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   Chapter 263 A Cat On Hot Bricks

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7045

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After wandering around the room for a long time, Gail sat on the sofa, opened the thing James gave to Belinda, took out the headphones and began to listen to music.

"Gai, I know you will be worried, but you have to believe that your husband is the best. I told you this morning that we might be in turmoil in the future, but after this critical period, everything will be fine. You are my strongest and smartest Gai. You will cheer for me, won't you! Of course, it will take a period of baptism for me to take over Andrew's belongings. After all, it is not so easy to get what I inherit. It is a finished product created by the elders. As long as you are with me and support me, we will get through the difficulties. "

"Gai, I love you." James' voice was soft and magnetic, as if it was very close, or as if it was far away.

"Gai, I will give you the most stable happiness. No one can hurt you. You are my only motivation. I have no other choice. I hope to bring you an ordinary and stable life, but before that, we have to go through a lot of ups and downs. Gai, are you ready? "

Tears welled up in Gail's eyes. Hearing this, she couldn't help but burst into tears.

Belinda handed Gail a tissue and pushed the box in front of her.

"Gai, I love you. Wait for me at home. Have a good meal. "

Gai kept wiping her tears and nodded to the air.

Gail calmed down and became less anxious. Gail believed that James would come back. James could handle everything well. Gail had never seen him screw up anything.

A few minutes later, Gail's phone rang. It was an unknown number.

Belinda looked at her, Gail answered the phone slowly.

"Hello? "

"Gail, I'm Cherry," The woman on the other end of the line seemed to be very confident, and Gail could hear the tone of her smile.

"Cherry?" Why did she call Gail?

Belinda grabbed Gail's mobile phone, "Miss Cherry, you want Mrs. Gail to give up something, don't you?"

Cherry didn't expect to hear other people's voices at this time. Cherry had to admit that James was well prepared. She called Gail Mrs. Jiang, which meant that he had

t. Her father had long wanted to teach James a lesson. Cherry didn't know if something bad would happen to James. Although she hated James, she had never thought of hurting James. Cherry just had a little fantasy that even if James was with Gail, he would fall in love with Cherry one day. Gail had nothing. She was an innocent college student. If James wanted to be in the business world, Cherry's family background and education were the most suitable people to stand by his side. James didn't know at the beginning, and he would definitely know how good Cherry was soon.

But now, if her father forced James to compromise by force, he would come out. According to James' personality, he would not appreciate her, but would hate her for a lifetime!

What should she do? What should she do? Cherry was in a dilemma, as anxious as an ant on a hot pot.

At this moment, four cars came to the gate of the club.

Cherry turned around and saw the armed vehicles rampaging at the entrance of the club. Although Cherry didn't understand, she remembered that her father also had one, saying that in order to avoid accidents.

Cherry also laughed at her father for being too careful. It was not an era of war now.

Everyone in the world of martial arts would be hit by a knife, which was a common saying of his father. It was the first time that Cherry had seen such a dark side of the business world.

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