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   Chapter 283 Strong Response

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6995

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Julie walked towards James and looked at James with her watery eyes. "James, you..." Before the two words came out, James strode past Julie, looked at Daniel and said in a low voice, "uncle, you're here too. It seems that the cooperation between the RF Group and the FY Group is very smooth!"

James seemed to be smiling, but Daniel knew that James was going to officially oppose him at this time. Daniel could see the emotions in James' eyes after knowing James for so many years.

Daniel lowered his head and smiled. He looked up and said seriously, "I have a good cooperation with the FY Group, unlike you, my nephew, who sent Cherry's father to that kind of place. I didn't expect you to have such a method! "

James cast a cold glance, Cherry was looking at him with mixed feelings. James sneered, "did Cherry tell you? Did Cherry tell you that her father almost killed me! What's more, Cherry's father wasn't locked up by me. He was taken away by the government through legal means. I just did my duty as a civilian. No vengeance is my biggest concession. Hearing what you said, I didn't do anything to him at that time. It seems to be my loss. "

James didn't want to say anything more to them. He held Gail's hand and walked forward.

"Wait!" Cherry stopped James, but put her eyes on Gail. With a smile on Cherry's face, she said, "James, I don't want to hold you responsible any longer for locking up my father. I just want to kindly remind you that you must be very tired that you have a woman in your family that many people miss. As your classmate, I kindly remind you not to be cheated on and still love her to death! " Cherry held her elbow with one hand and the goblet with the other. She looked arrogant and jealous.

Holding her hand tightly, Gail looked at the superior expression on Cherry's face and felt humiliated. Why did Cherry say that Gail betrayed James? Even if Gail didn't have Cherry's family background, how could Cherry slander people!

James gritted his teeth and was about to say something, but Gail took James' hand and stepped forward. "Miss Cherr

at she was not beautiful for a woman to lose herself for love. Daniel picked up the glass and drank it up. Something obscure in his eyes blurred his eyes.

The dinner was still going on. Many people had donated a considerable amount of money. Under the cameras and microphones, many people were displaying the image of the screen well. James held Gail's hand. When the staff reported the amount, the crowd burst into an uproar. The Jiang couple of the HL Group, who donated the most money at this charity dinner, won a round of applause.

This kind of dinner party was too utilitarian, and James was taking advantage of that.

Gail went off the platform with James in a daze. They were asked to take too many photos, and their smiles were stiff.

When Gail stepped out of the platform, she couldn't help but pinch James' palm. Gail looked ahead and said with her tongue, "Hey, where do you have so much money? That's enough money to buy a plane!"

James replied in a voice that only the two of them could hear, "anyway, it's not my money. But the money is at my disposal! Good steel should be used on the edge of the knife. If you want to buy an airplane, I'll buy it for you later! "

Gail followed James and walked out. She was surprised, "such a rich man! If it's not your money, whose else can it be? "

James gently held Gail's waist and said, "let's go home and have a talk."

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