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   Chapter 35 Thirty Five

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Samuel stood still for a while. He had expected Bella to say anything else but not that. Damn! Rae promised not to ever mention it to her. Samuel thought knowing the truth about her real father and the circumstances she was born would break her. That's why he did his best to keep the truth away from her.

"Isabelle." Sam started to say, cupping Bella's wet face in his hands so she could look at him in the eyes. "Rachael wasn't meant to say anything to you."

"It's not her fault. I caused it. I pushed her to the limit and she had no choice but to voice it out. As much as it hurts really bad, I'm glad she told me. It has become an eye-opener for me. I now know that everything doesn't revolve around me and that I should not take people or the things I have for granted."

Still cupping her face in his hands, Samuel wiped Bella's tears with his thumbs. "My love, DNA does not make one a father. That's the response I would have given my stepbrother if he ever confronted me about you."

"Your Nana is my mother and also your grandmother. We have her blood running through our veins so I might as well be proud of that and let the whole world know you're my heir."

"I didn't choose to be your father out of pity because of the circumstances you were conceived, but because of the bond that developed between us when you were in Rachael's womb."

"I was beyond proud and happy that Rae let me have a say in your name. You have no idea how much your birth and spending time with you changed me. Bella, all that I have today is because of you. You've always been my motivation for success."

"I made a promise to you the first time I felt you move in your mom's belly and I would live by that promise till my last breath."

"Isabelle, being your father has been one of my greatest achievements in life. I've been your Dad from day one and I, Samuel Adonis Carter, will continue to be your father till eternity."

Isabelle removed Samuel's hands from her face, then hugged him as tight as she could. "I don't know how my life would have been without you in it. Thank you for being the best father one could ever ask for. I love you, Dad."

Sam smiled as he stroked her hair. "Thank you too for gracing me with your presence and warming up to me as my daughter. I love you more, Isabelle."

After Bella had calmed down, Samuel offered her a seat on the couch in the visitor's area of his office. He poured her a glass of water and handed her some tissue before taking a seat beside her.

"Feeling better?!" He asked after she took some sips from the glass cup.

She nodded.

Sam collected the glass from her and placed it on a small table close to the couch they were sitting on.

He took Isabelle's hand in his. "I never wanted Nana or your mom to tell you about it because I didn't want you to be broken or feel less worthy of yourself."

Isabelle nodded in understanding.

"How does Nana feel about it? She knows how to hide her pain well. At least from me."

Samuel sighed. "In his early years, Jake has been used to causing trouble around the neighbourhood. Nana would always cry because she was tired of the embarrassment. It got to a time she stopped crying and

hing I want is for them to feel pity for me, look at me with pity or treat me any differently just because I'm a product of rape."

"I never want to hear that statement from you, Princess." Sam interrupted.

"But it's true." She clarified, referring to the fact that she was a product of an unplanned and unethical pregnancy.

"You said you don't want people to feel pity for you, treat you or see you any different but that's exactly what you're doing to yourself."

"How you were conceived doesn't matter because we all had no control over that. What mattered was the fact that you had people who loved you and still love you, starting from when we knew about your existence, till now and even beyond today."

"Please Bella, don't ever see yourself as some piece of shit, don't see yourself as someone who isn't born worthy because you were born worthy and you're worthy of living the life of an individual who was conceived via passionate sex between its parents."

"I know Gabby, I know Sera well enough and I've come to know Jason well too. They will never judge you or look at you with pity. They will forget all that and instead focus on you. They would be eager to know how you've been fairing since the revelation."

"No more self-pity or wallowing in the past. Promise me!" Sam held her hands tightly and looked into her eyes expectantly.

Bella nodded."I promise. I'll also give myself some time before I tell anyone. But feel free to open up to Gabby whenever there's a need for it. She's now your other half so she deserves to know.

"One more thing, princess. Promise me nothing is ever going to change between us. We would be as good as we were before every drama unfolded." Samuel looked at her with pleading eyes.

Isabelle knew things were definitely not going to be the same but she was determined to try her best to keep to the bond between herself and Samuel, her father.

"I promise!" She said after a while.

"Thank you, " Sam whispered, pulling her into a fatherly hug.

Samuel cleared his table and moments later, he and his daughter, Isabelle, were on their way out of Carter's Inc.

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