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   Chapter 282 Shine With Dazzling Brilliance

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6862

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Some people were born to be self-sentimental and were called themselves confident; some people were born to know too much about themselves and were called themselves honest; and some people were born to know how good they were and were called themselves have potential.

Now that there were too many extreme people, the world view was getting more and more chaotic.

Julie was the first typical representative. Overconfidence is conceit. Gail didn't know what kind of person she was.

The evening banquet was held as scheduled, with the gathering of industry tycoons, rich young men and women. Here they could maximize the benefits, and everyone took what they needed. Such a place was the last thing they wanted to miss.

And today, James was the same. When they entered the party hand in hand, James grabbed the hand that Gail wanted to escape. James knew that as the CEO of the HL Group, it was impossible for him not to attract attention. After all, the international impression of the HL Group could not be underestimated. The HL Group had made extraordinary achievements in just more than ten years, which impressed many century type family enterprises.

Noticing that more and more people were looking at them, Gail couldn't help sweating. Feeling her nervousness, James put his hand on Gail's waist and whispered in Gail's ear, "don't be nervous. I'm here with you."

Gail looked back at James' gentle eyes and smiled knowingly.

Seeing Gail's smile at him, James' heart tightened. Although James saw her every day, she was more beautiful tonight. Even if James was familiar with Gail's good beauty, James' heart would still palpitate, let alone other men. 'No, it seems that I can't stay any longer after I finish what I want to do. I have to take her home early.' James thought. In addition, James had to send someone to keep an eye on Gail. Although this place was gorgeous, there would still be people with ulterior motives. If James did not look at Gail, it was inevitable that Gail would be targeted by some bad men.

Thinking of

you are too proud. It seems that I have to change a strategy in the future."

Gail raised her head and glared at James. Gail pinched James' waist hard and said, "well, you are still using strategy against me. James, you bastard!"

James took a deep breath, clenched his teeth and said with a smile, "I only play hooligan to you."

"You..." Gail blushed again and tried to get rid of James' big hand, because James' hand gently scratched her back and made a move that only they could understand.

James smiled with satisfaction and took Gail forward. However, the smile at the corners of his mouth was gradually disappearing when James saw that someone who was looking at his figure not far away. James didn't like other women to look at him intimately except Gail, especially those who had already made James sick.

Julie walked towards James, followed by Cherry and Daniel who were chatting with each other. The moment Cherry saw James, the smile at the corners of Cherry's mouth froze for a moment. Then, Daniel saw a couple walking towards them under the gaze of many people.

Cherry withdrew her hand from Daniel's arm by accident. Daniel lowered his eyes to hide the coldness and unwillingness in them. One day, Daniel would let the women he liked put their heart on him. Even if Daniel didn't like Cherry, he would get the light and glory from James.

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