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   Chapter 268 Sent Her The Romance

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7127

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In the NF City, the person who was answering the phone in his office was talking with the person on the other end of the phone about the land.

"Are you calling to talk about this with me?" Jackson was surprised that James thought it was so important.

"Yes, it's very important. Just take it as my cooperation with you. Hank will sign the contract with you. I will sponsor you to make the town the best state. You expropriate the land first. I will reply to you in two days on how to build it. " James called Jackson when James was free. It was the first time for them to talk about business, as a partner.

"Well, I know what to do. I have a rough idea of your mind. It's rare to have such a considerate husband. As expected, Gail didn't find the wrong person. " Jackson said sincerely. In fact, whether he loved someone or not, the most important thing was to see what he had done, not what he had said.

What he had said was not better than a cool summer breeze, at least it left a moment of coolness in someone's heart. If it couldn't be fulfilled, it was like a fruit on the wilderness, and if no one picked it, it would become a pile of rotten dry fruit.

"Don't tell Iris. I don't want her to know. When the time is ripe, I want to give Gail a surprise. " James remembered what Gail had said before, so James wanted to make Gail the most moved and happy when she was off guard.

"Yes, I understand." How could Jackson not know that this was the most romantic thing to go on in a romantic way. After getting married, a man tried to make a girl's dream become true. What he needed was not only money, but also a sincere heart of love.

"You suffered a lot, but I know it's not only to fulfill her wish, but also to benefit a lot. After all, you have been to that place before, and it's very valuable to develop, right?" James was not on a whim, but he had prepared for a long time and was not blind to the land.

"Yes, I have been there and carefully studied the resources there. Many of them are unique. If we make good use of them, it will be a great work. My father doesn't like my idea, but after I brainwashed h


"It's hard to say." Although Gail was relieved to hear this, she was still a little worried.

James took a sip of coffee leisurely. "Have you thought about your work? Where are you going? Have you found you like?"

Gail was a little depressed. "No, I haven't found what I like. Although I really want to help you, I don't like such a rigorous and boring work. I think I have to change my direction. I don't have to be in the same industry as you to stand by your side equally. I'm so poor and my skills are limited. I'm afraid it's impossible for me to catch up with you for the rest of my life. "

"Well, I also think so. After all, your husband is so excellent."

"……" James had been acting strangely recently, and Gail had been used to it. "It's really difficult for me to know what I like. I just wanted to find a good job. It doesn't matter how hard it was. As long as I could give myself and Grandpa a better life. But now it seems difficult to realize this idea. But I'm Mrs. Gail after all, I can't waste this privilege, can I? I want to be responsible for my work. After all, half of my life is about work and life. "

James nodded, "I remember you like to live in your village. Do you like to live a small life, like your grandpa said, growing grass in a simple courtyard. But I know that the ideal state is only limited to the old age. Do you want to start planning such a life from now on? "

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