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   Chapter 276 Little Glutton

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7295

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When Gail woke up, she found no one around her, looking a little lonely.

Gail should have been happy that James would come back after hearing her phone call and take a nap together. But when Gail woke up and found that James was not there, she would still be sad and disappointed.

Gail got up, washed her face and prepared to go to the study to continue her work. Although Gail was trapped in a little space every day, her arrangement was rich and nervous.

But Gail was curious why Belinda didn't come after James left. On second thought, she was not in danger. There were still several people outside, and James was too careful.

As soon as Gail opened the bedroom door, she bumped into a strong embrace, which made her nose twitch.

Gail covered her nose in surprise and looked at James, forgetting her pain. "Didn't you go back?"

James touched Gail's nose and said, "are you hurt? You're walking in such a hurry. Be careful next time."

Gail put her hands around James' neck happily and smiled like a flower. "I'm okay. It doesn't hurt. Aren't you busy today? Why don't you go back to work? Are you going to stay at home with me today? "

James pulled her clothes up from her shoulders and said, "yes, without my wife by my side, I have no motivation to work. Let's work together and don't interfere with each other, okay? "

"That's great. The room is so big that you can divide it up as you like. If I'm alone here. The study is a bit empty. What would you like to drink? I'll cook it for you. " As soon as Gail heard that James was going to work with her in the room, her hands unconsciously clasped in front of her chest happily, and her eyes seemed to spill stars.

James was also affected by Gail's smile. James touched her hair with a smile and said, "coffee, don't add sugar."

"Okay, I'll go now." Gail happily turned around and ran to the kitchen to find coffee beans and cute coffee cups to make coffee for James. Thinking that the coffee was too bitter, it was time for afternoon tea. It would be better to make a small dessert.

Gail began to look for ingredients in the small kitchen. Fortunately, Belinda had prepared some basic ingredients f

e dinner in a restaurant anymore. " James hugged Gail gently behind her back. Seeing Gail doing this, James' heart was full of happiness.

"Well, I haven't done it yet. You start thinking about not going to restaurants." Gail mumbled, pretending to be unhappy.

He rested his chin on her shoulder and said, "No. if you want to go to the restaurant every day, I can cook too. What if you like us to take turns cooking?"

"Well, that's good. I like it." Gail smiled sweetly.

"You don't want to cook for me, do you? Why do you insist that I change to take turns cooking with you? Am I the kind of person who forces you to cook?" James scratched her, with dissatisfaction in his eyes.

"Of course we have to make a deal. Otherwise, if you don't want to cook for me, I will eat my own food every day. It's boring, isn't it?" Gail also stepped on James' feet with a smile, and her silvery laughter kept coming from James' movements.

When James saw Gail put the delicate patch on the plate, it aroused his appetite. He pretended to eat with a spoon.

Gail slapped James' hand away and said, "little glutton, don't hurry. I haven't finished yet."

James' eyes lit up and his pupils contracted. "What did you say? Call me again. "

When Gail was about to take the tray and walk out, she suddenly felt that her feet were empty and she fell into James' arms.

Gail protected the tray in her hand and said, "slow down. Watch out for my dessert."

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