a message after the call."

"She's happy for us and can't wait to meet you. She will be coming to Florida in a few weeks."

Gabby smiled. "I can't wait to meet her too. I've heard so many crazy things about her from Bella."

"I was somewhat glad when she announced to us that she was moving to London. She was sort of turning my daughter to a wild kid."

Gabby chuckled.

"Teyana can be a handful but she's a lovable person. I'm sure you both will hit off pretty well."

"You mentioned that you know how to drive." He stated, referring to their long time conversation.

Gabriella nodded. She knew how to drive, she just didn't have a car of her own. But she was fine with that.

"You're okay with any brand right?"

"You're not thinking about getting me a car?" She countered.

"Actually, I am. I want to know if you have a brand you would love to own."

"Sam......." She groaned. "I'm grateful you want what's best for me but honestly, for now, I think I'm okay without a car."

Sam stared at the love of his life, still not convinced by her argument.

"I mean it, babe." She pouted.

He stroked her hair, looking into her beautiful eyes. "I'm buying you a car!" He said with finality.

"It was meant to be a surprise. I only asked you because I thought you had a particular one in mind that you love but since you don't, I have a special one in mind for you. It's brand new and will arrive in a few weeks."

Gabby heaved a sigh. "It's so hard to convince you to change your mind when you're determined to do something."

"I'm really grateful to have you, Sam. Thank you for everything."

"You deserve the world, babe. Thanks for loving me unconditionally." Samuel connected his lips to Gabby's own.

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