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   Chapter 259 Quarrel

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"Don't move!"


"I want to take a hot spring, too!"



"No." But Gail's face was red and she wore thin clothes which were specially provided for couples in hot spring in the hotel. She covered her chest with her hands and didn't want James to see her.

Although they had been married for some days, they had never had a bath together. It was she who asked to turn off the light when they were sleeping. They hadn't seen each other for a few days. She was so shy that she couldn't let go of her hands.

At first, she thought there was a big swimming pool near the sea, but she didn't expect that the water was warm when she came in. Watching the sea in the hot spring, of course she couldn't wait to do such a beautiful thing.

So she insisted on taking the hot spring. He followed her and threw his clothes to her.

After she changed her clothes, she didn't dare to come out. She wore a thin black gauze floral cover and a white silk swimsuit inside. The shield was only one foot above her knees, looming in the light.

She secretly observed that he seemed to be changing his clothes, so she ran outside without his noticing.

As soon as she entered the hot spring, he came out and turned on the light beside the hot spring. Her clothes were perfectly exposed to his eyes.

That's why she didn't allow him to come in. She wanted to take the hot spring alone.

How could he allow her to do that? He got into the warm water with a pair of shorts and cover her protesting mouth with his mouth.

"We are an old married couple, but you're still shy. Are you still my wife?" He looked at her hazy clothes and his eyes wandered.

It turned out that he was also shy. He had never seen such a Gai, half buried in the water. The petals floating on the water couldn't cover her figure. This resort hotel was so considerate. It not only made the environment unimaginable, but also made the details of these clothes unimaginably romantic. It seemed that he was worth buying this sea view room.

She turned around and asked, "Why are we getting old? We just got our marriage license for a few months. It is natural for me to be shy."

He felt excited when he saw Gai like this, but he had something important to talk about.

He tried his best to control his inner restlessness and pressed the gear next to him. A small table rose in the middle of them, which was con

stile glances at her. Thinking of this, Gail became unhappy and her tone became unfriendly.

James put down the spoon directly. He didn't expect that she not only didn't admit her mistake, but also became angry with him!

He also lost his temper. He walked up to her, sat down and leaned against her, "Hey, you are trying to be angry with me! I'll give you a chance. Do you want to tell me?" His tone was soft and kind, showing no sign of anger.

Gail kept eating curry rice with her head down, "No!"

"……" He gave her a step down. It was okay if she didn't go down, but she had to climb up.

Unfortunately, he just didn't want to quarrel with her. After all, he had concealed a lot of things from her today, and he would tell her more things in the future.

He grabbed the spoon from her hand and put it aside to make her look at him, "You don't want to tell me, do you? Then we have nothing to discuss today! Let's get down to business first!"

When she was about to take back her spoon, he picked her up by accident and put her on the small stage at the edge of the hot spring. Was it the place to do bad things? The hotel was too… Humanized.

"James… Hmm..." Before she could say anything, her mouth was gagged.

Since it was impossible to be reasonable like this, then he used the best way to solve everything.

If they had a quarrel in the future, he could use this method. He now understood that it was a good idea to end the quarrel on the bed. He could understand a lot of things with his physical strength!

"This is outside!" She pushed him away!

"No one will see us!"


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