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   Chapter 264 Kill Them All In One Net

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 4500

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"Miss Cherry, what are you doing here?" A man in black appeared in front of Cherry with an unfathomable smile.

"Who are you?" Cherry stepped back vigilantly to keep a safe distance.

He grinned wickedly, "I'm Dillon, a man working for James. Come in with me. I guess you will see a good show! "

After saying that, Dillon directly walked past Cherry, followed by a large group of people, ignoring Cherry.

At this time, Cherry couldn't care too much. She was worried that her father would really deal with James!

Dillon led them through the corridors one after another. The people in the club saw them standing respectfully aside, and someone led them directly to the innermost room.

This was the most luxurious club here, and what appeared in front of them was a magnificent gate.

The two waiters in white gloves pushed the door open directly.

Dillon stopped and waited for Cherry.

Cherry was extremely nervous at this time, and there was no sound around. It was strangely quiet.

"Miss Cherry, this way please." Dillon made a lady first gesture like a gentleman.

Cherry stopped and didn't think that Dillon meant well.

But she was curious about what happened inside. After hesitating for a while, she pushed the heavy wooden door in front of her open.

"Creak!" a hollow sound came from inside.

"Cherry! Cherry,

tight trap. James became the only and the biggest winner.

James still sat there, staring at the documents on Steven's desk.

Dillon said, "It wasn't supposed to be so fast, but your father, several directors and shareholders of the group can't wait to escape the law here. They forced Mr. James to give in in in the most cruel and direct way. We are taking advantage of the situation. Anyway, it will be impossible that a day or two for you want to take over the HL Group. This bowl of soup is too delicious, but you haven't thought that the more delicious it is, the more difficult it will be to get it. It can only be said that you have underestimated the power of the HL Group and your means are too cruel. It's not our fault for being ruthless. "

"Well, let your father explain to you slowly. Now I just want the result." James didn't have the patience to listen to Cherry's question.

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