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   Chapter 231 Roommate Crisis

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7114

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In the past few days, James was very busy. He went out early and came back late. He would only spare some time to call back when he got the message from Gail. Gail knew that he had encountered a lot of things recently. She didn't bother him and began to work.

They had also taken their graduation photos. They walked in every corner of the campus, looking for the most beautiful scenery and leaving their footprints. However, James had promised her to take photos, but he had no time at all.

She refused the show. She was about to graduate, and she was not in the mood. She did deliver the speech at the graduation ceremony. Jim was another speaker. They once again became the hot topic in the campus.

Because there was no news that day to clarify them, everyone said something, but she was used to it. What touched her most was that after all kinds of comments about her were posted on the campus website, James made a substantial clarification on the website, and all the topics were finally stopped for a while. She didn't expect that her graduation would be so complicated. Sitting down and recalling the college life, the experiences flashed through her mind one by one. She had to sigh that growing up was really a difficult thing with a sense of achievement.

However, every step of growing up was very difficult. After reaching adulthood, no matter how to choose the future, everyone couldn't be careless. If one step was wrong, he or she would miss everything.

For example, if she hadn't gone to the interview last time, she might not have been so entangled with James in her life. She would have become the girl who went back to her hometown with a fixed salary and accompanied her grandfather to finish his last journey. That would be good, but she couldn't guarantee that she would meet a person who loved her so much and protected her.

Mary had planned to take the exam again, but Sherry who had a little emotional ups and downs had been at odds with her boyfriend for several days. Recently, she had been looking for a job on the Internet. She had sent out resumes and interviewed several companies. Iri

e distance. After a long time, Iris still didn't come down, so Gail had to go back to the dormitory.

Gail decided to call Jackson. If Iris didn't want to tell her, she would ask him.

Jackson answered the phone soon, "Is it Gail?" He was surprised that Gail would call him.

She didn't find anything wrong and cut to the chase, "Did you have an appointment with Iris today? "

He replied in confusion, "No. She seems to be hiding from me these two days. I don't know what's wrong with me. You said that she liked me, but I... I don't know what my feelings for her." He smiled bitterly.

Gail didn't like this kind of person, "Since you don't know whether you like her or not, and you indeed have a try, why do you still not refuse her? You just don't know that it will hurt the person who likes you. She is sad for you in the dormitory, but you just let her go without knowing it!"

"I didn't mean that… Gail, I… Is there anything wrong with Iris?" Then he asked and swallowed what he wanted to refute.

"Nothing serious. I just saw that she was in a bad mood and cried. And I know it's because of you." Gail calmed down a little bit. After all, love is a matter of two people, "I just want to tell you, if you don't like her, don't give her hope. If you still have feelings, you should be rapid." After saying that, she hung up the phone directly, only to see Iris standing at the door of the dormitory.

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