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   Chapter 406 Way To Go

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6339

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James found that recently, Gail had become more and more dependent on him. She would no longer say anything to be independent or be polite to him. Gail was James' wife, but she had never been in this role. Now Gail was pregnant and became like a child, which made James feel dependent and secure. James could see Gail every day, see her sleep and eat, and see her reading magazines. Although sometimes she was bored, James was still unwilling to leave her.

Indeed, James clearly felt that Gail didn't like to go out for a walk or get some fresh air as before. If James told Gail she could go out with someone during his meeting, she would refuse and wait for him to return.

It felt so good to be waited and relied on. Gail was pregnant with his own baby. She must be as cute and beautiful as Gail. Unconsciously, James was going to be a father. However, James was very nervous at the thought of there was a baby living with them in the future. James didn't know if he was ready.

Therefore, James took time out to study with Gail and how to be a qualified father.

On the weekend, James took Gail to the Infant classroom learning. When they got home, they went to the baby products store.

When Gail walked into the shop and saw the children's clothes, she couldn't help but feel a little headache. She didn't know if her child was a boy or a girl.

"James, do you think our children are boys or girls? What color should we choose? Which baby room is better? And are we going to raise the baby here? When will we come back? I think he should grow up in the domestic. " Gail still missed her family. Although she didn't have a mother, she still had a grandfather. When Gail was pregnant, she suddenly felt that she was also a child that needed to be loved.

James had thought about it before, but now Gail was four months pregnant and he couldn't come back in a short time.

"Gai, I kn

his eyes and smiled. "Even if I haven't met Gail yet, I will wait until I meet her. Gail is different from you. Before her, I was single. Other women can't replace her. "

"Really? But I know there is another woman called Julie. I heard that you liked her very much before, and even you were not willing to get close to other women." Holley stepped on high heels, full of momentum in front of Gail.

"I was too young to understand. Now I see the truth. But you guys are so free that I don't have time to chat with you. My wife is a little tired. She needs to go home and have a rest. " As James spoke, he protected Gail and walked out.

"No! If you want to leave, let's go first. After all, you're here to buy something Now that I've seen her, I'll leave you alone. Holley, Hoyle, let's go first. You two need to develop a good relationship now. Everyone hopes that you can be together, and then soon come to such a shop to buy children's things. "It's Jesse. He always speaks with a charming confidence.

Seeing that Jesse had turned around and walked out of the door, Hoyle turned to look at Gail. Although Hoyle knew Gail was pregnant, he still felt hurt when he saw it with his own eyes. Without saying anything, Hoyle turned around and followed Jesse.

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