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   Chapter 284 Extra Meal Offered By The President

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7637

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James saw a figure walking towards them in the crowd in the distance. At this time, he just wanted to take Gail away from this place. Sure enough, his wife was very dangerous. Even if he knew her well, he didn't like to see other men approach her.

Gail nodded thoughtfully, "Okay."

Of course, James wouldn't talk to her after they got home. After all, he had more important things to do! He didn't want to talk to his beautiful wife seriously.

On the second morning, James received a phone call. The phone number was a little familiar.

"Hello? Who is it?" Now that only a few person could find his phone number, but he didn't know much about this number, so he answered it carefully.

"It's me, Hoyle."

Hearing this name, James raised his eyebrows. He didn't like to receive a call from this person. After all, Hoyle had a crush on Gail before.

"What's the matter?" James asked in a low voice, showing no emotion.

"I'm here to talk about business. You don't have to be so polite!" Hoyle also knew that Gail's husband liked to be jealous. Even because of petty things, he could fall into the jealousy jar. Fortunately, James was not someone else. If James was an ordinary white collar young man, he would definitely not rest assured that Gail would stay with such a person.

Unfortunately, he didn't have the chance. That was exactly what James was capable of. He was rational and calm. He was just a black horse in the business world. In a short time, he could mess up the whole international commercial market.

Generally speaking, such a business killer would not care about his family. Hoyle knew that in most people's eyes, the name "James" was full of disputes and legends. The most typical one was that this person had an indifferent appearance and married a beautiful girl before thirty years old, and his wife must be ignored at home.

Thinking of this, Hoyle smiled bitterly.

James put down what he was doing with great interest, turned his chair and looked out of the window at the sun, "You want to talk about business with me? So your father has handed over the company to you?"

"Not yet. Before graduation, I want to do something that I want. The thing I'm talking to you is that I have started my own business when I was in school. Although I

ut him? He was sent to that kind of place by me. Won't you blame me, your boss?" James looked up at him playfully.

Dylan replied with a faint smile, "He is an old hand. Before we worked in the HL Group, we had been living in all kinds of hard environment and had been used to it."

"Is there anything I don't know these two days? I mean the people in the HL Group. Do they have any emotions?" James knew that everyone had been living a hard life recently. The task that he arranged for them was very heavy. They might need some motivation to complete the target.

However, Dylan was stunned by this sentence. He couldn't figure it out. Was Mr. James going to get angry?

But he still answered truthfully, "Everyone has been busy working overtime recently, and all the departments are working without a break. In the past two days, everyone has entered the fatigue period." In private, they all said that the new CEO was like a capitalist. He wanted everyone to work for him twenty-four hours a day.

James smiled and lightly knocked on the table, "Add food to everyone. Prepare afternoon tea these days, and draw up a reward system to eliminate those who are not capable enough. Do you understand?"

"Get it." He was good at doing this. Although the HL Group was a good company, there were still some people who didn't work in the company. They were all previous problems.

Dylan knew that now the CEO of the HL Group wouldn't care about the past, and it was a good chance to drive those arrogant people out.

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