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   Chapter 256 Meeting Hoyle

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"Sure enough, it's James. Is this your wife?"

It's incredible that you had a female companion! She was so beautiful. Sure enough, you were so picky."

Several English speaking men surrounded them with wine glasses in their hands.

Gail didn't expect so many people to know James here.

He put his arms around her waist and replied with a smile in English, "This is my wife, Gail."

He introduced her with a gentle smile, "This is my classmates. Today's banquet is actually held for me. We are the host of tonight's banquet, Gai. You really surprised me."

"……" She had a lot of questions to ask him, but she didn't know where to start, so she suppressed the questions and nodded to his classmates with a smile.

"I didn't expect you to have such a great identity. You didn't even say it at that time. In your words, you were too modest. I didn't expect you to have such a powerful grandfather." A man held a glass of wine and praised James. James didn't expect that there would be many people he was familiar with tonight.

He smiled faintly, "That's because my grandfather is powerful. I just borrowed his strength."

A man who once looked down upon him said, "Didn't you run your own group? It's not easy without your grandpa's power."

James listened to their compliments seriously and responded simply.

"Your wife is so beautiful. When did you date?"

"We will cooperate more often in the future. My father has handed over the company to me. There are still many opportunities for us to cooperate in the future."

He just asked Dylan to inform his classmates of the party tonight, but he didn't expect that there were so many people coming.

Finally, it was quiet. James took Gail to a quiet place to sit down, and then she had the chance to ask him.

These enthusiastic classmates didn't seem to greet him sincerely. Gail knew that it was a tentative greeting.

"James, you said

ng at Cherry.

"But I don't like this one, either." She boldly looked into his eyes, showing no sign of weakness.

"You're right. You're so beautiful. It won't be easy to find another one who can compete with you." He helped her walk forward, because there was a familiar figure in the distance.

Gail smiled and pinched him on the waist, "Don't be garrulous." She followed him forward, not noticing that someone's eyes had been fixed on her for a long time.

James also looked at the young man who was staring at Gai. How dare he stare at his beloved wife so blatantly? He really overestimated himself.

Gail sensed that something was wrong. She followed James's sight and accidentally fell into deep eyes.

"Hoyle?" She lowered her voice, but it was hard to hide her surprise.

She raised her head and asked James what had happened.

With a sly smile on his face and a pair of eyes, James said, "I don't know how he came here, but he is the successor of his family business now. It's normal for him to develop abroad. I guess that he came here with his father, but I don't want you to see him so excited."

While they were talking, they had already walked to the opposite side of Hoyle.

She quietly let go of James's arm, but she was held tightly in his hand.

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