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   Chapter 236 Reveal The Truth

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6487

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"Say yes or no! Do you stay with me for so many years just to revenge on the Jiang family through me? " Noble's eyes were bloodshot. He stared at Lily with wide eyes.

He had some feelings for her, or he wouldn't have been so excited and desperate. There was another thing that a man's self-esteem had the upper hand. Even if Noble liked Lily very much, he would feel ashamed.

Lily's clothes were torn, and she didn't wake up from the shock. She thought she had all the information about the Jiang family, but she had never heard that they had found so much. When Lily came here, she had made a good plan. She had to take advantage of the baby in her belly......

Yes! There was a baby in her belly! The baby came in time, or she wouldn't be able to get out of the Jiang family today.

Lily shook off Noble's hand, her face full of anger and hatred, "but I'm pregnant with your child now! Even if I planned to use you like this at the beginning, I didn't expect that I would be pregnant with your child! Noble, you should ask yourself if I have done anything bad to you these years! Although I hate the Jiang family, I have never betrayed you since I married you! Now I'm holding your baby. Are you going to kill all of us? "

Noble was momentarily unable to respond and gradually dropped his hands. His mind went blank. It turned out that his lover had never been the kind of simple woman. It was not until now that he knew why Andrew didn't like her. Everyone would see her as a suspect in the first place.

"How could she give birth to the baby of the Jiang family? Noble, you are still so naive at this time. What on earth is in your mind! Don't you know that she used this trick to deceive you for many years? Are you sure that the baby in her belly is yours? Humph! I don't think you deserve to be James' father. You deserved it when he denied you fatherhood! " Andrew was so angry that he stamped his crutch and stood up.


Lily took it for granted and said, "it's not the first day you know me. I've done something well. But even if I hate the Jiang family, I don't hate you. The only thing I hate is that you can't help me in the Jiang family. You are too useless! "

"You...... Get out of here! Get out of the Jiang clan now! " Noble suddenly pointed at Lily and cursed.

"Are you willing to give up the baby?" As Lily spoke, she touched her belly, which couldn't be seen bulging.

"You...... Who knows if it's mine! You said you didn't betray me. Then who is your son's father! You were with me when you were pregnant. Tell me why! "

"But later I became soft hearted and didn't have sex with other men. If you don't believe me, you can investigate it. But I really don't plan to have this child. After all, I have a feud with the Jiang family. I can't have the child of my enemy! " Lily pressed her belly hard, intending to press it down, which would cause fatal damage to the baby!

"What are you doing?" Instinctively, Noble ran to Lily and held her hand, "do you still want to destroy my child?"

James looked coldly at the scene. He pursed his lips tightly.

James still didn't intend to let go of Lily. Although Andrew said he could give Noble three days, he wouldn't let go of her easily.

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