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   Chapter 275 Not Peaceful

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7124

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Daniel also lowered his head and sneered, "your grandfather's HL Group has suffered a loss for a long time. It's just that you have some strength to make use of it. I've heard about what happened before. If you force Steven back, you will lose one opponent. It's obvious that Cherry is deeply hurt by you. I just want to see how my nephew is doing now. After all, we used to be good friends. " In fact, Daniel was very jealous and regretful. Why didn't he pay attention to Andrew's career at the beginning? Now James got ahead and all the benefits fell into his hands.

Daniel knew that Cherry just wanted to show her happiness in front of James. Daniel felt it was not worthwhile for Cherry, but also unfair for himself. Why was Daniel so bad in front of his little nephew who had been disliked since childhood.

Perhaps, it was just from the moment James came back to the Jiang family that made Daniel become uneasy. In the past, Daniel went close with James just out of sympathy and loneliness. But now, Daniel saw that James was much better than him all of a sudden. James was in a high position with a beauty accompanying him. Even a beautiful woman like Cherry was courting death for him. Daniel's fighting spirit was stimulated, and he wanted to compete with James!

James didn't show weakness. "My grandpa, isn't your father?"

Daniel just smiled without saying anything.

Cherry also noticed that the Jiang family didn't get along well with each other. Cherry wanted to prove to James that she could still live a prosperous life without him, and so many handsome men would wait in line for her. The reason why Cherry came with Daniel was that she took a fancy to their current hostile relationship and wanted to disgust James.

"James, since you don't want to let my father out, I don't blame you. After all, it was my father's fault. I come here today just to talk about business. I want to terminate our cooperation. " Cherry said slowly, lifting up the long hair behind her ears, enchanting and moving.

Unfortunately, this didn't work on James. James just slightly moved the corners of his mouth and said, "no

ecurity made James' heart ache.

James knew that she had encountered a lot of problems recently and could feel Gail's psychological anxiety. Gail wanted to be better by James' side. But James wanted to say that she did nothing, which made James feel at ease. But when Gail saw Cherry and Julie, James could feel that Gail's mental activities were very complicated. James didn't contradict Gail. He knew that the sense of security of a new era woman was more than marrying a good husband. James would be a good husband. He would appear in time when Gail needed him. James didn't care whether Gail would succeed or not. James could support her for a lifetime.

James gently lay down beside Gail. It seemed that Gail didn't sleep well and found a comfortable posture. James moved closer to Gail and held her in his arms.

"Eh..." Gail half opened her eyes, leaned in James' arms happily, buried her head in James' arms and found a comfortable posture to hold him.

"Go to sleep." James patted Gail's back gently to comfort her.

"Well," Gail smiled with satisfaction. She didn't expect James to really come, and even quietly come.

In the sunny noon, they hugged and fell asleep.

At the same time, James was restless. There was something wrong with several cross-border projects of the HL Group these days. James wanted to find someone to solve this matter, and the first and most suitable person was Dillon.

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