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   Chapter 376 Gale

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6548

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Gail had nothing. When she came here, she had nothing. There was nothing for her in this place. If she wanted to leave, she could just leave directly. But if she really wanted to leave, she still needed a cell phone and some money.

Gail thought for a while and decided to wait for Jesse to come back and discuss with him. She could borrow his money first and return it to him later. She had no choice but to find a place that no one knew her and make a plan.

She thought that her strength was limited, and it would be hard for her to give birth to the baby. Would the baby blame her for not giving him or her a better life? If James knew about her and the child one day, would he take the child away from her?

She had never thought about these things before because she only wanted to sleep. But recently, she had to think about these things. She should consider the long term.

She was reluctant to have an abortion.


Two days later, Jesse came back.

He was still very gentle and considerate to her. At the dinner table, she wanted to tell him about her leaving. But before she could say anything, she saw him taking out a mobile phone from his pocket. It was very exquisite.

He handed the phone to her and said, "I bought it for you. I think that you fell bored and inconvenient to be alone, so I bought it for you. You see if you like this color. If you don't like it, I'll change a color for you."

"Pink. I like it very much, but..." She wanted to say that she couldn't take it.

"It's good that you like it. I heard from Monica that you have been restless these two days. Is there anything wrong with you? If you don't feel well, let's go to the hospital for prenatal checkups tomorrow. I happen to have time. I don't have much work to do recently. I guess I will stay here for another two months. So, in the following days, I will accompany you. What do you think?" He looked at her carefully. He had made up his mind and arran

se liked Miss Gail. The servants here didn't know much about the two people because they usually spoke in Chinese, so these servants couldn't understand. However, the servants were also very anxious. They wished they could tie the two people together and make them as sweet as a couple.

Seeing that Monica really cared about her, Gail was very grateful, "Thank you, Monica. I'll go to see him right now."

"Oh, by the way, Mr. Jesse likes drinking coffee when he is chatting. Miss Gail, please take this cup of coffee in." Monica took the delicate tray from others and put it in Gail's hand, smiling expectantly.

"Okay." Gail seemed to feel that these servants seemed to have misunderstood their relationship. The day Jesse walked out of her room, she felt that all the servants, especially Monica, looked at her with sweet and ambiguous eyes, as if she was Jesse's lover. Fortunately, they didn't look at her like that since Jesse said he wanted to leave.

Gail held the steaming coffee, and she felt warm at the thought of what they had done. Although she had no relatives here, everyone here was good to her. Without Cherry's hostility, she didn't need the bodyguards like Belinda to follow her all day long. Although she had freedom, the only shortcoming was that she felt empty in her heart.

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