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   Chapter 410 Willful Queen

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6583

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Gail fell asleep again. She felt like a sloth, eating and sleeping. As long as she could lie down, she didn't want to stand. She didn't know if it would affect the child.

It was autumn now. Looking out of the window at the brighter sun than summer, Gail began to miss her hometown. She always looked back to her childhood. At that time, autumn seemed to be the most beautiful, because the sky was the blue, and the leaves were the brightest, and even the clouds in the sky were particularly clear. Perhaps it was because Gail was pregnant that she felt the visual angle became more primitive.

But Gail couldn't go back in a short time. She missed it very much.

In a daze, Gail didn't know how long she had slept. She just felt as if someone had come back. It should be James. Gail felt relieved when James came back. To be honest, although Gail had become clumsy recently, she always felt that James' work seemed to be more nervous and crucial. Gail couldn't ask James to be with her at any time.

"Gai? Gai?" James called Gail's name softly.

"Yes." in a daze, Gail felt her eyes dry and didn't want to open them.

"Gai, get up. It's time for dinner. Besides, we are going to have dinner. You have slept all day. "

Oh, no! Gail had slept for a whole day, but why didn't she have any concept at all.

Gail turned over and found the bed comfortable. She didn't want to leave at all. She felt dizzy, maybe because she had slept too much.

"Honey, can I skip dinner? I...... I'm not hungry yet. " Gail really didn't feel hungry, and even a little full.

"No, you have to eat more for the sake of our child. Otherwise, when he grows up, or after he is born, if he knows that it is because you don't eat anything that makes him in bad health and become as thin as you, he will definitely blame you. Look, if you eat more pig's feet now, she will definitely have a plump figure if you give birth to a girl in the future, right? "

Was this a metaphor?

ood news I want to tell you is that you can choose a place you want to go most to nourish the fetus. What are you going to choose. Don't worry. As long as it's not on the moon, I will promise you. " James looked at Gail intently. This decision was made not long ago, a few hours ago. Therefore, it was a surprise for Gail. James always knew where she liked to go, but he couldn't complete it.

But what happened recently made him come back home first regardless of the consequences. For James, his happiness was the most important thing.

Gail didn't care about this, knowing that James wouldn't let her go back, "it seems that you could bring me back home now!"

"So you want to go back, right?" James handed the tissue to Gail considerately. He felt that she looked like a queen now.

"You know the answer! Gail took a sip of milk and frowned. Then she changed it to orange juice.

"Well, if I tell you that we can come back now, how are you going to thank me. If I agree to let you go to the place you want to go the most, will you thank me? "

Gail didn't believe that James would do that.

"Boring!" Gail threw away the tissue, stood up and was about to go back to her room. "If you have nothing else to do, you can go to your room to play with the computer. I don't like you to talk nonsense."

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