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   Chapter 273 You Have A Mother-in-law

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7014

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After the joke, James looked at Gail seriously, with her reflection in his eyes.

In fact, when he heard what Lily said today, he became restless and painful.

He knew that Gai was also a child without parents. She knew better than others how he felt when he had no mother.

During the dinner, he looked at her seriously again. After a while, he said, "Gai, have you ever thought about seeing your mother again?"

Gail was curious why he always looked at her with gentle eyes today, half sad and pitiful.

She put down her chopsticks, and her gloomy face was suddenly replaced by a light smile, "I didn't remember my mother when she left my home. I only knew that my grandpa and grandma told me that my mother remarried another man when I was very young, and she couldn't stay here because my father was mentally abnormal. But every time I need someone to attend the PTA meeting, I will be reminded by that kind of unintentional activity that I am a child without parents. Later I heard that she went to a big city to develop her career. Grandpa never mentioned her to me. I asked him, but he said he didn't know. He told me not to miss her anymore and she wouldn't come back."

Gail raised her soulless eyes to look at him, and the sarcasm at the corners of her mouth was flamboyant and pitiful, "Anyway, it has nothing to do with me whether she is alive or dead. Although I have lived a little hard without her in the past few years, I have been very good by grandpa's side. So it depends on fate whether I will see her or not. Maybe we met each other on the street, but we didn't know each other. We may have met each other for a long time."

He stood up and walked over to hold her tightly. His eyes were full of pity, "I will replace your parents and give you all happiness. What do you think? I love you like your father in the daytime, and I love you like your mother in the evening. And I am your husband in the evening."

She lowered her head and thought it was funny, "Humph, you are just a big bad wolf. It's enough that I have a husband. If you say so now, I will tell you mor

was the object that Dillon had been working for, but Kevin's boss was James. Kevin didn't know much about the HL Group.

He found that James seemed to have tested him recently. After all, he had to do a lot of things for him from now on. If he was not reliable and loyal to James, James's efforts would be in vain. Knowing this, Kevin concentrated on his work.

James was the most potential boss he had met in his business for many years. It was right to follow James. He didn't need to worry about money. He guessed that he would probably use all his strength to find out where James's mother was.

"Everything is ready. I will try my best to investigate this matter. As for other things, I will ask someone to report to you directly." He answered seriously.

James nodded. His thick and stylish dashing eyebrows made his forehead full of energy, "Lily must know something. You should ask someone to follow her. And I don't want the Jiang family to know about this matter for the time being. No one can leak it except me."

"I know. I know what I'm doing. I've arranged someone to cooperate with Dillon. If anything happens, we can get in touch with each other. If there's nothing else, I'll go to work." Kevin had been mentally prepared for not being accompanied by a woman for a long time. He was not an idle person, and now he was afraid that he would be even busier and more nervous.

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