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   Chapter 412 Mr. Jesse's Invitation

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6497

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It was a beautiful morning. James had already got up, but Gail was still asleep. She didn't want to get up or go to the company with James so early.

James had no choice but to keep Gail at home. James didn't leave until Belinda came back home.

This kind of life was really not safe. James had too many misgivings and worries, so returning home was the best choice. There was nothing he couldn't let go, and there was nothing he had to do. Therefore, this time, at the most critical moment, James handed over the HL Group to Dillon for management. James decided to place the headquarters of the HL Group at home and turned overseas headquarters into a branch.

James didn't take any risk. He just chose an even harder path, but the gains would be even greater! At home, James could still turn the HL Group into a legend.

James' phone rang. He looked out of the window and picked up the phone on his desk.

"Boss, Jesse wants to negotiate with you." Dillon's brief words made James' face darken.

Wearing a delicate suit, James was sitting on a big black swivel chair. It was hard to see clearly what he was thinking. The emotion in his eyes was hidden up.

A moment later, James said, "then let him come over! When? "

"Jesse asked you to go to his place. The address will be sent to you right away. I have a look at the situation there and don't think it's good. Do you need me to go with you? " Dillon was very clear about Jesse's strength. He felt that Jesse was going to put pressure on James this time.

"Don't bother. Just finish the task I gave you. I hope you can take over the work here soon. Just ask Dylan to follow me. I hope that my wife won't know about it. She will think too much. "

"Got it! My sister-in-law can't get Jesse's call on her cell phone. Don't worry. " This little trick means nothing to Dillon.

"That's good. You have suffered a lot recently. I'll invite everyone to drink in two days." Before

a smile and said, "you came so fast. I thought Mr. James wouldn't agree to my request. After all, I like Gail."

James looked at Jesse expressionlessly. However, Dylan knew clearly that James was ready to fight! This Jesse was indeed arrogant. How could he say so openly that he liked James' woman!

James sat down and said, "what do you want to talk about. As for my wife, I think you'd better give up. My wife doesn't like stallion the most. You have slept with so many women. So you can just give up. "

Jesse's eyes darkened, but he soon returned to normal and no one saw it.

However, James still noticed it.

In a fight between masters, everyone knew what they were doing.

"I know. But I also know that once I like something, I want to get it. Especially, I have never been so gentle to a woman like now in my life. As you know, I didn't touch your woman. Otherwise, I wouldn't have fallen in love with her. " Jesse picked up a glass of wine and put it in front of James.

"Well, I know. Otherwise, you wouldn't have been sitting here safe and sound! I don't mind what happened before, but now, what do you want to do? Just tell me! "James looked at the wine in front of him. It's a world collection. A cup costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Jesse was really generous!

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