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   Chapter 18 Eighteen

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The last time Samuel heard from Gabriella was before she left for shopping with her friends. She had called him while he was at work, they had their little romantic moment over the phone and she told him she was going out with her best friends and would call him later- probably when they were done with shopping.

It's been hours later and Sam hasn't heard from Gabriella. He sent her a text message at noon but got no response. Before Samuel left his office for his apartment in the evening, he called Gab's number thrice- he got no response which was very strange. He started to get worried but decided not to overthink the whole situation. As usual, Gabby would return his call as soon as she saw his missed call.

Sam left the office earlier than he normally would because of the weather. It was stormy outside and the clouds were heavy with rain. Samuel had a phobia for driving in the rain, be it a little or heavy rain. He almost had an accident with Isabelle one night while driving in the rain. Bella was three then. They were both coming back from her Nana's place. They had missed death by a hair's breadth. Since then, Sam never had the courage to drive whenever it was raining.

Fortunately, the rain started pouring after he got to his hotel suite.

Sam discarded his office attire, took a shower and changed into his sweats. He was about reaching for a shirt when his phone rang. Samuel literally fled to the living room to get his phone.

Though he was a bit disappointed the call wasn't from Gabby, he was happy to hear from his daughter.

"Hi, Dad." He heard his daughter's cheerful voice as soon as he answered.

"Hi, Love. How did your Day go?"

"Fine. I called to say thank you for sponsoring our shopping."

Sam smiled, "You're welcome. I hope you and your friends had fun."

"Kind of. We were able to buy all that we needed but we couldn't go for a spa treatment. My friend had an emergency so we had to skip that."

"Emergency? Hope she's okay."

Isabelle could hear the concern in her father's voice.

"She refused to say anything to me and Sera no matter how much we persuaded. But I spoke to her just before calling you. Like what she told us earlier, she said was fine but I could sense she had cried a lot. I will be going over to her place tomorrow."

"Maybe she needs space. Make sure you check up on her tomorrow."

"I will." She assured. "Nana called me today."

Sam smiled, "She's angry at me for not coming to check up on her."

Bella laughed, "She attacked me too. But as usual, I told her I was busy with school and would visit her over the holidays."

"She said I neglected her after I found a new girl."

Bella chuckled. "I don't know why moms think that way. My mom also thinks that way too, she's always quick to attack me for spending more time with my friends and Jason than her. But Grandma is kind of right about you tho."

"Isabelle?!" Samuel groaned.

She giggled, "I'm just saying...."

"We've always had your 100% attention but since you've met her, no doubt she's been keeping you quite busy. But it's okay, she makes you happy and that's all that matters. I think Grandma is just eager to meet her just like we all are."

"No one can ever take your place in my heart, Bella, " Sam assured.

Isabelle smiled on the other side. "I know, Dad"

"Don't worry, you'll meet her soon, " he said.

"I hope 'soon' comes quick enough. Can't wait to meet the girl who managed to win over my Dad's heart."

"So what was your response to Grandma?" Bella asked.

"I promised to see her over the weekend. Wanna come with me, let's give her a sur

er friends could not see her, she mumbled, "Thanks Guys"

"Have you had dinner already?" Sera asked.

"No. I don't have an appetite. But I'm presently having a cup of tea."

"Why not take some biscuits along with it?" Bella pushed.

"No. The tea is fine. I'll probably fall asleep as soon as I'm done drinking it."

Isabelle sighed. "If you insist. Just take it easy with whatever is wrong with you and I hope this phase passes soon because Sera and I need our best friend back or else I won't celebrate my birthday."

"Isabelle?!" Gabby groaned.

"I'm serious, " Bella answered. "That's to show you how much I deeply care about my loved ones. What sense does it make to celebrate when my best friend is sad?"

"No need for any cancellation. I'm fine, I promise."She said with a heavy heart. She was far from being fine. Her heart and her head hurt like hell.

"If you say so!" Sera said. "We were worried so we decided to check up on you."

"Thanks, guys." she sniffed.

"We will be coming by tomorrow with some goodies for you, my love, " Bella said with finality before Gabby had the chance to dispute.

"Take care Amiga, I love you, " Sera said.

"I love you more, babe, we will see tomorrow, " Bella said.

"Love you guys too. Bye."

"Bye love, Bye!" They said.

Gabriella ended the call.

Fresh tears welled up in her eyes as she thought of what would happen when Bella found out. She had no doubt it would be the end of their friendship.

"I knew everything was too good to be true. Life is just so hard." Gabby mumbled as she wiped her tears with the back of her palm.

She occupied herself with her tea until her phone rang again. Gabby sat still and clung onto her almost-finished cup of tea. She knew who it was without looking at the caller Id and Unintentionally, more tears welled up in her eyes. The pain was just too much for her to bear. She couldn't bring herself to answer Samuel's call because she had no idea what to say to him.

Sam called again and again. Gabby watched her phone ring as she sobbed.

After his third call, She reached for her phone with shaky hands and began typing a message which obviously did not come from her heart. After editing the message a few times, Gabby finally clicked the send button. She turned off her phone, placed her now empty cup of tea on a small table beside the sofa, buried herself properly into the sofa and cried.

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