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   Chapter 32 Thirty Two

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Just as promised, Isabelle joined her Mom, Stepdad and siblings for breakfast this morning. She woke up early and was able to assist her mother in preparing breakfast and parked up snacks for her siblings to take to school. Victor was the first person to come downstairs for breakfast and he was happy to see Bella, helping her mom. He had pulled her aside and they had a few minutes conversation. He assured her everything was going to be alright, he loves her as his own flesh and she could always count on him.

Stacy and Lucas were shocked to see their elder sister downstairs. Bella was lucky enough to receive a hug from Lucas while She and Stacy only engaged in a polite "Good morning!" She actually planned to talk to Stacy later in the evening.

For the first time in forever, they had breakfast as a family of five. It wasn't really awkward because they engaged in conversations in between meals and Victor did a great job in including Isabelle in the conversation.

After breakfast, Stacy and Lucas cleared the table while Isabelle offered to do the dishes with her mom.

Victor, Lucas and Stacy said their goodbye. Victor was to drop them at school. Stacey was 14 years old and in 9th grade while Lucas was 11 and in 6th grade.

Just like yesterday, Rachael already prepared her mind that she was going to stay home with Isabelle today due to the fear that her daughter was still likely to do something stupid to herself. But after Isabelle and her mom finished the dishes, She promised Rae that she would be fine staying home alone and not do anything absurd to herself.

On that note, Rachael went upstairs to get ready for work while Isabelle crashed on the sofa in the living room. Moments later, her mother appeared all dressed up with her hand and office bag which had her laptop and some files in it.

"Wow!!" Bella exclaimed upon seeing her mom

"I knew it was a bad idea to put on this dress, I'll go change into something else, " Rachael said, putting her bags on the couch, ready to go back to her room to change her outfit.

"No, mom. I mean you look Gorgeous." Bella clarified, rising to her feet.

"You sure?!" Rae asked with an arched eyebrow. "I had thought it was revealing too much, making me look somehow."

"No. It's perfect." Isabelle assured.

Rachael was putting on a professionally sexy black knee-length dress with matching heels. Her hair was down and she applied very light makeup.

"You look very pretty!" Bella added.

Rachael smiled. "Thanks, baby."

"Can I have your phone?" Isabelle asked.

"My phone?" Rachael frowned.

"Yes. Please, "

Despite the fact that Rae was confused as to what Bella needed her phone for, She reached for her iPhone in her bag, unlocked and handed it to her daughter.

Isabelle accepted the phone, clicked on camera and changed it to a selfie position. Rachael's heart melted upon the realization of what was about to happen. This was the first of its kind. Isabelle, initiating taking a selfie with her.

Bella was almost as tall as her mom so it wasn't that difficult holding up the phone while they took pictures together. They took a couple of shots with different poses before Bella handed back the phone to her mom.

Rachael pulled Bella into a hug. "I love you, princess." She kissed her forehead.

"I love you too, Mom."

"Don't starve yourself. Feel fre

logical father, Isabelle tried to make sense to her Nana out of her last statement.

"Yes. I accused both Dad and Gabby of being Betrayals and said things I shouldn't have said."

"I'll definitely apologize to them as soon as I can. I hope they will be kind enough to forgive me."

"Of course, they would, my love. From all you've told me about Gabby, she seems like a really nice girl and your Dad is dying to hear from you."

"He would have checked up on you at your mothers' but he's still thinking you need more time to process everything and didn't want to disrupt that."

"Sweetheart, try to make peace with everyone and look at the good side of the new changes. Who knows, you might be the happiest you've ever been. Your Dad was bound to enter into a relationship. Be grateful it's with someone you know and trust. I see no reason you and Gabby can't be friends anymore when this is, in fact, the best time for you both to get closer than ever."

"Life's too short, my love. Follow your heart in doing what's right and everything will fall in place."

"Thanks, Nana. I'll make amends." She sniffed.

"That's my baby girl! I wish you were with me right now so I would shower you with hugs and kisses."

"I miss you too, Nana." She smiled sadly.

"I miss you more, princess. Is it okay If I come to see you over the weekend?"

"Yes, Grandma." She responded.

"Okay, my love. It's a date then. Please take great care of yourself and don't you go mute by switching off your phone again."

"I won't." She assured.

"I love you so much, baby. My regards to Rachael, Victor, Stacy and Lucas."

"Okay. I love you too, Nana. Bye." She ended the call.

Bella reached for some tissue on her nightstand and wiped away her tears.

She still had Jason, her Dad and Gabby to reach out to so she was thinking if it was better to do it in person than over the phone.

Isabelle was brought out of her thoughts when she felt her phone buzz on her lap. It was Sera. She didn't bother to answer it because there was a probability that Sera was already downstairs so she rose to her feet and exited her room. Her thoughts were confirmed when she heard the sound of the doorbell as she got closer to the main door of the house.

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