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   Chapter 36 Thirty Six

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The duo had an interesting ride because Sam kept engaging Bella in funny conversations. It all came to an end too soon because they arrived at their destination. Just like every other guest at the hotel, they made their way in and proceeded to the elevator. Samuel and Bella were the only ones in the lift so they engaged in small talks till they got to the last floor.

"You want to go in first?" He asked when they got to the entrance of his suite.

She shook her head. "After you, "

Samuel gave her right shoulder a light squeeze before swiping his keycard and opening the door.

Gabriella had herself cuddled up on the sofa in the living room with a white blanket over her sleeping body. The TV was on, evidence that she fell asleep while watching.

Isabelle quietly walked in and shut the door behind her. She placed Sam's briefcase on the couch that was a few steps away from the door.

She watched as her father took a seat on the sofa beside a sleeping Gabby. He placed a long kiss on her forehead before showering kisses all over her face.

Gabriella slowly opened her eyes. "Hi." She smiled, happy that he was back.

"Hey!!" Samuel smiled back.

Gabby sat up and initiated a long passionate kiss with him. She had not seen Isabelle and she had no idea Bella was in the same room as them.

"How was work?" She asked as soon as they both pulled away from the kiss.

"Fine. We closed the deal with the investors." Sam smiled, happy to give her the good news.

"I'm so proud of you, babe. Congratulations!" She placed a kiss on his cheek.

"Thank you. Enjoyed your day?!" He arched a perfectly raised eyebrow.

"It wasn't the same without you but your texts made my day. Got tired of studying and decided to watch TV but I fell asleep."

Sam smiled then kissed her forehead. "I'm home now, boredom's over. I hope my surprise is ready."

"What surprise?" Gabby smiled feigning innocence.

"My surprise from this morning." He reminded her. Well aware that she was teasing him.

"Oh, that!" She smiled. "It's waiting for you in the bedroom."

"I can't wait to see it." He intertwined his hands with hers and kissed the back of her palm.

Surprisingly, Isabelle Carter didn't feel jealous or angered by what she saw. Instead, She felt fulfilled. This was the first time she was witnessing Samuel being intimate and it just felt right. Bella had no idea when a small smile crept to the edges of her lips. Watching them was like watching a scene of one of the greatest romance movies ever.

"Someone's here to see you, my love, " Sam announced before they got carried away even more.

"Here?" She asked, confused.

Sam nodded and gestured for Gabby to look behind her. She did so and she was beyond shocked to see Isabelle standing there. She was trying to think if Bella had actually been standing there and had witnessed everything that happened between herself and her father.

Gabby had thought so many times of what was going to happen when She and Isabelle met face to face again but now that the day was here, she didn't know what to expect or how to act. "Should I go meet her or wait for her to come to me?" She questioned mentally, still seated on the sofa. But before she could answer the question, Samuel rose from where he was seated beside her for Isabelle to occupy the space.

He decided to go take a shower and give the most important women in his life some


"You and Stacy are really cool now?" Gab asked in disbelief. As far as she could remember, those two could hardly stand themselves.

"Yeah. My mom was the happiest. She almost cried when she saw us watching a movie together. I'm trying to make up for the lost times; big sister's duty."

"I'm glad for you all. So what do you think about your younger sister?"

Isabelle smiled at the thought of what she thinks of Stacy. "She's crazy just like me. But she's cool and fun to be with."

"I'm happy for you all."Gabby smiled.

"Enough about me. How have you been?" Isabelle asked. "Trust my Dad has been taking great care of you."

Gabriella blushed as she gave a positive nod.


Samuel purposely took his time while taking a shower to give his girls the time they needed to talk things out.

His heart melted a thousand and one times when he stepped out of the bedroom all freshened up and was greeted with the melodious laughter of Bella and Gabby.

With their permission, he joined them in the living room, ordered food, they wined and dined and made more conversations before Jason arrived to pick Isabelle.


While Samuel quickly went to attend to something that required his attention in the hotel downstairs, Gabby occupied herself by watching TV in the living room. She was anxiously waiting for Sam to come back so she would give him his surprise.

It was only when she heard his phone ring beside her that she noticed he went downstairs without his phone. She reached for the phone on the sofa beside her and saw the name 'Selina' flash across the screen.

She kept the phone by her side and turned her attention back to the TV. Gabriella tried not to overthink the whole situation. She trusted Sam with her life and was sure Selina was probably his sister, cousin, staff, partner or even a friend.

Samuel's phone buzzed beside her again. She was sure it was a message. Her plan was to take a glance and see who it was but she ended up looking longer because she saw something really disturbing. It made her heart fall and she tried her best not to shed any tears.

"Hey! I can't stop thinking about the passionate kiss we shared earlier today in the conference room. Can't wait for us to do it again!" Selina.

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