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   Chapter 279 The Black Box

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 5950

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Gail stood up and walked towards James, "What's wrong?" She didn't hear clearly what he was talking about before. She noticed that he didn't look well.

James covered his eyes with one hand for half a minute to calm himself down and hid his emotions well. He raised his head and smiled at her, "Nothing. Someone likes to talk too much. I taught him a lesson."

She was surprised. He seldom taught people how to behave, especially when it was so loud. She gently touched his back and comforted him, "I heard you say something like wife. Did someone say something bad about me? It doesn't matter. After all, I don't have any sense of existence by your side, so they should say something. You have to believe that your wife will grow up. One day, they will shut up automatically, and you shouldn't be angry with the rumors, right?" She held his hand intimately and smiled considerately, showing no care at all.

He pulled her aside and sat down, looking at her seriously, "Do you really want to do a career, or do you want to stand by my side with a sense of existence? What do you want to look like?"

She smiled sheepishly, "It's impossible to be as powerful as you. After all, your current realm can be described in one word. There is a big gap between us."

He looked at her every move carefully, "Tell me."

"Awesome! You are so great that no ordinary people can match you. Only those clans over a hundred years have the courage to do so!" She gave all the words to him.

He hugged her with a smile and said, "I like to hear such words, but why does it seem to be against your will? My wife's mouth is too sweet, and I will be proud."

"You should have been proud. I also want to be great like you and stand in front of others." She looked into the distance.

His e

gical disguise!" Dillon smiled heartlessly, revealing his cute canine teeth.

"Open it." James didn't want to talk about such a trifle with him.

After studying the box carefully for a long time, Dillon found that it was originally made of high-tech and couldn't be opened with bare hands. There was no old antique level lock. It looked like the technology of the new era. The lock was small and precise, and it was a high-end customized lock.

"I didn't expect that this lock is so advanced that I can't open it!" He gave up and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

James sat down with a smile, "It's not an antique at all. In fact, it's something from the twenty-first Century. It's just that the old project is so vivid that you're dazzled."

"……" Did James look down upon him?

"……" Dillon felt that Mr. James was getting more and more unpredictable. To be exact, he was becoming more and more scheming.

But looking at his face, he looked innocent.

"Do you want me to go back and study it or collect it? You told me so cautiously yesterday. Do you want to show me how successful this black box is to deceive me?" There was a hint of dissatisfaction in Dillon's tone.

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