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   Chapter 281 Not Reconciled

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6618

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Julie held James's arm and said in a soft voice, "James, don't you want to see me so much? Do we really have to end up like this?"

James looked at her calmly for a moment, "If you are still Julie I first knew, maybe we will be friends. But what you are doing now is destined to be far away from me for the rest of our lives. I'm already a married man. There is no pure friendship between men and women, so I don't need a female friend because I have to be responsible for my wife. You're not a kid anymore. You'd better find someone to live a happy life. As an old acquaintance, this is my greatest advice."

Julie bit her lips. It seemed that Gail was not an easy women. James, who was not easy to promise anything and say honeyed words, said such words in front of her. He was responsible for his wife. How could he be so considerate now? When she was with him in the past, he never said anything warm. He just liked to talk to her and stay quietly with her. At that time, she just liked him and didn't love him. She even thought that sometimes he was too rigid, so she wanted to escape. But after she left him and went abroad to make a boyfriend, she knew that James was a man with a cold face and a warm heart, but it was a pity that she knew it too late.

"James, why do you keep me away from you? Don't you think I will be sad? Even if we can't be friends, you shouldn't show that you don't like me. I'm just a selfish woman. Maybe what I did hurt you, but what you did to me made me sad. You weren't like this before. You wouldn't be so cruel to someone you didn't like. James, you really..." As she spoke, her eyes were misted with tears. James was moved by her pitiful look.

After all, he had loved her before. When he saw her being gentle, he couldn't help but think of the good times in the past. But he still had a grudge against her. When he knew the truth, his impression of this woman had changed a lot.

He stopped what he was doing and fixed his eyes on th

l still on the same path."

"Okay, see you later." He said coldly.

"……" She clenched her fingers, and her eyes became complicated and turbid.

In the end, he ended up with her without hesitation.

She closed the door gently and left the HL Group alone. It seemed that James wouldn't give her any chance. She had accumulated so many emotions in her heart, but she could not solve them in any way.

She had to go back and work hard. Even if she couldn't have this man, she didn't have so much patience to tell him that she couldn't bear to see them live a happy and safe life. Now she was abandoned by her boyfriend, and her father urged her to find a rich man to help her family every day. How could she accept such a reality?

She came here to discuss something with him today. She wanted to stay with him, and maybe she could get back together with him. But he was so determined that she couldn't speak out what she wanted. In that case, she would just stay in the FY Group and cooperate with Cherry to deal with him. At least she could pay attention to him every day.

Gail, that woman had taken everything that should have belonged to her, but she was not so generous to give away what should have belonged to her! Julie always believed that if Gail didn't show up, James would get along well with her.

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