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   Chapter 258 The Romantic Husband

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7295

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Gail remembered that Hoyle hesitated at that time. He would not let her live a happy life and make him sad.

Hoyle kept silent for a long time. They said goodbye with a smile until Dylan came to urge them.

"Gai, I wish you happiness."

"I wish you happiness soon too."

Gail turned around and caught up with Dylan, with a slight smile at the corners of her mouth. Gail believed that Hoyle would become an outstanding person, which was enough.

Dylan took Gail to the stage, James walked up to Gail and held her hand. At this time, the whole hall was quiet and looked at the protagonist of the banquet tonight.

James tightly held Gail's hand and said, "I'm the entrepreneur of the CG Group. I hope you can give me more advice in the future. In addition, I will take over the local Hualong group at that time. I hope you can continue to support me! "

There was not much reaction to James' front words, but after he finished, there was an uproar, and all kinds of exclamations and applause came one after another.

After the brief speech, someone asked a question. Unexpectedly, the first question was, "is this your wife, Mr. James?"

"Yes, this Mrs. Gail is my legal wife. We have registered for marriage. We will hold a wedding on six next month. Welcome to our wedding. " As James spoke, he gently turned around and looked at the woman who lowered her head and smiled shyly. Love could be seen in his eyes.

The reason why James took Gail out was that he wanted to make a high-profile announcement that he had been married. He didn't want to see anyone send beautiful women when they were in business!

In country A, James didn't want those women to continue to pester him. In China, after his marriage was exposed, few people followed him. James thought that this was the most direct and the best way. At the same time, He had to tell those who had looked down upon him before that he not only had a successful career, but also had a family.

After saying that, James left the party with Gail.

James wanted to take her to live a place of two people. Since they got married, he always wanted to stay with her quietly and didn't want anyone to disturb them.


"Honey! You are so romantic! I didn't expect you to be such a romantic man. This is my ideal life of being an immortal. I'm so happy to live here for a whole day! " Gail's excited voice interrupted James' thoughts.

James opened the entrance guard and said, "then we'll stay here for a month!"

"Really? Really? " Gail put her hands on her mouth and said in disbelief, "no, no, No. It must be very expensive here. James, we'd better save some money. We can't afford too much."

James smiled without saying anything. He knew that Gail was very economical. She used to live a hard life and always wanted to save money for him. James felt that he had a new motivation, which was to train Gail to be a spendthrift lady. Only in this way could he have a sense of accomplishment.

"Don't you have any questions to ask me?" James knew what happened at the banquet tonight. Gail must want to ask. But Gail didn't say anything. James was a little anxious.

Gail carefully looked around the sea view villa. Every room was bright, and the big french window was almost the whole wall. The beige curtain was half hidden, from which she could see the fishing fire reflected on the water outside the window.

When James spoke, Gail had already gone to the bathroom. Hearing her exclamation from inside, Gail poked her head out and said, "what? What did you say? "

"Come out. Let's talk." James also had something to ask Gail, and asked her seriously.

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