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   Chapter 27 Twenty Seven

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Gabriella had been awake for a few minutes now. She didn't bother getting out of bed. She laid back in and replayed in her mind everything that happened the previous night. It was indeed an awful experience but she was grateful Sam spent the night with her. He had cuddled her overnight, making her have one of the best sleep she has had in awhile.

Gabby heard her room door open and Sam walked in with a tray of breakfast. He was shirtless, only putting on his pants and he had his phone glued to his ear.

With Sam's mind still intact with the conversation he was making with the person on the other side, he placed the tray on Gabby's nightstand, went over to her side of the bed, placed a long kiss on her forehead, then took a seat beside her.

"Okay, so will you be going with her to Racheal's place or she would be driving there alone, " Sam asked the person on the other side. Gab figured out he was talking to Sera.

"I offered to drive her but she told me not to worry that Racheal is already on her way to pick her up, " Sera responded.

"But I'll be going with them. I'll spend some time with Isabelle at her mom's place before I head over to mine."

"Okay. You can leave me a text when you guys arrive at Rachael's place. I'll also give Rachael a call later. You girls have had breakfast right?"

"I had pancakes but Bella refused to take anything, despite how hard I persuaded."

Samuel sighed. "Unfortunately, I can't persuade her because she has refused to talk to me. Isabelle never jokes with food so I'm sure she will sort herself out when her stomach starts biting her. Perhaps she doesn't want to eat anything in my home. She would probably eat when she gets to her mother's place."

"She isn't taking any of her cars, right?" Sam asked.

"Since Racheal is coming to pick us up I don't think she's going with any of them."

"Okay, Sera. Thanks for everything. Gabby is awake, you wanna say Hi to her?"

"Sure, please give her the phone." She responded immediately.

Samuel passed his phone to Gabriella, She sort of looked unsure but Sam encouraged her to say something to Sera.

"Hey!" She managed to say with a small smile.

"Samuel Adonis Carter Hunn! Aren't you one hell of a lucky girl." Sera teased.

Gabriella blushed.

"I can feel you smiling and that was what I was trying to do- to put a smile on your face. How are you?"

"I'm okay. How are you? How's Isabelle?"

"I'm fine. Isabelle's here. She's been awfully quiet since her Dad talked to us yesterday. She probably needs time to get used to the news. She will come around."

"I'm glad you are doing okay. I'm sorry about last night. Sorry, you were not given the opportunity to explain yourself. I should have tried harder to stop Isabelle from creating a scene. Everything just happened so fast that nobody had the time to think before reacting."

"It's okay. I just can't wait for everything to go back to normal. It will hurt a little if Isabelle doesn't want anything to do with me again but I think I would be able to live with that. What I can't live with is if she refuses to reconcile with Sam."

"Don't worry about that, Gab. Bella is a Daddy's girl so she can't stay mad at him forever. She was a lot calmer after Sam's explanation. Once everything sinks in for her, I'm sure she will make amends."

"You don't have to be sad or grumpy. Like Samuel said to you yesterday, we have no power over who we fall in love with. I never thought I would say this, especially in front of Isabelle who would probably kill me after I drop the call, but here it goes anyway. Sam sounded so in love with you. Isabelle and I saw it in his eyes as he spoke to us. She obviously needs space to take that in."

"Everything will be fine, babe. I promise. You and Sam should enjoy yourselves."

"Thanks, Sera. Thanks for not judging me."

"Thank you too for being strong and don't bother about being threatened or bullied by those who came to the party.

the best thing that has ever happened to him and he doesn't know what he would do without me. You were here yesterday when he said the same thing about Gabriella."

Sera smiled sadly. "I knew something was biting you in there."

"Well, like my Dad's response to us, the love a father has for his child is different from that which he has for the mother."

"Gabriella is not my mother!"

Sera sighed. "I know, babe. That doesn't mean Sam loves anyone any less."

"You've known Gabby for a reasonable time now, who else will you trust with your Dad rather than the person you know?. You told me your Dad hasn't been in a really serious relationship with anyone since your mom. Now that he has found someone I think you should be happy for him, it costs you nothing."

"As I said earlier, I know a lot of things are going through your head but please try to stick to positive thoughts. I have no doubt this must be really hard for your Dad. Nothing will make him happier than to see the three best friends get back together again."

"You said awful things to Gabby which you should apologize for. Also Jason, for wrongfully accusing him and your Dad for freaking out. I'm not denying they owe you an apology too but take the first step, make me proud and let's move past this. Life's too short for unnecessary drama, Isabelle."

They were interrupted when a knock on the door came through. Sera responded and the door opened, revealing Rachael, Isabelle's mom.

"Good morning, Rachael." Sera stood up and gave her best friend's mom a hug.

"Morning, sweetheart." She returned Sera's hug.

Rachael took a seat on the bed beside her daughter- where Sera was previously sitting.

"Hey!" She intertwined her hand with her daughter's own.

Rachael and Isabelle didn't exactly have the perfect or closest mother-daughter relationship as Bella had always preferred her Dad but she and Racheal were cool.

Isabelle and her mom looked very much alike. People who don't know them always confused them as sisters when they were together.

"Hi, Mom." She responded.

Isabelle was going to stay at her mom's not for any form of comfort but because she was sure she would have some alone time. Her stepfather and siblings don't really care about her so they won't be bugging her much.

Rachael didn't know what really happened except the little details she got from Bella when Bella called her the previous night. Unintentionally, she also overheard Sera and Gabby's conversation.

"You're ready to go?"

Isabelle nodded. She rose to her feet and picked up her bags that were seated on the sofa. Sera picked up her backpack too.

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