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   Chapter 237 Want To Have A Great-grandson

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6712

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"Noble, Lily, oh, no, Ellie. 'Ellie ruined our wedding. What are you going to say? And what about sending a message to Gai? Aren't you going to give me an explanation? Besides, she has done more than one good thing to us. You two know it, right? " James stood up with a cold light in his eyes, which worried Noble.

Noble was worried that his son who he didn't take good care of and owed too much would not only drive away Lily, but also drive him away!

"You have to prove it. Why do you say I did it?" At this point, Lily didn't care about her dignity anymore.

"I have enough evidence. Since you don't admit it, I don't want to argue with you. Then I have to talk to you through legal channels." James turned around and held Gail's hand. He didn't want to waste his time talking to Lily.

"James, why are you so cruel? We are family!" Noble looked at James with pleading eyes.

"Family? Humph! " James' eyes were instantly burning with anger. "If you had known that we were a family, you would not have allowed her to do so! How dare you say that! I've never seen your shamelessness before! What a perfect match! You are really a pair! " James tried his best to hold back the impulse to explode, with a frightening cold light in his eyes.

"Let's go!" James didn't want to stay here for a moment. He was extremely disappointed in Noble. If Noble were not his father, James would have taken measures and wouldn't have waited for this moment.

Lily remained unmoved. She had a good control of Noble's temper and didn't worry that Noble would leave her.

Since everyone was going to attack her, she didn't need to hide anything after the showdown, as long as there was no evidence to prove it. The only thing Lily had to make sure of now was that Noble would not leave her behind. If she was with him, it would be more convenient for her to deal with the Jiang family. As for the cooperation with Daniel, she had her own way. After all, they had already been in internal strife.

Noble was more t

rest. Moreover, your wedding is ruined, and she is willing to live with you. You have to make it up to her. Although the wedding was cancelled, the new wedding date couldn't be careless. Although you can make up for your honeymoon after the wedding ceremony, you are still newly married. Don't be unkind to her. "

Andrew sat down and continued, "she has suffered too much since she was a child. You have to be careful. Don't delay your relationship because of work. And since you have already got the marriage certificate, should you spare some time to consider the matter of descendants? You're not young anymore. I've seen your primary school classmates take their children to the park. But you and Gai, one of you is at school and the other is at home. "

"She is going to graduate soon. You have to be careful. Otherwise, I don't have much time left, and I won't be able to have a great grandson." Andrew now put all his hopes on their children. Only this hope could bring color to his life.

With a faint smile on his face, James said, "Grandpa, I know. Gai is still young. I will definitely urge her after she graduates. But don't mention it in front of her. She has just entered the Jiang family and will be under pressure. "

Andrew laughed and said, "you brat, you've been partial. Don't worry. I know what I'm doing. "

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