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   Chapter 257 Wish You Happiness

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6759

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Hoyle had never seen Gail like such an elegant and beautiful woman, who looked like a princess in a water blue dress. It was not too much to describe her. But she got married and stood beside James.

She was very happy. The smile on her face told people that she was happy.

In the past, she always looked indifferent and sad. She always passed through the campus and the noisy streets alone.

James held Gai's hand and said lightly, "Hoyle, I didn't expect to meet you here. I heard that you have helped Gai a lot before, so I haven't had a chance to thank you."

Hoyle smiled bitterly in his heart and said calmly, "It's my pleasure. She have helped me a lot. I owe her a lot. But we are old friends now. It's natural for us to help each other."

Hoyle emphasized that he was a junior schoolmate of Gail and was often taken care of by her, so he knew her longer than James.

How could James not understand what he meant? He continued to smile gloomily, "That's right. My wife likes to help others, so it's natural for her to help you. But now she has a husband and doesn't need opposite sex friends. There is no pure friendship between men and women."

Looking at James's side face, Gail couldn't help but slander him. At first, he got along with her in the name of friends, but now he knew the truth.

Feeling her gaze, he turned around and looked at her dotingly, "If you don't like, we can go there to eat something."

She was already very embarrassed. After all, Hoyle used to be her very familiar friend. It was okay for James to confront Hoyle, but how could he leave after saying something?

"Wait!" Hoyle stopped them in time. If he didn't say something now, he might really have no chance to say it in the future.

"What's the matter?" James's eyes flashed and swept over Hoyle's body, as if with an irresistible impatience.

"Since you don't allow her to have opposite sex friends in the future, I'll say the last few words to her. Isn't this too much?" Hoyle's tone was unfriendly and he was

s kindness when she had the ability one day. She always knew that he was kind-hearted. She even imagined that she would be a very happy girl to date with such a person. But she didn't have that kind of feeling for him, so she didn't go deep into it.

She felt good to be loved by someone. It proved that she was not that bad. She still had many advantages. She was worth loving. But she knew that she couldn't take it for granted just because she was loved.

She knew clearly that such a fragile thing would hurt both of the two people. The best way was to speak it out calmly without regret.

She was glad that she didn't say anything radical or try to respond when she found his emotion.

This was the best ending. For his good, she shouldn't disturb him. After a long time, he would understand. Moreover, she knew Hoyle. No matter what happened, he would find a better one.

"Hoyle, I know. I also hope that you can live a good life. I'm happy to see your progress now. You will get what you want, and there will be someone who loves you more in the future. At the same time, the person you love will appear in front of you. The best couple could be together and live every ordinary moment together. You will understand it in the future. The person who will bring you happiness is the right person." But she brought him disappointment.

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