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   Chapter 232 Ungrateful

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6608

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Iris took a look at Gail, climbed onto her bed, lifted the quilt and lay down.

Gail wanted to say something, but she didn't know what to say.

It was time for lunch. She'd better go to the canteen to get some food for Iris. Although Gail didn't know what was wrong, that was what she could do for Iris as her friend.

However, one day had passed, and Iris still ignored her and didn't eat the food she brought. However, when Mary asked Iris, she responded. Sherry didn't notice Iris's unusual behavior. She asked Iris, and Iris also answered.

It was not until then that Gail realized what was wrong. It turned out that not only did Jackson have a quarrel with Iris, but also she.

Gail couldn't figure it out.

She sat by the lake in the campus and texted Iris, asking her what happened, but Iris didn't reply either.

What happened? Why did Iris dislike her? Gail only remembered that Iris was very angry when she said she would give her a dress. But usually, they would try on each other's dresses. Sometimes, if they were not suitable for clothes, they would give it to each other. But this time, it was completely unpredictable.

Gail didn't know what to do. She couldn't remember what was wrong. Her best friend, Iris, had broken up with her.

When she was sad, James called her.

She calmed herself down and said, "James."

"Gai, have you had lunch? I'm free this noon. Would you like to come out and have lunch with me?" He said in a relaxed tone today, and everything should have been alleviated.


"What? Are you in a bad mood?" He could tell that her voice was muffled.

"No, I just feel a little uncomfortable." She didn't want to make him worry about her. She could solve it by herself.

"What's wrong? Do you want to go to the hospital?" He also became nervous. He didn't take good care of her these two days.

"No, I want to see grandpa after dinner. When can he leave the hospital?" These two days, James asked her not to go

like a girl like his wife, he will not introduce someone to me.'

However, he did think that there were not many beauties like Gail. She looked clear and mysterious, just like the woman by the lake of Baykal.

'Forget it. I have never fallen in love with any woman yet. I am still handsome. I really do not want much.'

Hank went back to his office dejectedly and felt headache at the thought of leaving everything to him! 'It is great to have a wife. He can leave everything to me easily! No, I have to find a girl to have a try. Otherwise, a single man would always have to work overtime!'

'Maybe I could go to the bar tonight. It is said that there will be good women in the bar. It depends on my luck.' Not long ago, someone told Hank that he could go to the temple to ask for marriage. It was accurate.

As a person who didn't believe in any sect, he even went to ask for marriage one day!

Under the stimulation of James, for the first time, Hank was very irritable. If a beautiful woman had fallen from the sky, it must be his girlfriend.

At the same time, James was also depressed about what had happened just now. Although he knew that Hank was just joking, he still felt uncomfortable. He stepped on the gas and sped to the end. Why did he worry about Hank? He didn't care about his own life!

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