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   Chapter 278 Dillon's Test

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6720

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Dillon knew the importance of this matter, "Of course. Do you have anything else to tell me? I'll prepare in the next two days. But if I can do it well, should you give I some rewards? Then I will be so motivated." He had learned to bargain with his boss!

"There is one more thing that I can't tell you on the phone. Come to my office tomorrow morning." James took a drag on his cigarette and seemed to be thinking about something.

"As for the reward, of course it won't be bad. You know that the HL Group won't treat useful employees unfairly. If you can do it well, as long as you dare to ask me for it, I will give you!" Dillon didn't dare to accept James's bold words.

But he was pleased in his heart. At least the CEO was very generous, and his words should not be false. "This is what you said. If I dare to ask you for it, do you really dare to give it to me?"

"Since you are so bold, I can give you everything that you want. If you can make it, I can even give you the HL Group because I have the CG Group!" James said indifferently.

"Ahem… Ahem..." Dillon was choked by his own saliva on the spot. It was obvious that James was warning him not to be too arrogant and insatiable. It seemed that James couldn't be easily challenged. He was exceptionally scheming.

"I'll talk about it in detail tomorrow. You can make a list and give it to me. After all, only you can complete this task. I want to go there in person, but I can't leave for a while. I'll go there next time." James threw away the cigarette butt and added.

"Okay, okay. Bye. I'm going to prepare."

"Okay." Then James hung up the phone.

James turned around and went into his room. He sent Julie's message to Dillon on the computer. He suspected that Julie was still planning to sabotage Gail's work. It was said that she worked in the RF Group, so it was inevitable that she would cooperate with Daniel and do something excessive to them.

James rubbed his nose and felt a headache. Why was a woman so domineering in

"Well, we did do psychological research and investigate her part-time job experience. You may not know that Mrs. Gail specially established a community when she was at school. Then she handed over the community to Hoyle later. The community was actually the same as what we do."

"Oh? Is there anything I don't know?" Dillon was shocked by James's words.

Dillon thought that he shouldn't said that. Without thinking about what kind of person James was, Dillon had to smile apologetically, "I forgot that you were also good at it in the past. What I want to express is that maybe you can let your wife do what she likes..."

"Did Kevin tell you? Does he want Gail to learn from him?"

"Ahem..." James was right again. How could Dillon continue? His heart began to beat fast! Kevin didn't tell him that he couldn't talk to James like this. James's nerves were as sharp as eyes, which could frighten a coward!

"Tell him. I'll teach my wife by myself. Let's talk about it later. If he dare to covet my wife, be careful of his job!" After saying that, James hung up the phone directly, and he made Gail who was busy with her own business in the room stagger.

As for Dillon, Mr. James was really hard to deal with! And he was so stupid that he believed Kevin's words. He was not as good as that man in terms of emotional quotient.

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