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   Chapter 238 Can You Stay Here

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6622

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Hearing Andrew's words, James also felt that he owed Gai a lot. She just silently adapted to his arrangement. He had always put his newly married wife at school, and he felt sorry for her.

But he also knew that Gai liked to spend her college life in the campus. He shouldn't have forced her, but what his grandfather said made him realize that anyway, he was her husband.

Besides, there was nothing to do at school now. She just stayed in the library and chatted with her roommates.

He suddenly remembered that she seemed to have a conflict with Iris recently, but he didn't ask.

He called Gail in a hurry, and she answered the phone soon. He felt warm in his heart.

"James?" It was a gentle greeting, which made him happy and guilty.

"Gai, what are you doing? Have you finished your things in the college? As my wife, is it time for you to go home?"

"Where are you now?" She asked softly.

Although he was curious about her question, he still smiled brightly, "I'm outside the school gate. If you miss me, come down to find me now."

"James, can you do me a favor?" She whispered.

James keenly captured her emotion, "What can I help you? I'm your husband. It's natural for me to do it for you."

James found that Gail hesitated for a while, so he patiently said, "How about we meet first?"

"Okay, I'll wait for you outside." He knew that something must have happened to Gai, and her tone was unusual.

Today, Iris finally came to talk to Gail, but the first thing she said was, "I'm leaving."

It turned out that Iris had found a job, but she didn't say when to leave. Everyone was kept in the dark. But Gail didn't know if it was because of her that Iris left. They had agreed that they wouldn't leave until the dorm keeper drove them away.

Iris would take the train at five o'clock in the afternoon. Although Gail had been thinking about this question, she didn't dare to ask Iris in person. Iris only said that her family wanted her to go to a

"Iris, are you really leaving this afternoon?" He wanted to make sure that he hadn't thought about it all the time. Iris must have known the fact that he liked Gail a long time ago. After all, she knew him well, but he hadn't noticed it. All of a sudden, he felt that he was a jerk.

He wanted to ask her how she knew, but on second thought, if he wanted to know something, he would definitely know. If he didn't want to know something, even if someone mentioned it in his ear, he would not think whether he wanted to know the truth or not.

Iris laughed at herself and said loudly, "Yes, you are really well-informed. I'm going to develop myself in a big city. Don't miss me too much!"

Hearing Iris pretend to be happy, he felt sad. Just as James said, he shouldn't have given her hope. Perhaps Iris wouldn't appear in front of him if she had no hope, and things wouldn't develop to this day. She didn't want to face Gail, nor did she want to stay in this city.

It must be the truth, because she said that she would stay in NF City after graduation. For one thing, her family was here, and for another, many of her classmates were here. In the future, if she worked or was on holidays, there would be familiar people to play with.

"Iris, can you stay here?" Iris heard his low voice through the screen.

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