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   Chapter 408 Stood On Tiptoe

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6502

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He smiled, James' bright smile made Gail feel sweet again. "Honey, I love you. We will be fine from now on. "

"Okay." Gail stood on the street, tiptoed and gave James a gentle kiss on his face. Then she covered her face and ran away.

"Watch out, Gai!" James frowned and wondered if this silly girl had forgotten that she was pregnant.

"Let's go home. I'll wait for you in the car." Gail blushed and didn't know that she would be so bold to do such a bold thing.

Back home, on such a rare weekend, James was trying to find a way to make his wife happy and his child clever in the belly.

James looked up a lot of relevant information, listened to music with the child and watched cartoons with Gail. However, the TV series here were all in English. He wondered if child was too sensitive to English. However, they talked Chinese all day long, and Chinese was child's first language.

Lying on the sofa and eating fruit, Gail looked up at James who was busy not far away from her from time to time. Gail felt warm as if the whole sun was in her heart.

"James, do you think that Holley is to see me pick up such a perfect man as you and she was trying to get you. But I think that what the woman couldn't figure out is she saw you have a child. Can she still pursue. In my opinion, she is just idle. I'm pissed off at the thought that she wanted to woo my man. " As Gail spoke, she began to be angry, as if she could not control herself.

"You are pregnant. Don't be angry. Anger was harmful to one's body, so there was no need to be angry for irrelevant people. I see when you called names, you were very justified, how now is to be stingy up. My wife is very cute when she becomes valiant. In this way, I don't worry that you will be bullied outside. You feel free to scold. Your husband will back you up. If you meet such a situation when I'm not present in the future, you can call me. Even if I can't come, I'll ask someone to h

y mother's biological daughter. How could she be so cold. Now I'm pregnant. I know a mother loves her child, no matter what, all is love. But she never loved me, as if I was born by someone else. But now I can't remember what my parents look like. I only remember that my father would look for my grandparents when my parents fought. Then he asked them for money and food. But my mother is very disappointed. Her husband needs her parents to provide food and drink, just like a live-in son-in-law. Then she remarried. Is it because of my father that she doesn't like me? " Gail leaned against James' chest. There were something deep in Gail's memory that she didn't dare to dig out. But now Gail did not know what it happened, she just liked memories, she was sentimental.

"Stop thinking about it. Well, if you think about it now, you won't get any result. Don't you still have a grandfather? You should always make your child healthy, grow up happily, so that he can have the love of his parents. Unlike us, both of us are abandoned by our parents. In fact, I'm also thinking that my child in the future must be healthy and happily. No matter what, I have to give him the most complete family, because only the love of parents is what they need most. " James hugged Gail like coaxing a child.

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