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   Chapter 233 Secretly Cry

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6877

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Lily, who had to dress up carefully every day, was really disheveled today. The luxurious room was in a mess, and she sat in front of the dressing table dejectedly.

"My lady, there is a news that the core group of Andrew, who is abroad, is nowhere to be found."


"Andrew has gradually recovered, and the nanny's child has been safe out of danger. I don't know how they know that the child has remained poison! We have lost the bargaining chip, and the nanny is nowhere to be found. "

"……" Lily had no strength to answer, except listening.

Noticing that Lily didn't lose her temper, she continued, "besides, Andrew's men have begun to seriously damage our human resources and capital chain. I'm afraid that we can't stand it anymore! "

"……" Lily still sat still with her hand on her forehead.

"James keeps a close eye on Gail. It seems that the problem on the Internet last time was set by Daniel. Maybe we can join hands with him!"

"Daniel? Do you mean that Daniel and James are against each other? " Lily suddenly raised her head, and her scarlet eyes seemed to have cried. At this time, her plot and schemes were particularly ferocious. The person who was reporting to her was frightened and immediately lowered her head.

"Yes, they haven't contacted each other recently. I don't know why, but now Daniel has taken over the RF Group and always competes with the CG Group for resources."

Lily's face softened a little. The news was like a life-saving straw that brought her back to life.

She combed her hair and stood up with her back to her, "where is Noble? Where did he go? "

"He said he went to the amusement park to play with the kids. But I'm afraid that Andrew will ask him to go back. Did you need to call him. After all...... If Andrew knows... "

Lily snapped, "what do you know! The Jiang family doesn't have the ability to know the identity of their child yet! "

"……" But Lily always felt uneasy, so she bit her teeth and continued, "but everyone knows that you are against Andrew. It's inevitable that th

ng family or the school? Tell me clearly, or I'll be really anxious with you! " As James spoke, he quietly kissed her cheek gently. He really didn't know how to deal with such Gail.

"……" Gail didn't know whether she should tell him about it or not. "Nothing. I just feel that I have graduated. Maybe I am more sensitive."

"Sensitive for what? Did someone bully you? " James grabbed her shoulder anxiously. "Is there anyone who doesn't like you to be so beautiful that to trouble you?"

"Ha-ha..." Gail was suddenly amused by his words. How could he be so humorous?

James breathed a sigh of relief. "It's not a big deal if you can still smile. Tell me now, or we can go home and discuss with Andrew when to have a baby. "

When Gail heard this, she was flustered. She hurriedly pulled James up and said, "no... it's still early..... I'll tell you, okay? " Gail pursed her lips and pretended to beg for mercy.

James sat down again and said with a faint smile, "go ahead."

Gail picked up the leaves in her hands and tore them little by little. "I don't know why Iris ignored me. I don't know what happened or there was a misunderstanding between us. Anyway, it seems that she is only lukewarm towards me all of a sudden. We used to be the best. Now we are going to graduate. I don't know what to do with such a thing, because I don't know what happened. "

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