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   Chapter 31 Thirty One

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Rachael, Isabelle's mother, spent the early hours of the evening with her family. Her husband, Victor, and her children, Stacy and Lucas. She made dinner, served her husband and Babies, Racheal had no appetite but Victor was able to persuade her to eat something since she missed breakfast and lunch.

They all finished eating and as usual, Stacy and her brother, Lucas began clearing the table while Victor engaged in a conversation with his wife.

He intertwined his hands with Racheal's own. "Everything will be okay."

She nodded slowly. "I'm usually a mess whenever I think of the past but this time around it's not about me. I'm so concerned about my baby. She's so broken." Rae whispered, trying to hold back tears.

Victor released one of Rachael's hands and gave her shoulder a comforting squeeze. "She's a strong girl just like her mama. She will go through this. All she needs now is our love and support. We will always be there for her."

Rachael sighed. "I can't help but worry about her, what she's thinking and what is going through her head. I've literally been checking up on her every few minutes throughout the day to ensure she doesn't do anything stupid. Sam is everything to her but I'm afraid things will never be the same between them because of the revelation. Isabelle is very sensitive about everything, she takes details of issues too personal."

"Time will heal the wound. But I'm sure Sam won't let her push him away."

"I hope so, " Rachael mumbled.

"You don't mind if I join you later in the bedroom, do you? I need to take some food to Bella, persuade her to eat and probably have a talk with her."

Victor leaned closer to her and kissed her forehead. "I don't mind, my love. I will probably spend some time with Lucas and Stacy before heading to the room. My regards to Bella. I hope she will be in a better mood tomorrow so I can pop in and say Hi to her."

"I hope so, too."


Rachael picked up the tray that contained Isabelle's dinner and proceeded to her room. She ended up not going to work today even after she was already prepared too. She was mentally exhausted and on the other hand, she couldn't leave Bella alone at home, not trusting her not to hurt herself or run away from home.

So Rachael called work and reported she had an emergency and needed a day off. She was the boss in her department and very dedicated to her work so she couldn't be questioned except maybe by her Boss, the owner of the company. But he was an understanding man.

Rachael got to Isabelle's door, she knocked before helping herself in. Like how she left her, Bella was still on her bed, wrapped in her duvet, looking at nothing in particular. She never left her bed except to use the bathroom.

Rae shut the door behind her, placed the tray of food on a table and then proceeded to Isabelle's bedside. She made Bella sit up before taking a seat beside her. Isabelle looked like a mess. Her face was blotchy, her eyes were red and though her hair was in a messy bun, it was extremely messy. This was so unlike Isabelle Carter.

Rachael placed a kiss on her forehead. "I brought you dinner and don't you dare say you're not hungry. 34 hours starving under my roof is enough. You only had nothing but water since you arrived yesterday."

Bella shook her head. A tear rolled down her cheek but she quickly wiped it away with her palm. "I'm not hungry, I don't deserve to eat, I'm a horrible person!"

Even though Racheal had an idea of what her daughter meant. She wanted Isabelle to voice it out. Sometimes, talking about your fears or what's bothering you helps in relieving the burden.

"You're not a horrible person, Isabelle."

"Of course I am. You went through so muc

rust that everything will be fine. Follow your heart in doing what is right and the rest will fall in place."

"Thank you, Mom." She whispered.

Rachael smiled sadly and caressed her cheek. "You're welcome, sweet."

Rae was able to persuade Isabelle to take a shower hoping it would make her feel better. As her daughter showered, Rae arranged Bella's bed and picked out nightwear for her.

Isabelle came out of the bathroom moments later in her towel, she changed into her nightdress. Rachael helped her daughter brush her hair and put it in a ponytail.

Then they got settled on the sofa at the other end of Isabelle's room. While Bella ate, Rachael engaged her in some random conversations. She also made sure Isabelle finished everything on her plate.

When she was done eating, both mother and daughter went downstairs to put the plate in the kitchen, making it the first time Bella was leaving her room since she arrived at her mom's place.

Isabelle offered to do her dishes while Rae kept her company and before she could run off to her room, Rachael persuaded Bella to watch a movie with her.

The duo settled on the sofa in the living room, watched a movie Bella picked and occupied themselves with a tub of ice cream.

Victor, Stacy and Lucas had retired to their rooms even before Racheal and Bella came downstairs so they had their privacy. Both mother and daughter ended up spending two hours downstairs before they retired upstairs, to their rooms.

"I might as well start off by officially apologizing to you, " Bella said to Rachael. Rae wanted to make sure Isabelle got settled before she headed over to her room.

"'I'm sorry for everything. For not acknowledging your love for me, for trying to push you away all the time, for my childish behaviours and every other thing I've done to you that I can't even remember."

"I'm also grateful to you for being so strong and not giving up on me. You're a great mom and it's my loss for not detecting that on time."

"From now onwards, I promise to be good and most importantly, be the type of daughter you've always wanted me to be. I love you, Mom."

Rachael smiled and pulled her daughter in for a motherly hug. "I love you more, Isabelle. And I would never trade you with anyone else" She said as she patted her back, then kissed her left cheek.

"Promise me, you'll come down for breakfast tomorrow?" Rachael asked hopefully.

It took a while for Isabelle to respond but she eventually nodded.

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