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   Chapter 407 Said I Love You

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6381

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In fact, Hoyle came in, because Holley came in. he also wanted to see Gail, wanted to know what it was like when Gail was pregnant. Then Hoyle followed Holley in. Maybe only when Hoyle saw and got hurt would he learn to give up faster.

Hoyle needed to start, but he didn't want his marriage to be led by the nose. Holley and Hoyle were mutually exclusive, but they cooperated with each other.

Hoyle love for Gail was to fulfill, not to possess. However, Gail had been in Hoyle's heart for so long, how could Hoyle easily forget it. Hoyle was just arguing with his memory.

James' face softened a lot when he saw the two men turn around and leave.

"James, I thought a man like you would like a woman like me who is on par with you and can make progress and fight together. I didn't expect you to like your own burden. You seem to be in a very dangerous situation now. In fact, a woman like me is suitable for you. " Holley didn't stop pestering them. She was unhappy to see such a weak woman standing next to James. As a strong woman, she was born to be competitive, so Holley wanted to have a try. After all, James was the best man in the world and she liked him.

Gail smiled. "It's not up to you whether it's suitable or not. You are daydreaming here in front of us. You are a senior white-collar worker. Aren't you afraid of exposing your moral quality in public? In fact, you so strong woman, like my husband such men will not like you. What's good about you? You can work, but do you like to act like a spoiled child? Would you give in? Do you not talk about work in your spare time? Are you a gentle and considerate woman when you are making out with a man? More importantly, can you cook? Can someone see you after you take off your makeup? You are not young anymore. You are about the same age as James, or even a little older than him! Although you are well maintained, your eyes and worldly

They must have a beautiful baby. "

"Yes, their child must be good-looking. She is very beautiful without makeup. Even without makeup, she is much more beautiful than this woman. If I were the man, I wouldn't like such an unreasonable and impolite woman. "

Holley was so angry that she rushed out of the door.

When Gail walked out of the shop, she didn't feel so proud. In fact, Gail knew what Holley meant. Gail was also worried that James would mind. Even if he said he didn't mind, she knew that he still had a barrier in his heart. Gail didn't know how to explain it.

"James, Jesse and I..."

"I know. Silly girl, I know the one you love is me. I know my Gai. Don't you know yourself. No matter what, every man does not like his woman to leave with other men. But we all know what happened at that time. I won't blame you. What I want is just that you love me wholeheartedly. That's enough. There are many things that could be solved without thinking too much. Many things are actually very simple. I know you have nothing to do with Jesse. You were grateful to him at that time. I understand. After all, I didn't protect you well and let others take advantage of you. " James looked at Gail seriously and gently touched her hair.

"I love you, James."

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