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   Chapter 413 Don't Worry

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6637

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Sitting under the colorful lights, Jesse looked dreamy. It seemed that he was born to be in such an occasion. After all, he usually lived in this kind of place. Although only a few people knew Jesse's real strength, many people knew that Jesse was addicted to debauchery and liked beauty but not in love.

At this time, three beautiful women came in from the door, all of whom were the top figures in the model industry. Their figures and appearances couldn't be compared with the prostitutes in the night club.

"Mr. James, I've heard a lot about you. Can we have a drink with you?"

"Yes, we are lucky to meet Mr. James under the guidance of Mr. Jesse."

"Mr. James..."

"Don't touch me! I don't like other women to touch me. I can drink, but please sit on the opposite seat, don't the beauty have any bones? " James pushed her hand away and said coldly.

As a man Dylan who always distanced himself from women, but he knew that since James had said so, he had to help. Sure enough, the three beauties looked at each other, but they were familiar with communication, so it was not a big deal.

A beautiful lady walked to Jesse and sat down, while the other one naturally walked up to Dylan.

The bolder one, who looked like the eldest sister of the beauties, sat next to James and didn't lean on him anymore.

"I didn't expect that James, who is said to dote on his wife, is so unromantic. But you are a good man among men. It's true that Gail marry you is better than to me. Well, since you are so determined, let's get down to business. "

Looking at James shaking the glass of wine in silence, Dylan understood what was going on. Dylan just liked the way Mr. James behaved. In spirit, he was completely different from Jesse, but similar to James. That was why James was willing to take Dylan with him at any time.

Leaning against the sofa, James rested his chin on one hand casually and looked at Jesse indifferently. "What's your business? Tell me. To be honest,

, I won't keep the two of you. But I hope you won't regret it. I believe you will find me again soon. With my resources, I can tame the HL Group. " Jesse was not in a hurry. He swirled the wine glass in his hand slowly, as imposing as James.

Seeing this, Dylan became anxious. What did Jesse mean? Did he want to push the HL Group into a desperate situation? Dylan believed that Jesse had the ability to do so. This was what Dylan feared most. Perhaps it was Jesse's revenge!

James turned around and looked at Jesse indifferently. James tied the buttons casually and smiled, "I'll wait and see!"

Jesse looked at James and his assistant who left without looking back. Finally, the glass in Jesse's hand flew out, frightening the three beautiful women!

"Mr. Jesse, what's wrong with you? Please don't be angry. It's our fault. We didn't keep them! "

"Mr. Jesse, is your hand okay? Let me take a look."

"Mr. Jesse, you..."

Jesse pounded the table and shouted, "fuck off!"

The blood in Jesse's eyes was undisguised, and there seemed to be a trace of embarrassment in his eyes!

Jesse was so angry that every time James mentioned his wife, he would go crazy with jealousy!

The three beauties exchanged glances and quickly disappeared in the big box!

Many glass cups flew to the ground one by one!

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